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Inflatable Ghost: Hauntingly Delightful Halloween Decor

Looking for a way to enhance your Halloween ambiance? Look no further than Inflatable Ghost decorations! These creepy and captivating inflatables are the perfect addition to any spooky setup. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of Inflatable Ghosts available and the unique features they offer to make your Halloween festivities unforgettable.

1. Halloween Inflatable Ghost with Flaming Hand

Looking for a spooky Halloween decoration? Check out this 8ft blow up ghost with flaming fire! It comes with everything you need, including extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a UL-certified plug. Perfect for outdoor yard and garden decorations, trick-or-treat events, and more. Plus, the built-in LED lights will make it shine brightly in the evening, sure to attract the attention of neighbors and guests.


2. Inflatable Ghost Holding Skull

Add some spooky fun to your Halloween festivities with our inflatable ghost! This glowing ghost comes with LED lights that will light up your costumes and create a mesmerizing effect all through the night. Standing at a height of 8 feet, this ghost with a skeleton head makes for perfect inflatable Halloween decorations and an excellent centerpiece for any gathering.


3. Giant Ghost with Long Red Tongue

Introducing the perfect addition to your spooky Halloween night – the ghost with a long red tongue! The giant Halloween inflatables are sure to scare your guests and neighbors. It’s easy to set up with included stakes and a fan. Its bright LED lights create a haunting glow at night, adding an extra fright to your Halloween festivities for all to enjoy.


4. Inflatable Halloween Ghost Tree Decoration

This 4ft blow up ghost is ideal for various Halloween outdoor decorations, including yard garden displays, trick-or-treat events, costume parties, and haunted houses. It features bright LED lights, making it adorable yet spooky. Turn on the lights in the evening for the best draw on neighbors and guests. Kids will instantly adore this tree-hugger ghost!


5. 2pcs Inflatable Fighting Ghosts Decoration

Spice up your home for Halloween with our Halloween ghost decorations. Our 5ft blow-up flying ghost decoration comes with LED lights that add to the spooky atmosphere. These Halloween blow up decorations are playful and mischievous, depicting ghosts fighting over candy with hilarious facial expressions. Perfect for adding a touch of fun to your Halloween decor.


6. 2Pcs Tall Naughty Window Ghost Halloween Inflatable

Embrace mischief with our Naughty Window Ghost Halloween Blow-Up. This playful inflatable showcases a ghost peeking out of a window, bringing a whimsical touch to your decor. Its vibrant colors and friendly design create a festive and lighthearted atmosphere. Quick to set up, these 2.6ft Halloween blow ups are perfect for indoors or outdoors. Get ready to delight trick-or-treaters and guests with this fun and mischievous ghost, adding a joyful flair to your Halloween celebrations.


7. Inflatable LED Hanging Boogie Ghost Decoration

Decorate your home for Halloween with the 5ft hanging boogie inflatable that is sure to give you a scare. This spooky decoration can be hung from the roofline, eaves, or anywhere else you desire. Setting it up is easy – just plug it in, hang it up, and let the magic unfold. Made of durable vinyl, this ghost will be a part of your Halloween decor for many years to come.


8. 9ft Inflatable LED Scary Ghost Decoration

Welcome your Halloween guests with this lively inflatable LED ghost. Setting it up is a breeze, and it’s the perfect addition to any spooky scene. Just plug it in, secure it with a stake, and witness the enchantment unfold. Plus, When your inflatable is illuminated by the attached lights, you may take pleasure in seeing it. Let this Halloween be your most fantastic one yet with seasonal decorations like this ghost.


9. LED Inflatable Flying Pumpkin Ghost

The perfect addition to your Halloween holiday is the Pumpkin Ghost Inflatable decoration. It’s ideal for lawns, porches, gardens, and backyards. Crafted from durable, puncture-proof, and waterproof polyester, it ensures longevity. With a high-efficiency air blower, it inflates in seconds and deflates easily with its zipper design for convenient storage. The fully inflatable pumpkin ghost boasts a realistic look, warmly welcoming your guests. Visible from afar, it doesn’t occupy much space. Don’t forget, it doubles as a fantastic photo prop, ensuring your Halloween party is unforgettable!


10. Dancing Ghost Decoration 6ft, 5ft, and 4ft

This inflatable decoration is crafted from high-quality PVC material, ensuring durability against various weather conditions. With a fastening rope included, you can effortlessly hang them on trees or fences. Each of the 3 dancing Halloween inflatables features a different light style—red fire light, blue ice light, and green scary light—adding a captivating glow in the evening to impress neighbors and guests. Plus, they are safe and easy for kids to help decorate! Simply plug them in, and they’ll pop up in a minute!


