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30 Fun and Hilarious Easter Games for Kids and the Whole Family

Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re gearing up for morning services, a family brunch, or an exciting egg hunt, we’ve got you covered with a plan to keep the little ones entertained and out of the kitchen. Our curated selection of Easter games for kids and family-friendly activities is the perfect way to turn the day into a delightful adventure. These indoor and outdoor games are not only our favorites but are also budget-friendly (some are even free), making it easy to set up a variety of them the day before. Engage the whole family in activities like egg bowling and a golden egg hunt for an egg-straordinary good time. Let the Easter festivities begin with these fun and inclusive games that everyone will enjoy!

30 Fun and Memorable Easter Games for Kids and the Whole Family

Indoor Easter Games for Kids

Easter is all about joy and creating special moments, especially for the little ones. To keep the excitement flowing, here are more egg-cellent indoor easter game ideas for kids. These activities are easy to set up, and they guarantee smiles and laughter for your creative Easter celebration.

1. Easter Egg Hunt Obstacle Course

Get ready for an adventure-packed Easter egg hunt with a twist! Instead of just hiding eggs, create a mini obstacle course with exciting challenges between each egg-hunting spot. Think hopping like bunnies, wiggling through tunnels, or balancing on one foot. Kids will not only enjoy the thrill of finding eggs but also the excitement of conquering each obstacle.

2. Egg and Spoon Race Game

Remember the classic egg and spoon race? It’s an Easter favorite! All you need are some spoons and eggs. Have the kids balance an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line without dropping it. It’s trickier than it sounds, but that’s what makes it so much fun! Cheer on the little racers as they carefully navigate their way to victory.

Egg and Spoon Race Game

3. Bunny Hop Sack Race

Give the traditional sack race an Easter twist by using burlap sacks or pillowcases and hopping like bunnies! Line up the kids, give them each a bunny sack, and let the hopping race begin. It’s a hilarious sight that guarantees laughter and, of course, a little friendly competition. Explore more Easter party games for kids.

Bunny Hop Sack Race

4. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

A classic party game with an Easter twist! Blindfolded kids take turns trying to pin the tail on the Easter bunny. Print out a bunny picture, add a removable cotton tail, and let the kids use their sense of touch and direction to get that tail in the right spot. It’s a simple yet entertaining game that brings out the giggles.

5. Jelly Bean Guessing Jar

For a game with a sweet surprise, fill a jar with colorful jelly beans and let the kids take their best guess at how many are inside. The one who comes closest to the correct number gets to take home the jar of jelly beans! It’s a delightful way to involve everyone and add a bit of sweetness to the Easter celebration.

6. Easter Egg Bowling

Turn your living room into a mini bowling alley with a fun Easter twist. Use plastic eggs as pins and a small ball as the bowling ball. Kids will enjoy rolling the ball to knock down the egg pins. It’s a simple yet entertaining game that combines the thrill of bowling with the Easter spirit. Who can get the most strikes?

Easter Egg Bowling

7. Jelly Bean Relay Race

Combine the love of sweets with a relay race for double the fun! Divide the kids into teams and provide each team with a bowl of jelly beans. Place another empty bowl a short distance away. Using spoons, kids must carry jelly beans from one bowl to the other, one at a time. The team that finishes first wins, and everyone gets to enjoy their jelly bean treats.

8. Bunny Freeze Dance Fun Easter Games

Get the little bunnies moving and grooving with an Easter Bunny Freeze Dance. Play some upbeat Easter tunes, and when the music stops, everyone has to freeze and hop like bunnies. It’s a fantastic way to burn off some energy and add a festive dance party to your Easter celebration. Don’t forget to capture those adorable bunny hops on camera!

9. Easter Egg Tic-Tac-Toe

Give the classic tic-tac-toe game an Easter makeover. Draw a giant tic-tac-toe board, and instead of Xs and Os, use colored eggs. Kids can take turns placing their eggs on the board to get three in a row. It’s a strategic and visually appealing activity for kids that adds a dash of Easter charm to a timeless favorite.

10. Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game

Put those bunny ears to good use in this bunny Easter ring toss game. Create bunny ear headbands for each child and use them as targets for tossing rings. You can use plastic rings or craft your own using pipe cleaners. It’s an easy easter game that combines the Easter theme with a bit of skill and coordination.

Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game

11. Egg and Spoon Balloon Pop

Combine the excitement of an egg and spoon race with the thrill of popping balloons! Place a balloon on a spoon, and kids have to race while keeping the balloon balanced. The catch? They need to pop the balloon by the end of the race. It’s a suspenseful and entertaining game that adds a pop of excitement to your Easter celebration.

12. Easter Bingo

Bring out the Easter bingo cards for a classic game with an Easter twist. Create bingo cards featuring Easter-themed images like bunnies, eggs, and easter baskets. Call out the items, and kids can mark them on their cards. The first one to shout “Bingo!” wins a special Easter prize. It’s an easy and engaging fun easter games for kids.

Easter Bingo

13. Egg Roll Painting

Turn egg rolling into an artistic adventure! Roll hard-boiled eggs through paint and then onto paper to create unique and colorful patterns. Kids can experiment with different colors and techniques, turning a simple egg-rolling activity into a creative masterpiece. It’s messy, it’s fun, and it results in beautiful Easter art.

14. Easter Egg Hunt Memory Game

“Combine the joy of Easter egg hunting with a memory game. Before hiding the eggs, create pairs of decorated eggs. As the kids find the eggs, they also have to remember where the matching pairs are hidden. It’s a fantastic game that enhances memory and observation skills while maintaining the excitement of an egg hunt.

15. Decorate Your Egg Station

Set up a creative station where kids can unleash their artistic flair by decorating hard-boiled eggs. Provide an array of decorating materials such as markers, stickers, glitter, and paint. This interactive activity allows each child to personalize their egg masterpiece. It’s a fantastic easter themed activety to encourage creativity and let their imaginations run wild.

Decorate Your Egg Station

Best Outdoor Easter Games for Kids

Easter is a time for joy and outdoor play, especially for our little egg-plorers! If you’re looking to make this Easter extra special, we’ve got just the thing – a collection of fun and easy outdoor games that will have the kids hopping with excitement. Let’s jump into the festivities and make this Easter one for the books!

1. Easter Egg Toss

First up, we’ve got the “Easter Egg Toss” – a game that combines precision and giggles. Set up baskets at different distances, grab some plastic eggs, and let the tossing fun begin! Kids get to show off their throwing skills, aiming for the baskets to score points. It’s an egg-citing challenge that brings a whole new twist to the classic toss game.

Easter Egg Toss

2. Bunny Hop Potato Sack Race

Hop into the season with the “Bunny Hop Potato Sack Race”! Imagine the classic potato sack race, but with a furry twist – bunny ears! Kids put on their bunny ears, hop into sacks, and race towards the finish line. It’s a hilarious sight and adds an adorable Easter flair to this timeless outdoor activity.

3. Giant Easter Egg Piñata

Get ready for a smashing good time with the “Giant Easter Egg Piñata”! Fill a large egg-shaped easter piñata with treats and watch as the kids take turns trying to break it open. It’s a festive and sweet-filled game that adds an extra element of surprise to your outdoor Easter celebration.

4. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Embark on an outdoor adventure with the “Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt”! Create clues that lead the kids to hidden Easter eggs scattered around your backyard or a nearby park. This game not only keeps them entertained but also adds an element of mystery and excitement as they search for their egg-citing treasures.

5. Egg and Spoon Relay Race

Get ready to balance and race with the “Egg and Spoon Relay Race Game“! Take the classic egg and spoon race outdoors. Kids balance eggs on spoons and race against their friends to reach the finish line without dropping their eggs. It’s a best egg game to promote coordination, teamwork, and, of course, lots of laughter.

