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Here to help you destress

6 Quick Ways to Help You De-stress (protect your heart) 

There is absolutely nothing more important than your mental and physical health. Your wellbeing is a priority! You are a priority. Life is a marathon not a sprint, meaning it is in your best interest to develop long-term strategies for reducing stress, because you will be here for a long time. There will always be stressful surprises, but you can try these tips to make most days feel pretty good, and that will help you manage the emergencies when they come up. Spend Some Quality Time With Family And Friends (Talk and Touch) Speaking of stressful situations— can we talk about how intense the past two years have been? For many people, this pandemic has created a state of constant emergency. People are stressed about the economy, their jobs, their homes, their family, their friends and more. These fears are real and legitimate, and as individuals, we can’t solve worldwide problems on our own… So we have to focus on the things within our control, as well as managing our mood. While we wait for the world to change, we have to learn how to reduce stress levels.    THE BEST WAY to reduce stress is to talk to someone.

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