11. Inflatable LED Wizard Ghost Halloween Decoration

The Cute Halloween Inflatables are crafted from top-notch materials for long-lasting durability. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it withstands inflation without worry of damage. Safe for kids to help decorate, simply plug it in, and it pops up in a minute! Perfect for outdoor decorations, trick-or-treat events, Halloween costume parties, haunted house decor, birthdays, weddings, and more!


12. Inflatable LED Ghost with Tombstones and Pumpkins

This Halloween decor blow up sets the perfect festival atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor parties. It comes with extendable cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a UL-certified plug to ensure safety, stability, and energy efficiency. Adding some pizazz to your Halloween events, it doubles as a fantastic photo booth backdrop, guaranteed to make your party a huge success!


13. Halloween Ghost with Candy Basket

This Halloween, create an eye-catching nighttime display with this inflatable, perfect for your yard, lawn, porch, and more. The powerful Halloween blow ups inflate easily, while built-in ground stakes, tethers, and sandbags keep it stable. Made of waterproof polyester fabric, it ensures long-lasting use. With its cute design, puncture-proof material, and zipper for easy deflation, it’s a delightful Halloween decoration suitable for lawns, porches, gardens, and backyards.


14. Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin Candy Pail

With a built-in loudspeaker playing spooky tunes and flashing LED lights, it sets the perfect mood. Durable, reliable, and of the best quality, this Halloween inflatables is a must-have for Halloween or any special event. Elevate your yard or house with these stunning Halloween decorations. Go big with the ghost and kick-start the party with this awesome addition to your pumpkin display.


15. Cute Ghost Candy Cane Inflatable

Enhance your Halloween decorations effortlessly with two words: Inflatable Decorations. One of the best options is our Cute Ghost Candy Cane Inflatable – a perfect blend of spooky and fun. Plus, it is great for outdoors and indoors. All you have to do is plug it in and, boom, Halloween just got better! Don’t wait any longer, get your Cute Ghost Candy Cane Inflatable today and make this Halloween unforgettable!


16. Light up Ghost Flying out from Window

Spook visitors with a 3.5ft Halloween inflatable ghost! Place it in your window to create a monstrous and evil look. The red LED light-up eyes add to its eerie charm. The set includes a suction cup, extended cord, ground stakes, built-in sandbags, and a plug with UL certification. Rest assured, this isn’t an ordinary ghost – it’s secured with strings and stakes to withstand strong winds. Get ready to have some fun!


17. Giant Throwing up Ghost Halloween

Ghost Halloween blow ups are easy to set up. Simply inflate it and plug it into an electrical outlet. It comes with long cords, ground stakes, and tied ropes, along with sandbags for secure anchoring. At night, the LED lights create a stunning glow, adding to its beauty. The item is made of high-quality, waterproof PVC, making it highly durable even on wet days.


18. 10ft Roaring Ghost with Blue Ice Light

This Halloween inflatables ghost is ideal for Halloween party garden lawn decor. With its built-in LED light that changes colors, it creates a scary yet captivating atmosphere, grabbing everyone’s attention. Setting it up is a breeze with the included aerator, stakes, buckles, hooks, and strings. Just plug it into a standard power outlet, and it inflates quickly. When the party is over, simply deflate it, fold it up, and easily store it until next Halloween.


19. Halloween Ghost Twining Around Tree

This inflatable Halloween ghost wraps playfully around a tree, creating a delightful atmosphere. Its eye-catching presence is perfect for outdoor Halloween decorations. With bright white LED lights, it enhances the nighttime display and adds fun for neighborhood kids. This inflatable also provides a cozy illumination and spreads the festive spirit with guests in the dark.


20. Inflatable Ghost Seize Candy with Bat

This adorable yet terrifying ghost steals candy from a bat, making it a perfect addition to any Halloween yard decor. With bright LED lights that glow at night, kids will love it! The inflatable features a built-in LED light and a UL-certified plug for safety. Its automatic inflation design saves time and energy, providing a fully inflated ghost for a captivating nighttime display.


Embrace the spirit of Halloween with these Inflatable Ghosts that promise to delight and spook in equal measure. No matter if you prefer a friendly and whimsical vibe or a haunting and eerie one, there’s a ghostly inflatable to suit your taste. Your guests will be in for a thrilling Halloween experience they won’t soon forget! So, let these Inflatable Ghosts add magic and fright to your celebration.

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