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Best Deals on Halloween Inflatables Clearance

Halloween is almost here, and what’s spookier than Halloween inflatables? If you’re searching for fantastic deals on these enchanting decorations, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll delve into a wide selection of Halloween inflatables clearance, each boasting its own special allure. From adorable ghosts to towering witches, these inflatables will enchant your Halloween celebrations without denting your wallet.

1. 5ft Friendly Ghost Inflatable ($25.99)

Introducing the friendly inflatable ghost, perfect for greeting trick-or-treaters! With its eye-catching design, it’s a standout addition to any outdoor space. Plus, the integrated LED light ensures it shines bright at night, attracting kids and neighbors alike. It creates a festive and pleasant atmosphere, spreading Halloween joy to your family and friends. And don’t worry about safety, as LED lighting is energy-efficient and safe for everyone to enjoy.


2. 4ft Inflatable Witch Crashing Into Tree Decoration ($39.99)

Entertain your guests with this hilarious inflatable witch decoration. Discover the charm of this crash-landing witch inflatable! Whether alone or with other inflatables, you can create your own unique Halloween scene. Perfect for parties, it dazzles guests with energy-efficient LEDs. Setting it up is a breeze with extended cords, stakes, ropes, sandbags, and a UL-certified plug. Hang it from a pillar or tree for an amusing Halloween display that will delight everyone! Get ready to add a touch of laughter and magic to your festivities!


3. 5ft Inflatable Dragon Skeleton ($29.99)

The inflatable dragons, which stands at 5 feet tall, is a terrifying yard decoration that will liven up your Halloween celebration. Safe and durable for both indoor and outdoor use. The best way to draw neighbors and visitors is with the illumination of this inflatable in the evening. With its eerie lighting and appearance, this dragon and vibrant built-in LED lights will help frighten your friends and neighbors as well as ruin the party. See more inflatable dragon Halloween here.


4. 4ft Kaleidoscope Halloween Inflatable Spider ($23.99)

With this amazing Halloween inflatable spider, brighten up the night. This spider is just large enough to startle and frighten trick-or-treaters without scaring them off completely. Simply zip the inflatable up, plug it in, and secure it with the stakes and twine that are provided for setup. You’re likely to enjoy seeing the spider’s white back glow with different colored lights. More Halloween inflatables clearance is waiting for you at Joyfy!


5. 6ft Halloween Inflatable Dinosaur ($30.99)

Prepare to have fun! This Halloween, add a show-stopping inflatable dinosaur yard decoration to your decor. With bright LED lights, it’ll mesmerize neighbors and guests in the evening. The premium quality ensures safety for kids to help decorate. It’s easy to set up; just plug it in, and it inflates within a minute! Perfect for Halloween outdoor yard decorations, trick-or-treat events, costume parties, haunted houses, and more!


6. 5ft LED Ghost Seize Candy with Bat ($26.99)

The adorable ghost inflatable steals candy from a bat, adding a charming yet spooky touch to your Halloween decor. With bright LED lights, it glows at night, delighting kids and ensuring a safe display. Equipped with a UL-certified plug, it’s perfect for a nighttime setup. Plus, the automatic inflation design saves you time and effort, giving you a fully inflated ghost with ease. Perfect for any yard’s Halloween decorations!


7. Alien Tree Hugger ($17.99)

Looking for a fun inflatable alien decoration for Halloween? The Halloween blow ups add vibrant colors to your celebrations. They create a joyful atmosphere for the whole family and kids! Simple to set up and perfect for your yard. Make Halloween memorable with unique decorations. Great for Halloween parties, space-themed events, pool parties, and pajama parties! Whatever you choose, create an entertaining ambiance. Keep browsing and many more Halloween inflatables clearance items are waiting for you!


8. 6ft Playful Pumpkins with Stacked Characters($39.99)

The 6-foot tall inflatable pumpkin comes with extended cords, ground stakes, built-in sandbags, and a plug with UL certification. Light up in the evening for the best attraction to neighbors or guests. Its bright built-in LED lights make your Halloween yard garden decorations push bubbles up and shine bright. Perfect for Halloween night events, these pumpkins are a must-have item for this season’s festivities! Spruce up your house and garden with this beautiful 6 feet tall inflatable plastic pumpkin!


9. 5ft Witch’s Cat in Pumpkin Inflatable($29.99)

This Halloween, let the kids enjoy a fun time by setting up this cutest inflatable Halloween cat that they will love. This is a 5 feet tall cute cat in purple wearing a black pointy witch hat and sitting in a pumpkin! How adorable it is! It will surely attract the attention of children and adults alike. It will be a great addition to your Halloween decorating ideas for this holiday season! If you are looking for more clearance Halloween inflatables, you can find them at Joyfy!


10. 5ft Inflatable LED Projection Light Cat ($39.99)

Spook up your Halloween party with this fun and unique inflatable cat! It boasts an adorable projection of a glowing cat, adding a fantastic nighttime attraction. You’ll enjoy watching the colorful projection lights that glow from the built-in LED swirling lights. Every night, your neighbors or passing children will be spooked and entertained. If you are looking for more Halloween inflatables clearance, you can find it at Joyfy!


