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The Ultimate Inflatable Pumpkin Collection for Halloween 2023

Step into a world of enchantment and wonder as Halloween approaches! Join us on a captivating journey through this ultimate collection of inflatable pumpkin for Halloween 2023. Discover these charming Halloween blow ups, each with its own unique allure. Then, elevate your Halloween decorations to new heights. Enter the enchanting world of inflatables and create a Halloween experience like no other!

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Eating Human

This 5-foot inflatable is a spooky sight—a pumpkin transformed into a man-eating plant as if it’s captured someone. A lifelike trapped lower body inside the inflatable pumpkin’s mouth adds realism and spine-chilling vibes to your Halloween decor. It’s a standout piece that will both delight and frighten your guests.


8ft Carriage Carrying Huge Pumpkin

Picture this spooky scene: the Grim Reaper, hooded and skilled, guiding a skeleton horse. The horse is mesmerizing, black-and-white with a striking red mane that captivates. But there’s more! Behind the Reaper, a massive red pumpkin emits a chilling glow, sure to send shivers down your spine. Moreover, this decor will be the highlight of your Halloween celebration, making it unforgettable.

Pumpkin Inflatable with Witch Hat

The mischievous Halloween blow ups showcase a playful ghost sticking its tongue out as it emerges from a smiling pumpkin. The ghost’s mismatched eyes and the pumpkin’s top forming a yellow cap make this decoration irresistibly cute and charming. Because it’s bound to bring smiles and joy to everyone who sees it.


Ghost in Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration

At a height of 5ft, this playful inflatable showcases a mischievous ghost poking its tongue out of a smiling pumpkin. With one eye larger than the other and a pumpkin top resembling a yellow hat, it adds adorable charm. So, incorporate it into your Halloween decorations soon for a lighthearted atmosphere filled with fun and delight.


Ghost Pushing Pumpkin Cart

This 6-foot inflatable ghost features a towering and scary figure pushing a black pumpkin wagon with the words “Happy Halloween.” Additionally, there are three determined smaller pumpkin creatures. Thanks to LED lights, it emits an eerie glow, making it a standout addition to your haunted house decor.


Giant Pumpkin Wizard Yard Decor

Standing impressively at 8ft, the Giant Blow Up Pumpkin features a slender, elongated figure with a pumpkin-shaped head and a wizard’s attire. This includes a striking red cloak and a deep purple robe embellished with a green emblem. In order to enhance its magical appearance, a flowing red cape completes the ensemble. That is why, this enchanting creature serves as an awe-inspiring centerpiece for your Halloween celebrations.


Blow up Pumpkins with Witch’s Cat

These 7ft inflatable pumpkins, adorned with whimsical expressions, appear as if they’ve stepped into a wizard’s dreamland. Among them, an evil-grinning witch’s black cat, sporting a tiny orange hat, sits atop the central inflatable pumpkin. It adds an extra enchanting element to your Halloween festivities.


Best Spooky Pumpkin Spider

This giant inflatable pumpkin features a mesmerizing hat with shades of purple, black, and yellow. Its green eyes glow with a yellow hue, giving it a slightly spooky yet whimsical appearance. The eight orange and black spider legs introduce a sense of whimsy and creativity to your haunted setup. So it will definitely get people talking.


Tall Panoramic Projection Pumpkin

Standing at an impressive 4ft tall, the Panoramic Projection Pumpkin boasts a captivating castle projection. The haunting castle, surrounded by towering trees and flying bats, creates a mesmerizing Halloween scene. With the words “Happy Halloween” below, it adds a warm and inviting touch to your spooky inflatable Halloween decorations.


Tall Dragon on Pumpkin Blow up

This 5ft Inflatable Pumpkin Dragon shows a purple dragon wearing a black hat with horns. The dragon looks mischievous with a grin and narrowed eyes. Its happy look makes your Halloween playful and joyful, and gives smiles to everyone who sees it. The dragon inflatable comes with two small skeleton heads beside it.


Three Characters on Pumpkin

Standing tall at 5ft, the Halloween inflatables showcase three peculiar characters emerging from a giant inflatable pumpkin. Two of them sport green skin, with one laughing heartily and the other donning a small scar on his forehead, smiling contently. The third character is surprised with blue skin, looking astonished as if witnessing something extraordinary. Together, they bring a whimsical and intriguing vibe to your Halloween decor.


Inflatable Pumpkin Wizard Photo Booth with Ghost

This delightful Halloween inflatables stands adorned with a purple hat featuring star patterns. At its center lies a pumpkin inflatable lantern photo booth, perfect for capturing spooky snapshots. With two bats at its side and tombstones and ghosts carrying candy as ornaments, the photo booth brings interactive fun to your Halloween gatherings. It’s an excellent way to enhance your Halloween festivities and create cherished memories. Your guests can snap spooky pictures by popping out from the mouth of the pumpkin.


Stack Pumpkin Ghost Bat Inflatable Archway

Rising 8ft tall, this magnificent archway features a stack of inflatable pumpkins, ghosts, and feisty bats, forming an impressive “HAAPY HALLOWEEN” greeting. The vibrant orange, white, and black colors create a captivating and inviting entry point to your Halloween celebration. Therefore, it adds a sense of grandeur and excitement to your ornamentations, setting the stage for a thrilling Halloween experience.


Ghost Lift Pumpkin Candy Bag

Standing tall at 5ft, this Halloween Halloween blow ups showcases an adorable ghost holding a pumpkin candy bag. With LED lights in both the ghost and pumpkin, it creates a magical glow at night. The playful design adds enchantment to your decor, welcoming trick-or-treaters with a charming ambiance.


