Cinco De Mayo Outfits

Whether you need sombrero headbands or actual sombreros we have all the clothing accessories to complete your Cinco De Mayo outfit!

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Do you enjoy Mexican dance, Mariachi music, and burritos? You probably adore every one of them. A Cinco de Mayo celebration is the party for you if that’s the case! We have a ton of Cinco De Mayo outfit and accessories to look your best this May 5th!

Cinco De Mayo outfit ideas

When choosing an outfit or accessories for this Cino de Mayo it might seem overwhelming. There are so many accessories, clothing, and Cinco de Mayo costume colors to wear that it makes it very difficult to decide what to wear. Worry not! When it comes to clothes we have an amazing selection of everything Cinco de May. Hats, headbands, and sombreros! We even have sombreros for your table!

What to wear to a Cinco De Mayo party?

Traditionally, people wear almost anything to a Cinco de Mayo party. The only requirement is that the Cinco de Mayo colors to wear are red, white, and green- the colors of the Mexican flag. These days though, the limit has expanded! Now people wear a wide variety of clothing in bright summer colors. If you would like to make more of an impression that wearing the mere red, white, and green we offer a wide selection of accessories for your Cinco de Mayo outfit!

Cinco De Mayo costume

If you’re looking for a whole Cinco de Mayo get-up but don’t have time to find a traditional sombrero or poncho, check out our Cinco de Mayo costume! These sets are a great one-size fits all Cinco de Mayo Party outfits for adults. It comes with a sombrero and poncho with the vibrant summer color of Cinco de mayo!

Cinco de mayo necklaces

If you need some party favors to hand out or an additional cool accessory check out our Cinco de Mayo necklaces. These beaded necklaces come in packs of 12 and each has a different plastic piece related to Mexican culture attached to them. 

Cinco De Mayo headbands

For something like a sombrero, but a little bit cuter check out our Cinco de Mayo headbands. These Cinco de Mayo hats come in three packs, each with a different design that is sure to turn heads!

Cinco De Mayo hats

If you need a larger set of headbands for your Cinco de Mayo party check out our set of 6 Cinco de Mayo hats. This set is extremely versatile and includes straw and fabric sombrero headbands. These stretchy headband sombreros are a great party favor or gift! Even play pin the sombrero on a friend with them!