Egg and Spoon Relay Race

6. Easter Bunny Tag

Get ready for a hopping good time with “Easter Bunny Tag”! It’s a classic game of tag, but with a bunny twist. Choose one player to be the Easter Bunny, and when they tag someone, that person becomes a bunny too. The hopping continues until everyone is a part of the bunny brigade. It’s a simple yet energetic game that adds an adorable Easter flair to the traditional tag.

7. Jelly Bean Relay Race

Combine the love of sweets with a bit of competition in the “Jelly Bean Relay Race”! Divide the kids into teams and provide each team with a bowl of jelly beans. Place another empty bowl a short distance away. Using spoons, kids have to carry jelly beans from one bowl to the other, one at a time. The team that finishes first gets to enjoy their jelly bean treats. It’s the best easter games to add some sweetness to your outdoor Easter celebration.

8. Easter Bunny Limbo

Get ready to limbo with a bunny hop twist in “Easter Bunny Limbo”! Set up a limbo stick, and let the little bunnies take turns doing the bunny hop under it. Lower the stick after each round, and the last one standing is the limbo champion. It’s a flexible and fun game that will have everyone bending and giggling.

9. Egg Roll Relay

Roll into the Easter spirit with the “Egg Roll Relay”! Set up a relay race where kids use a spoon to roll plastic easter eggs to a designated point and back. The first team to finish without dropping an egg wins. It’s a race that combines skill, coordination, and a whole lot of egg-stra fun. Both younger kids and adults are gonna enjoy it.

10. Duck Pond Fishing Game

Create a watery adventure with the “Duck Pond Fishing Game”! Fill a kiddie pool with water and add rubber ducks with numbers on the bottom. Kids can use toy fishing rods to “catch” a duck and win a corresponding prize. It’s a quacking good time that adds a splash of excitement to your outdoor Easter festivities.

Easter Games for Kids and Parents

Welcome to our family Easter games! They’re all about having fun together, with Easter games and activities for both kids and parents. We’ve got cool stuff like egg hunts with a twist and activities where everyone can join in, like rolling eggs and painting. It’s all about having a great time and making special memories with your family. Let’s start the Easter fun!

1. Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Turn egg decorating into a friendly family competition. Provide various decorating materials such as markers, stickers, and paint. Each family member can showcase their artistic skills, and the eggs can be displayed for everyone to admire. Consider having a vote to determine the most creative, colorful, or humorous egg.

Easter Egg Decorating Contest

2. Easter Bunny Charades for Kids and Adults

Get the family laughing with an Easter-themed game of charades. Create a list of Easter-related words or phrases, such as “Easter bunny,” “egg hunt,” or “chocolate bunny.” Take turns acting out the words without speaking while the rest of the family guesses. It’s a hilarious and interactive game that encourages creativity and laughter.

3. Easter Egg Roll Painting Relay

Combine creativity and friendly competition with an Easter egg roll painting relay. Set up painting stations with different colors, and each family member takes turns rolling a hard-boiled egg through the paint and onto a large sheet of paper. The result is a collaborative and colorful masterpiece that captures the essence of Easter.

4. Easter Egg Hunt Puzzle

Add an extra layer of excitement to the traditional egg hunt by turning it into a puzzle adventure. Write clues or create a treasure map that leads family members from one egg to the next. Each egg contains a puzzle piece, and the family must work together to solve the puzzles and complete the picture. It’s a collaborative and engaging Easter activity that promotes teamwork.

5. Easter Family Picnic

Take the celebration outdoors with a family Easter picnic. Pack a basket with delicious treats, sandwiches, and refreshing drinks. Find a scenic spot in a park or your backyard, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a relaxing and joyful Easter meal together. Bring along some classic outdoor games like frisbee, soccer, or even a kite for added family fun.

These best Easter games offer a mix of creativity, teamwork, and outdoor enjoyment, ensuring a memorable and delightful Easter celebration for everyone involved.

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