Halloween Pumpkin Tumbler

This lovely blowup tumbler features a playful trio of pumpkins, each with its own individual expression and size, making it perfect for your Halloween setup. However, what sets it apart is the top pumpkin, which is adorned with a charming blue nightcap that adds an extra pinch of personality and allure. This focus on detail not only makes it distinctive but also guarantees that it will win the hearts of everyone who glimpses it.

Pumpkin tumbler

Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin and Bubbling Potion

It is no ordinary ghost- it lights up with LED lights that cast an eerie glow, making your Halloween display inviting to all. But there’s more! Inside the pumpkin’s mouth, you’ll discover a bubble machine that releases a continuous stream of bubbles- perfect for an element of surprise. Therefore, our inflatable ghost decor is guaranteed to capture the attention of anyone who walks by, with its eerie glow and playful bubbles.

Ghost holding pumpkin

Pumpkin Ghost Window Breaker

A pumpkin breaks through your window, creating an eye-catching and novel look that is sure to leave an impression. The pumpkin’s eyes feature red LED lights that give off an eerie glow, enhancing the overall appearance and creating a spooky atmosphere. This gadget is easy to use and will elevate your Halloween decorations, making your home the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t miss the opportunity to impress your guests this Halloween!

Pumpkin ghost window breaker

Pumpkin and Cat Mummy Product

Unearth the enchantment of Halloween with our Pumpkin and Cat Mummy duo! These charming decorations bring a delightful touch to your festivities. The pumpkin exudes warmth with its welcoming glow, while the adorable cat mummy adds a playful and spooky twist to your decor. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this pair is sure to enchant guests of all ages. Add a dash of whimsy and a sprinkle of spookiness to your Halloween celebration with the Pumpkin and Cat Mummy – a dynamic duo that promises to make your holiday memorable.

Pumpkin and cat mummy

Inflatable Dinosaur with Pumpkin Candy Holder

Ready to take your Halloween decorating to the next level with our Inflatable Dinosaur including a Pumpkin Candy Holder! This attractive design presents a lively dinosaur popping out of a window, adorned with an adorable witch hat and a basket for candy pumpkins. Additionally, the final product is an intriguing and eerie display that will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on your Halloween guests. Whether you need a unique candy holder or a bold statement piece, this inflatable dinosaur is the perfect choice.

Ghost with Witch Hat in Pumpkin

Get in the Halloween mood with our Inflatable Ghost, which has a Witch Hat inside a Pumpkin. This cute Halloween blow up decoration depicts a happy ghost donning a witch hat that emerges from a whimsical pumpkin. What’s more, its charming design and vivid colors make it a delightful addition to your Halloween décor. It’s simple to assemble and crafted from long-lasting materials, ensuring it endures all Halloween season long.

Cute ghost in a pumpkin

Inflatable Pumpkin Costume with Hat 2023

Get ready for a fun Halloween adventure full of pumpkins and happiness! Our blow-up pumpkin outfit will make your child look cute and round, bringing a playful touch to any event. You’ll feel pure joy as your little one turns into the most adorable pumpkin in the patch, warming hearts and spreading smiles everywhere they go.

Kid cute blow up pumpkin costume

Pumpkin Bobble Head Adult

Make your Halloween costume unforgettable with the Adult Unisex Pumpkin Bobble Head Inflatable Costume. With its inflatable design and adjustable fit, you’ll be the talk of the party. Get ready to strike a pose with your selfie stick, because everyone will want a photo with you in this eye-catching costume.

Inflatable pumpkin bubble head

Even if you aren’t fond of blow-up outfits, we carry definitive pumpkin-themed Halloween costumes and accessories that may interest you.

Kids Scarecrow Pumpkin Bobble Head Costume

This outfit has a brown hood and a collar made of rope, and a pumpkin mask that will give everyone goosebumps. The robe also has a rope belt for authenticity. We added gloves to complete the spooky scarecrow costume for your child. Let your little one enjoy a thrilling Halloween with this Scarecrow Pumpkin Costume. Because the frightening Halloween kids costumes are guaranteed to make a strong impression at any Halloween party!

Kid scarecrow pumpkin costume

Pumpkin Costume with Hat and a Basket

Embrace the folklore of Jack o’ Lanterns. These costumes stimulate the light-hearted side of Halloween. Each set contains a pumpkin outfit with a friendly face desiring to spread joy. Additionally, the set has a pumpkin basket to collect goodies and to complete the charming ensemble, a pumpkin hat is styled like a lid. So, dress up your toddler to embody Jack o’ Lantern and allow them to light up the night with their cuteness and cheer.

Three pieces pumpkin costumes kid

Pets Pumpkin Halloween Costume

Your pet will steal the spotlight at any costume party or trick-or-treating adventure with this adorable ensemble. Designed for both comfort and style, this costume features a pumpkin-shaped outfit with openings for your pet’s legs, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Watch as your pet embraces the festive spirit, adding a delightful touch to your Halloween celebrations. Share the spooktacular fun with your four-legged family member by dressing them up in our Pets Pumpkin Halloween Costume – because Halloween isn’t just for humans!

Pet pumpkin costume

Scary Pumpkin Mask Adult

Our Scary Pumpkin Mask has an eerie design and mesmerizing LED lights that will add spookiness and excitement to your Halloween festivities. It’s perfect for lightening up the night and making a memorable impression. Halloween should be anything but ordinary! Whether you’re going to a spooky party or just want to stand out while trick-or-treating, this mask is the ideal choice.

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