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24 Days of Kids Advent Calendar To New Year’s Resolutions

Kids advent calendar is a great way to get your little ones excited about Christmas. These advent calendars can be both fun and educational, and they often come in interactive designs. Whether you have a traditional Christmas tree or prefer a more playful giant Christmas inflatables, Christmas dragon inflatable, inflatable Santa, or Christmas penguin inflatable, advent calendars come in various themes to cater to your child’s interests.

You can find advent calendars in themes ranging from toys and squishes to building blocks and makeup. These calendars provide a delightful way for children to count down the days until Christmas while receiving a surprise every single day. So, whether your holiday decorations lean towards classic or whimsical, advent calendars are a fantastic addition to the festive season, bringing joy and excitement to your kids as they eagerly anticipate Christmas Day!

What is advent calendar?

An kids advent calendar is countdown calendar used in anticipation of Christmas. The word “advent” means “coming”, and so an advent calendar helps prepare children for Jesus’ birth by counting down the days until December 25th. Christmas advent calendar 2022 usually come in the form of a cardboard box with doors that you can open every day until Christmas Eve. But there are also different types of advent calendars available will be a perfect end of year gifts.

Wooden Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas begins with the wooden advent calendar. This calendar features 24 beautifully decorated small drawers. You can hide a special gift in each one of the drawer. This wooden house shaped advent calendar also features Santa on his sleigh which fits perfectly with your Christmas decorations. It also has LED lights that make it look even more magical! You can switch the light on and off by pressing the button at the back of the house. Use this wooden advent calendar as a daily reminder of what’s to come on Christmas morning. Or as a fun way to count down the days until Santa arrives. This little surprise will sure to delight your kids and adults alike.

Makeup Advent Calendar

If you are looking for Christmas gifts 2022 for your girl who is a beauty fan? Look no further than our range of makeup advent calendar. With everything from eyeshadow palettes, eye liner, nail polishes, lipsticks and all the tools you need for makeup. Our beauty advent calendars are great fun for all ages and your girl can use it over and over again.

The little girls makeup set with 24 different makeup items, including a mirror, makeup bag, lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadow, brushes. hair clip and more. The set also comes with stickers so you can personalize it with your child’s preferences. What’s great about this advent calendar is that it comes with everything you need for a full face of makeup. You don’t have to worry about buying anything extra- just open up the door and start playing! With 24 different makeup items. this is the perfect way to start her off on her journey into the world of beauty. She will love opening the doors each day and finding something new to try out.

Toy Advent Calendar

We have a huge range of of toy advent calendar that will delight young your kids. It is perfect for both boys and girls because they come in a range of different themes. They are also suitable for any age group. From car toys, dinosaur toys, building blocks, fidget toys and more!

Fidget Toy Advent Calendar

The kit comes with 24 different fidget toys and activities that are designed to help kids focus during the holidays. The calendar is a great way for kids to get into the holiday spirit, while also teaching them how to keep their hands busy and their minds focused during stressful times.

This is a great gift because it helps children build self-control, which can be difficult during times of stress or anxiety. It also promotes healthy social interactions between people by encouraging them to talk rather than give in to impulse behaviors like using technology or eating unhealthy snacks when they’re bored.

Building Block Advent Calendar

This is another great idea for kids advent calendar. This one is all about the building blocks and it’s great Christmas gift for kids who love to build. This advent calendar will keep them busy with fun activities

This Christmas Advent calendar is perfect for any child who loves vehicles and construction sets. It includes 24 unique building blocks, including 8 construction vehicles, 8 fire vehicles, 8 police vehicles. The blocks are made from high-quality plastic and they’re easy to clean so they’ll last through all of your child’s adventures!

Sock Advent Calendar

What better way to count down the days until Christmas than with a pair of festive socks? The Sock Advent Calendar is a fun way to count down the days until Christmas. Each day you open a new pair of socks and then when it’s time for Santa to come, you can wear them! The calendar has 24 pairs of socks that are different colors and patterns, so every day is unique. It also comes with fun socks for each member of your family so everyone can get in on the fun!

Check out our whole collection of advent calendar and you will find the best fit!

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