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Scary Halloween Costumes

It’s the howling season again! Get ready for all the spookiest monsters coming out and showing off the street! You’ve been waiting for a whole year! Oh yeah! It’s the time to get your Scary Halloween Costume and be the creepiest creature! Zombies, vampire, skeleton, witch, scarecrow, you name it!

Halloween is coming! It’s time to get our scary costume on and celebrate the spookiest day of the year by scaring all our friends and family.

Here are some ideas:

Zombie Costume

There are many different types of zombies you can choose from. If you want to look like a classic zombie, then you can purchase an old-fashioned white sheet. And wear it over your head with a pair of red eyes cut out of paper. Your hands will also be covered by the sheet so that it looks like there is no skin on them at all! You can also get fake blood capsules that look just like the ones used in movies when someone gets bitten by a zombie! You can even add fake blood all over your clothes if you want to make yourself look even more scary!

Clown Costumes

There are many different types of clown costumes available for adults and children. Some are simple, while others have lots of details such as make-up, wigs and shoes. If you want an authentic look, then you should get a complete child or adult clown costume from a store that specializes in costumes.

Grim Reaper Costume

If you’re looking for a scary Halloween costume that can be worn by both men and women, then this grim reaper costume is perfect! The Grim Reaper is known as the Angel of Death who harvests souls at the time of death. He wears a black robe with a hood, and carries a scythe to reap the souls of living humans. This costume includes 1 dress, 1 cape with hood, 1 metal chain, 1 pair of black gloves, 1 face mask, 1 toy sickle, 1 pair of lighted eyes.

Ghost Costume

Ghosts are easy to put on one piece ghost costume. If you don’t want to spend money or you want to DIY on your own. Just wear all white, put some sheets over your head and stand still in a dark corner while you wait for someone to walk into you or touch you while they’re walking past, screaming like a little girl (or boy).

Scarecrow Pumpkin Costume

You have to be really careful when you’re out there on your own, but don’t let that stop you from having fun. Scarecrows are a great way to keep your yard safe while still being able to enjoy the fall weather. This scarecrow pumpkin costume will help you fit right in with those pumpkins. The only thing that might give you away is the fact that you can’t talk or move around very well.