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From pummeling a donkey pinata to shaking mini maracas, we offer all the accessories to take your Cinco de Mayo party games to a whole new level!

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There are a plethora of Cinco de Mayo party games that people have been playing as part of the celebration for many generations. The most popular of which involve pinatas. Kids first started smacking this loveable paper mache creation in Mexico. It was then brought to North America where it has been smacked ever since! Also, wooden maracas are essential to any Cinco de Mayo game. People use this not only to sing but to make noise in cheering on whatever game is played during Cinco de Mayo.


Originally pinatas were used as a religious symbol of sin. People would destroy the pinata to destroy sin. These days the tradition has evolved into a candy-filled game. Mostly children, will be blindfolded and spun around a few times and then try to swing a stick or bat to break open the pinata and get the candy. This has become such a popular Cinco de Mayo party games. And pinata ideas aren’t just limited to Cinco de Mayo anymore. Now, people use them for birthdays and various other parties. Check out our wide array of pinatas for some cool pinata ideas!

Dinosaur pinata

For all your little ones that like dinosaurs check out our dinosaur pinata. Let your little ones roar as they swing and break open this prehistoric pinata. They come in sets of 2 and are easy to hang in the house or backyard.

Avocado pinata

For a pinata for everyone check out our avocado pinata. This cute and delicious looking is easy to hang and fill and good for indoor or outdoor use. They’re especially great if you’re serving guacamole at your party!

How to make a pinata?

If you don’t have time to buy a pinata making one is the next best thing for ideas for pinatas. It’s super easy! All you need is newspaper, flour, water, a balloon, and paint to decorate the pinata.

  1. Mix the flour and water.
  2. Cut the newspaper into strips
  3. Blow up the balloon
  4. Dip the newspaper strips in the flour mixture and then stick them to the balloon
  5. Water for all the strips to dry and then decorate your pinata with paint!

Pinata filler ideas

When you think of what goes in a pinata candy is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are plenty of other creative options for pinata filler ideas. You can use pencils, hairbands, small toys, and other various stationery. And if you are using it for adults there are plenty of grown-up treats you could fill the pinata with.

How to hang a pinata?

How to hang a pinata is a no-brainer. You find the nearest tree outside and hang it on a branch. But it’s not that simple. What if you don’t have any trees? You can use a clothesline or a piece of rope. Just hang a hanger on the clothesline then attach the pinata to it. Or even try a basketball hoop!