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Top 20+ Giant Halloween Inflatables 2023

What specifically do you enjoy about Halloween? Is it the opportunity to dress up in costumes, indulge in sweet treats, or experience the change in weather that comes with the season? From our perspective, the giant Halloween inflatables of the Halloween outdoor decorations are always a highlight of this festive occasion. The creativity and spookiness of Halloween decorations bring joy and excitement to the atmosphere, making it a memorable time for all.

1. 12ft Towering Ghost with LEDs

Get ready to spook your neighborhood and delight trick-or-treaters with our towering 12-foot Halloween inflatable ghost! This impressive decoration includes a UL-certified plug, a long cord, ground anchors, secured ropes, and built-in sandbags for stability. With brilliant LED lights illuminating your yard, it’ll create the perfect eerie atmosphere for Halloween. Setting it up is a breeze; even children can help!


2. 8ft Jumbo Spooky Warlock Inflatable

Introducing the Giant Halloween Inflatables Warlock – the perfect addition to your Halloween setup! This massive sorcerer comes in vibrant colors of blue, white, and purple, ensuring he stands out and maintains his menacing presence. With an illuminated torso and piercing eyes, the warlock is ready to spook your neighbors in a fun and entertaining way. Don’t miss the chance to add these unique and impressive Halloween blow ups to your order today!


3. 9ft Inflatable Haunted House Archway

Add a spooky touch to your front yard with the Haunted House Inflatable Archway featuring a creepy ghost emerging from a tombstone. This Air Blown decoration offers a Halloween light show, delighting trick-or-treaters as they witness the ghostly figure. Perfect for outdoor yard and garden decor, Halloween parties, haunted houses, and more. Just wait a bit and ensure the fan isn’t blocked for a hauntingly good time!


4. 10ft Giant Halloween Inflatables Ghost

This Inflatable ghost is just what you need if you want a decoration for Halloween that will stand out from the crowd. Evening illumination from bright built-in LED lights will draw neighbors and visitors the most. The Halloween blow ups are ideal for Halloween outdoor yard and garden decorations, Halloween costume parties, haunted house decorations, and more! Children may help decorate extremely easily and safely! Plug it in, and everything appears instantly!


5. 10ft Halloween Inflatable Tree Archway

Transform your front yard into a spooky haven with this Halloween inflatable archway featuring eerie characters. Standing tall at 10ft, it boasts comical Halloween figures like ghosts, skulls, pumpkins, and witches. The Halloween inflatables set comes with extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a UL-certified plug. It illuminates brightly with its built-in LEDs, showcasing its full glory. The best time to view it is during the evenings when you can light up your yard.


6. 10ft Halloween Inflatable Ghost Decoration

Looking for the perfect giant Halloween inflatables for trick-or-treating and spooky events? Look no further than this Halloween inflatable ghost! With built-in LED lights, it’s perfect for haunted houses too. Say goodbye to the hassle of light bulbs as it’s easy to set up and instantly brighten up your space. Ideal for outdoor decorations, costume parties, and more! Get yours now and enjoy a hassle-free Halloween celebration!


7. 10ft Scary Swirly Ghost with Color Changing Light

Add a twist of terror to your Halloween with our Starry Swirly Inflatable Ghost. This haunting inflatable ghost features swirling patterns that create a mesmerizing and eerie effect. With its ominous presence and ghostly appearance, it is sure to send shivers down your spine. Setting it up is a breeze, and its durable construction ensures it will withstand Halloween night. Get ready to elevate your Halloween decorations and create a chilling atmosphere that will both fascinate and frighten your guests.


8. 10ft Halloween Inflatable Tree Biting Pumpkin

Transform your space into a haunted woods-themed Halloween party with this 10ft inflatable tree. It has a towering length of 10ft and features a monster tree biting up a poor inflatable pumpkin. The tree has a wicked look along with some pumpkins on top and creepy ghosts lurking beneath the tree’s roots. This creates a spooky yet child-friendly decoration. Equipped with extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a UL-certified plug. Bright LEDs illuminate the inflatable in full splendor at night.


9. Halloween Inflatable 8ft Skeleton Dinosaur

Introducing the inflatable dinosaur skeleton – a towering 8 feet tall, making it a goofy, spooky, yet practical addition to your Halloween yard. With built-in LED swirling lights, it’s perfect for illuminating your evening and captivating neighbors and visitors. This inflatable is designed for outdoor yard and garden decorations, creating a festive Halloween night event. Setting it up is a breeze with the included long string, ground anchors, fastened ropes, and integrated sandbags. Just plug it in, and watch the magic unfold instantly!


10. 8ft Halloween Inflatable Scary Tree With Ghost

Terrify your guests with our inflatable tree! The built-in lighting feature allows it to appear like a genuine living tree when the sun goes down. You can use this inflatable tree as a captivating decoration for your haunted house or as an addition to your Halloween party. The Scary Tree Inflatable, towering at 8 feet tall, is perfect for your yard, garden, or haunted house. It is produced using high-quality materials and comes with built-in LED lights. When lit up in the evening, it becomes the main attraction for both neighbors and guests. The process of setting it up is very simple and safe for kids to assist with. Just plug it in and watch it inflate within minutes!


