Form Dinosaur gardening toys that roar to a whirring toy vacuum cleaner, we have housekeeping toys to keep kids entertained.

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Housekeeping toys are invaluable. They promote a plethora of skills that are essential to a child’s development. These skills are but are not limited to, motor skills, spatial skills, and cognitive reasoning. When a child pretends to vacuum or garden they are learning partly how to do the task. And also the time it takes to do the task. Because we know that developing these skills while playing is so essential we have created a wide variety of housekeeping toys.

Good housekeeping toys 2023

We have a great selection of housekeeping toys that are great Christmas presents for boys or girls. We offer a 24-piece mini-cleaning toy set that will allow your kids to practice every aspect of keeping the house clean. Whether they want to mop, vacuum, or sweep they will learn housecleaning essentials while having fun. This set also has different kinds of trash bins so kids can learn how to recycle properly.

Gardener tools

Do your little ones like to dig endlessly? Do anything as long as their hands are playing with dirt? This is great and connects a child to nature, but can also be slightly messy and unstructured. To make digging more task-oriented we offer a wide variety of kids gardening tool set. These sets come in pink or green and come with everything a kid needs to be a junior gardener. Additionally, they’ll be able to learn the basics of how to grow and take care of a garden. All the while having fun at the same time!

Toy vacuum cleaner

Our toy vacuum cleaner is another great cleaning toy set that till teaches kids not only how to vacuum, but the importance of it. With enough practice, your kids will soon take over the real vacuum cleaning for you! This vacuum cleaner toy lights up and makes a real vacuum cleaner sound that will put kids in the cleaning mood! It also comes with a battery-powered sweeper robot and a hand broom and dustpan to teach kids other important cleaning skills.