11. 40in Halloween Inflatable Witch Legs Cooler ($25.99)

Transform your party with these fantastic inflatable witch legs. Keep drinks cold with its cool inflatable cooler. Ideal for Halloween parties, both indoors and outdoors. Use it on the beach, lake, pool, and more. Perfect for spooky indoor decor. The best part? It comes with its own pump for easy setup! Halloween decorating is made quick and hassle-free, especially for outdoor events! Still, many Halloween inflatables clearance items await you below!


12. 6ft Halloween Inflatable Ghost Grim Reaper ($28.99)

The grim reaper inflatable features the ultimate Halloween character chasing a ghost and two pumpkins in a graveyard setting. This Halloween blow ups has its eyes wide open in fear as the grim reaper comes closer. The pumpkins have their mouths open in terror as well. This inflatable will make any Halloween party more fun! This can be placed anywhere in your yard or garden. With this 8-foot-long grim reaper, you can instantly transform your home into a Halloween paradise!


13. 6ft Inflatable LED Skeleton Dog with Pumpkin ($38.99)

These inflatable Halloween decorations are ideal for parties and spooky decor. Made with 100% imported environmental protection flame retardant PVC material, they’re safe for both indoor and outdoor use. With extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a UL-certified plug, the skeleton dog, standing at 6 feet tall, comes with a built-in LED light that shines brightly in the dark night. Startle your guests with its creepy glow, perfect for scaring trick-or-treaters and the neighborhood. Get ready for a hauntingly fun Halloween!


14. 8ft Inflatable LED Ghost with Ice Light and Blue Ribbon($29.99)

This cute, cuddly, and scary inflatable ghost Halloween is 8 feet tall and comes with bright built-in LED lights. Light up in the evening for the best attraction to neighbors and guests. Perfect for Halloween outdoor yard garden decorations, trick or treat event decorations, Halloween night events, Halloween Costume parties, Haunted House Decor, and more! Set up this Halloween blow ups with blue ice light and ribbon in your backyard or front yard for a hauntingly good time.


15. 4ft Inflatable LED Walking Pumpkin Monster ($31.99)

The 4 feet long inflatable pumpkin is a perfect decoration for Halloween, a Trick or Treat Event, Halloween Night parties, and Many More. These colorful pumpkins will add a festive feel to any celebration. With extendable cords and plugins with UL certification, the pumpkin push bubbles up in minutes and can last a long time. Great for outdoor decorating or indoor decorations!


16. 7ft Inflatable LED Ghost Happy Halloween ($36.99)

Add a touch of Halloween cheer to your home with these happy Halloween inflatables featuring ghosts and a pumpkin! Setting them up is a breeze, saving you time for other festivities. With their durable build, they’ll stay vibrant year after year. Once lit up at night, these eye-catching decorations will surely impress your guests and stand out among the rest! If you are looking for more Halloween inflatables clearance, you can find it at Joyfy!


17. 5ft Inflatable LED Groundbreaker Skeleton Holding Head ($37.99)

The inflatable skeleton is perfect for your holidays. It’s lightweight and reusable, making it a versatile decoration. With a quick plug-in, the built-in fan will automatically blow up Halloween decorations outside in just 1 minute. Thanks to built-in sandbags, it stays stable outdoors. Stakes and ropes secure it firmly against the wind. When the fun is over, unplug it, and it deflates for easy storage until next year. The kids will love it!


18. 10ft Trick-or-Treater Ghost Inflatable ($44.99)

This Halloween inflatable ghost is perfect for trick-or-treating and Halloween events! With built-in LED lights, it’s also great for haunted houses. No need to worry about light bulbs; it’s easy and safe for children to decorate. Just plug it in, and everything lights up instantly! Ideal for outdoor yard and garden decorations, trick-or-treat parties, costume parties, haunted houses, and more!


19. 3ft Large Blue Halloween Inflatable Eye Balls ($36.99)

You will be welcomed by a huge inflatable eyeball when you turn on the lights at night. This eyeball is 31” tall with an inflatable tube and built-in LED lights in it. With extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and a plug with UL certification, everything pops up in a minute! It’s perfect for Halloween outdoor decorations or trick-or-treat event decorations. The celebrations of clearance Halloween inflatables are awaiting you at Joyfy!


20. Sinister Reaper Inflatable ($35.99)

Even the bravest Halloween revelers will be dwarfed by the 8ft grim reaper inflatable! It only takes a few minutes to assemble it which anyone can do! The giant Halloween blow ups is equipped with sandbags and stakes to keep the reaper in place even when the autumn weather strikes. An extended cord with UL certification is built in to keep him powered up. The built-in LED lights ensure that this towering terror is visible even after the sun goes down, making it ideal for attracting trick-or-treaters on Halloween night!


With these best deals on Halloween inflatables clearance, you can transform your home into a haunted haven without breaking your budget. From friendly ghosts to eerie vampires, each inflatable brings its own unique charm and adds a touch of enchantment to your celebrations. Hurry and take advantage of these incredible offers before they vanish like ghosts in the night!

While exploring Halloween inflatables clearance, don’t miss the opportunity to discover more at Joyfy! Delight exists in not only Halloween inflatables, but also Easter decorations, Christmas decorations and Thanksgiving decorations. And that’s not all – our wide range of toys will impress you, like the best-selling series, garbage truck toys, army toy, toy trash truck, and more. Joyfy has an array of enchanting products to elevate your celebrations throughout the year!

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