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Best Halloween Masks

The most popular and best halloween masks are those that are scary, funny and even sexy. There are a lot of people who like to wear masks for Halloween. Some people even make their own masks, but there are also many good ones you can get here at Joyfy.

Light up halloween mask

The light up halloween mask is another type of light up mask that will allow you to turn yourself into a walking disco ball! This light up mask features blinking red lights that illuminate your face when worn at night time parties and clubs so you can get noticed! This mask works well with many other party accessories such as boas, gloves and hats that contain blinking lights too!

Scary Halloween Masks

If you’re looking to scare the pants off your friends, then there are plenty of scary Halloween masks to choose from. These range from creepy clowns and zombies to ghouls and demons — all guaranteed to give you nightmares. If you want something a little less scary, then check out our collection of funny masks.

Werewolf Mask

The werewolf mask is a very popular mask for halloween parties. This mask features a hairy brown Werewolf head with glowing green eyes. The mouth has pointy teeth and the ears are pointy on top. The mask also has long hair on top of the head which is great for adding to your costume. The Werewolf Mask is made from plastic and fits most adults.

Clown Mask

The LED Scary Clown Mask is a full head mask with 3 lighting modes: Red, Green and Blue. The red light can be used as a torch to find your way through the dark and the blue light can be used as a flashlight to see in the dark. The green light can be used for fun!

Skull Mask

This LED Light Up Scary Skull Mask is a great accessory for your next party or costume! It features a glowing LED skeleton face and eye sockets, as well as flashing red lights on the forehead. The mask has elastic straps that fit around the back of the head for a snug fit.

Monster Mask

The LED mask is the perfect accessory for your next costume party, Halloween celebration or any other event. This mask is plastic, and has an adjustable strap on the back to fit  your head. The LED light shines through the eyes and mouth of this mask giving it a very eerie look. You can turn off the light by pressing down on it until it clicks. The battery compartment is located in the back of the mask.