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6 Quick Ways to Help You De-stress (protect your heart) 

There is absolutely nothing more important than your mental and physical health. Your wellbeing is a priority! You are a priority. Life is a marathon not a sprint, meaning it is in your best interest to develop long-term strategies for reducing stress, because you will be here for a long time. There will always be stressful surprises, but you can try these tips to make most days feel pretty good, and that will help you manage the emergencies when they come up.

Spend Some Quality Time With Family And Friends (Talk and Touch)

Speaking of stressful situations— can we talk about how intense the past two years have been? For many people, this pandemic has created a state of constant emergency. People are stressed about the economy, their jobs, their homes, their family, their friends and more. These fears are real and legitimate, and as individuals, we can’t solve worldwide problems on our own… So we have to focus on the things within our control, as well as managing our mood. While we wait for the world to change, we have to learn how to reduce stress levels.   

THE BEST WAY to reduce stress is to talk to someone. Hands down.
We are social beings, and talking about our fears and worries out loud is guaranteed to help reduce stress. Even if you are social distancing, it is very important for your health that you talk to your neighbors, pick up the phone to call a friend, or log into Zoom and video chat withfamily. Better yet, schedule a weekly or monthly call so you check in with each other regularly.

This goes for your kids, too. Did something stressful happen at school? Ask them gently, and encourage them to talk about their feelings. This will help them learn to manage their emotions and express them in a healthy way. Plus, maybe there is something you can do to help!

The takeaway is that holding in your worries is bad for you, and expressing them helps you feel better. Even if you can’t solve the main problem.This is why journaling is a good tool for reducing stress. Get your thoughts out! Many people have started seeing a therapist for the first time during the pandemic, and if you need help and guidance, don’t hesitate to speak with a professional. Many therapists work remotely these days, so find a service that works for you.

Photo Of Person Holding Cup


It is scientifically proven that positive touch reduces stress levels. This means a hug, kiss or cuddle can actually save your life (and make you happier and healthier).

Positive touch will lower your blood pressure and release oxytocin, which makes you feel better. Of course, the pandemic can make this difficult, so you may consider fostering a pet, if you haven’t already! Brushing and hugging your pet will have the same, stress-reducing effect. They are so cute, you’ll probably want to cuddle all day if you are stuck at home.

Joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden

Get Sweaty And Stress-Free. Let it Go!

Knowing that you can address mental stress through talk and touch, the logical next step is to work it out. Yep, we mean work up a sweat! Make this part of your daily or weekly routine and start feeling better immediately. Exercise is one of the most important long-term stress reduction strategies, and it will benefit your physical and mental health your whole life.

The important thing is that you chose a fun activity, so you actually enjoy doing it (and want to do it again and again). Take a walk. Ride a bike! Learn how to roller skate. Start doing yoga again! Learn to line dance. Throw some axes. Learn to fish! Whatever you choose, working up a sweat will help you sleep better, improve your digestion, help you concentrate and SO MUCH MORE. Don’t skip the sweat. Find a way to make it fun, for example..

Turn exercise into a game you can play with your kids! To “beat stress” why not:

 Shoot it
Chase it

Green Bow and Arrow with LED Flash Lights

Punch it
Throw it

Inflatable Punching Bag for stress relief

Squish it

Do what you need to do! Say bye-bye to stress and hello to sweat city. 

squishy toy to reduce stress

Gift Yourself a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

Remember when we used to pamper ourselves? It seems like so long ago.

Once you are done talking, touching and sweating your stress out, you might try relaxation. Your mind is tired, so you should rest. A spa day at home can involve many things, from a massage (yet another great skill to teach your kids!) to a comforting movie and your favorite music. This is all about doing activities that make you feel good.

Paint your nails, if that is something you like to do. Do a face and hair mask, if you like. Eat chocolate! Drink wine! Plan an evening where you can shut off your stressful thoughts and relax.

One of our favorite activities for spa night at home is to draw a bubble bath and drop in a fizzy floral bath bomb (or for kids, one with a toy inside). A long, luxurious soak in hot water is a great way to relax the body and quiet your mind. Scented candles complete the mood.

You are a priority! Treat your mind and body that way, so you can stress less every day for a happier and healthier life.

Well, how do you feel about these tips? If you remember one thing from this post, that is to express yourself!

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