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7 Easy Cinco de Mayo Decoration Ideas

Before the official start of summer (Memorial Day), there’s one holiday we can’t forget: Cinco de Mayo! The holiday commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla where a poor, ragtag Mexican army defeated the better equipped French forces. The Mexican army was vastly outnumbered, so the win was a true underdog victory! Cinco de Mayo came to symbolize resilience against all odds and a day to celebrate Mexican culture. And for Americans, it’s known for drinking cervezas, eating tacos and Cinco De Mayo parties! Throwing a party with Cinco de Mayo decorations is a fun way to get in on the holiday action. Plus, you can throw a fiesta-themed party at any time! Here are our Cinco de Mayo 2022 celebration ideas you can’t miss!

Things you need for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo fiesta

Mexican fiestas are full of bright and bold colors and decorations. Hanging banners, piñatas, paper flowers and balloons are all fair game. There’s a good chance the weather will be nice, so accessorizing with outdoor and indoor decorations will bring the full fiesta effect. In fact, fiesta party decorations are so much fun, you won’t want to take them down! Pro tip: Party City also has a wide selection of Cinco party accessories that will bring the fun! 

Add traditional elements and pops of color to your outdoor decorations

Cinco de Mayo inflatable decoration

Any great fiesta has salsa and guacamole, so why not represent everyone’s favorite Mexican dips in a big way with our Large Inflatable Long Avocado and Chili (6 ft). This 6 foot long inflatable includes: ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and built-in LED lights. Our inflatables are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo event, outdoor party decor, classroom decorations and more!

  • Did you know donkeys are symbols of Mexican rural life? They’re known for their ability to carry large loads across difficult terrain. So, we’re paying homage to these dependable creatures with our Large Inflatable Cinco De Mayo Donkey (6 ft).
Cinco de Mayo outdoor decor inflatable

You’ll definitely need a piñata at your party, but what about a muy grande piñata inflatable decoration? This Large Inflatable Cinco De Mayo Piñata Inflatable is 6 feet tall and includes: an extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and built-in LED lights. And as for the candy version, we have you covered there too. 

  • Mariachi music is a hallmark of any fiesta, so bring the tunes and vibe with this Large Inflatable Decoration Cactus Guitar (6 ft). Because when a sombrero wearing cactus is at the party, it’s a real fiesta! 

Indoor fiesta decorations are muy bueno all year round (Not just Cinco de Mayo!)

When decorating indoors, there’s so many colorful fiesta decorations to choose from! Add variety and pops of color to ceilings, doorways, and buffet tables. The bright, fun atmosphere will draw in your guests and lift their mood. Not to mention, fiesta decorations are a wonderful addition to birthday party or graduation party supplies.   

  • Adding charm to your fiesta has never been easier with this 375 ft Fiesta Pennant flags in 5 Colors Set. The banner features 5 vibrant colors: blue, pink, orange, green and red. Guests will come for the tacos, but stay for the decorations. This party pennant flag can also be used for Dia de los Muertos, weddings, birthdays, graduation, baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more!
  • Start making the margaritas, because this 27 Piece Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Party Decoration Kit is a one-stop grab bag with all things fiesta fun. Add depth to your walls and tables with traditional-style paper flowers. Then, use balloons as a backdrop for your photo booth or selfie station. Set includes:  6 large cactus/avocado fiesta balloons, 12 pom paper flowers, 1 triangular pennant, and 2 paper garlands.
Fiesta decorations
  • To add even more festive flair (can’t have too much flair btw!), the 24 Colorful Hanging Paper Fans will adorn your walls with bright pops of color and complement any party space.

It’s almost fiesta time, so there you have it, amigos! Cater in those delicious tacos and blend the margaritas because with these fiesta decor ideas you can party like there’s no mañana. What do you love most about Cinco de Mayo? Tell us in the comments below! Adios! 

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