11. 8.5ft Twisted Castle Archway Halloween Inflatable

Before you know it, your yard will be transformed with a stunning Halloween inflatable archway. This light-up inflatable looks best in the evening, thanks to its built-in LED lights. With our help, you can create a spooky haunted castle or graveyard scenery, or even a horrible Hotel themed party! This is the perfect yard decoration for Halloween, and the Halloween blow ups are sure to create a fun and festive atmosphere that you and your family will never forget.


12. 12ft Inflatable Ghost with Fire Light and Flaming Shreds

Are you in search of the perfect addition to your inflatable Halloween decorations? Check out the 12ft Halloween inflatables ghost! This child-friendly decoration inflates in just one minute and comes with all the necessary accessories. Plus, it’s CE certified for safety. Don’t miss out on this spooky and safe option for your Halloween festivities!


13. 9.5ft Halloween Inflatable Spider Legs Trunk or Treat

Elevate your trunk’s Halloween charm with our Inflatable Spider Trunk or Treat decoration! This attention-grabbing Halloween inflatable spider will add a frightful twist to your display. Its realistic design and impressive size are bound to captivate everyone. Hosting a trunk or treat event has never been this thrilling! The inflatable is the perfect addition to your scary trunk or treat ideas, delighting visitors of all ages with its spooky touch. Setup is a breeze—simply inflate, secure it to your trunk, and watch as your car becomes the centerpiece of Halloween scares. Get ready for an unforgettable trunk-or-treat experience that will have everyone screaming with delight!


14. Creepy Inflatable Witch Halloween

Looking to add a spooky element to your Halloween decorations? Check out this 12ft inflatable witch creepy witch! This towering and eerie witch is sure to give your guests a fright. The attention-grabbing design and durable materials make it perfect for outdoor use. Easy to set up, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all who dare to pass by. Let this giant creepy witch become the centerpiece of your Halloween display for an unforgettable experience.


15. Inflatable Alien Halloween Decoration

Get ready for an otherworldly experience with the Alien Giant Halloween Inflatables. The 9ft giant towering inflatable alien features will amaze and entertain both kids and adults. With their impressive designs and vibrant colors, they are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Easy to set up and made with high-quality materials, these Halloween blow ups are built to withstand outdoor conditions. Transform your yard into an intergalactic Halloween extravaganza with this inflatable alien. Brace yourself for an alien encounter like no other as you celebrate the spookiest time of the year.


16. 12ft Giant Halloween Inflatables Carriage

Prepare for a Halloween to remember with the 12ft inflatable carriage, complete with UL certification and LED lights that create a mesmerizing view of fiery flames at night. The package includes everything you need to set up quickly and easily, including extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and sandbags. Once plugged in, the carriage inflates automatically. It’s a perfect toy for kids and adults alike.


17. UFO Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations

Inflatable Halloween decorations are bright built-in LED lights. The 9ft decoration is easy to set up with extended cords, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a plug that has UL certification. The premium quality ufo decorations are perfect for outdoor Halloween yard and garden decorations or trick-or-treating events. With this decoration, even youngsters can easily and safely help with decorating. Simply plug it in, and watch as it lights up and becomes the best attraction for your neighbors and guests.


18. Giant Halloween Inflatables Grim Reaper with LED

Add a spooky touch to your Halloween decorations with the Grim Reaper with Scythe LED Inflatable. This eerie inflatable showcases a towering Grim Reaper holding a scythe, lit up by LED lights for a haunting glow. Its impressive size and intricate design create a spine-chilling ambiance for your Halloween celebrations. Designed with sturdy materials and easy to assemble, this inflatable can withstand any outdoor weather conditions. Impress your guests and trick-or-treaters with this unique and ominous Halloween blow up decoration.


19. 8ft Jumbo Crouching Skeleton Dragon Inflatable

Transform your Halloween decorations with our Jumbo Crouching Skeleton Dragon Inflatable. This incredible decoration features a large skeleton dragon crouched in a menacing pose, complete with intricate skeletal design and fiery eyes. The eerie charm of the inflatable dragon Halloween is sure to make a statement and create a spine-chilling atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and anyone passing by. Get ready to take your Halloween display to the next level with this impressive inflatable decoration.


20. 11ft Grim Reaper Inflatable Archway Decoration

Step into the realm of the afterlife with the Grim Reaper Inflatable Archway. This spooky inflatable archway boasts a menacing grim reaper, providing the perfect entrance to your Halloween celebrations. Its striking design and attention to detail create a chilling atmosphere. Plus, it’s a breeze to set up and made with top-notch materials for long-lasting durability.


These top 20+ giant Halloween inflatables are sure to make your Halloween celebrations unforgettable. Choose the ones that suit your style, and get ready to impress your guests with these enchanting and spooky decorations. Happy Halloween!

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