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20+ Best Christmas gifts under $50 for kids they’ll ho ho ho for

Written by Ryan Barrett

Christmas gifts for kids

Buying just the right Christmas gifts for kids to make them happy doesn’t always happen. Your arms are stretched out in every direction and you might have bought that rubber toy T-rex with good intentions. But your little Tommy just turned diecast car freak. You were too busy to notice. No one blames you, but Tommy there doesn’t seem to care. He’s spinning around like a Tasmanian devil and there seems to be no end in sight.

Fear not, however, there is hope. If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you can avoid any Tasmanian tantrum incident. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Christmas gifts for kids. And to butter, your shopping biscuits even further check out the site-wide coupon at the top of the page.

Hottest toys for Christmas to melt the freezing boredom

Many have come, and many have gone. The toys become seasonal sensations. And you went, and you came home. Hopefully, you didn’t come home empty-handed. It’s likely though that you did. By the time you heard the commotion about tickle me, Elmo, nothing was left of him. Just some red fuzz left. And other frustrated parents who were searching the toy isles for something less popular. Ok, so this exact situation might have not happened to you. 

However, if you have kids, you have probably experienced something similar. Trying to find the hottest toy that season and coming up empty-handed. Was it that the other parents’ minivan was faster than yours? Or you have an incredibly busy life and miss the boat once in a while. Miss the boat on the hottest toys of the year. Though that is completely forgivable, if you’re reading this it will not be repeated!
Below we have some of the hottest Christmas gifts, for not just kids, but adults too! From Christmas bath toys to Christmas wear! Worry not about having the fastest minivan. Our online shop brings the store to you!

1. Tree-mendous christmas ornaments diy

It’s the time of year when you dig through the attic or garage. Hunting for your many boxes of ornaments. The time-old tradition of hanging ornaments is upon us. Though this is an extremely enjoyable family tradition it could be in danger. In danger of, like those boxed Christmas ornaments, becoming dusty. To breathe new life into your Christmas ornament traditions we offer a Christmas Ornament Decorator. Most of your kids have likely decorated Christmas ornaments at school. Ask yourself, were your kids ever bummed that they had to do this? Our DIY ornaments will keep that fun going home. This Christmas ornaments DIY decorator will add another layer to your family tradition for only $16.99! Now your whole family can have fun decorating an ornament before hanging it. Who knows, maybe dusty boxes won’t be a part of the ornament hanging!

2. Mad Hatter will go mad for this pretend play (pretend play tea party)

We don’t need to tell you how important pretend play is. Yes, important as it develops social skills and imagination. But more important that it exists. Your little one needs it. They don’t seem to care much about technical cognitive development. Give them a piece of paper and they’ll turn it into a dog or a kitchen stove. 

It’s safe to say then that pretend play is far more important to your kids than to you. Sure they can, and will, use anything for a kitchen set. But wouldn’t it be more engaging for them if they had something that looked like a spatula? Real props are proven to boost cognitive activity in a child’s pretend play. And if you give them real props they won’t try using the actual knives in your kitchen. You won’t catch them turning on the stove burners or microwaving plastic eggs. It’s a win-win for everyone!
And when you think of pretend play, what comes to mind? A tea party probably does. Tea cup sets and cakes. It’s a classic activity that goes far back into our cultural consciousness. Whether it’s Alice sharing a wacky scone with the Mad Hatter or a table. Your kids have ample reasons to have a tea cup set. Our classic pretend play tea party set gives everything your kids need to think they are sipping with Alice themselves. Check out this amazing, portable set in this video.

3. 3D craft kit to say ‘Oh Deer’ about

christmas gifts for kids- christmas craft kids

More than likely you’re kids like to build things. Legos, popsicle houses, and for this festive time the classic gingerbread house. Our Christmas craft kit combines all the elements of building a lego or model house with the Christmas aspect of a gingerbread house.
This is an especially good crafty toy if your kids are at the age where they devote more attention to detail. Many 7 to 10-year-olds are at this stage. These 3D Christmas craft kits will focus their attention on all the little building details. As a result, this will nurture a child’s cognitive and dexterity skills while indulging their love of Christmas and the holidays at the same time. And at only $14.99 for two holiday model houses to build- who could say no?!

4. Building block for building cheer!

christmas gifts for kids- building blocks

For all of your toddlers out there we have a building block set. If, and most likely they do, your little ones stack up random objects in the house this is a perfect toy for them. No more going into the living room and seeing books stacked on pillows and pots on books. While I’m sure you appreciate the ingenuity and creativity it causes an extra mess, to say nothing of broken bowls. Our toy brick set is 100 square and rectangular pieces of different color combinations. They will be able to build different structures, and improve hand-eye coordination while saving you a few glass bowls at the same time! And did we mention this 100-piece set is now on sale for $22.99?!

Kids advent calendar to jingle every day

Advent Calendar Ideas
Christmas gifts for kids- advent calendar

People, kids, in particular, have been using kids advent calendars for over 200 years. Finding creative ways to mark each day leading up to Christmas. Lighting candles, marking walls with chalk, or even placing pieces of straw in a nativity scene-looking calendar. Yes, humans have been coming up with creative ways to count down the days till Christmas for a long time. Heck, it feels like we’ve been talking about advent calendars for a few centuries ourselves. (Check out this blog post for proof!) However, sometimes this advent tradition grows stale. Your little ones might be bored of picking out the same bland chocolate coin behind a paper door. To add a little flavor to this tradition we’ve created a few advent calendars, particularly for little ones. They’ll be having so much fun playing with the toys behind each day they might forget they’re doing an advent calendar!

5. Makeup advent calendar for girl to makeover her Christmas

You’re getting ready for work, and rushing around like crazy. You get the kids dressed, finished packing the car, and run back upstairs. Uh oh, your little one got into your lipstick. Cute as it may be, your little one now looks like a modern incarnation of the Joker, not to mention the red lipstick swirl mess your mirror and dresser adorn.
Though frustrating, this sort of messy situation is to be expected. Most little girls, and some boys, try and put on makeup as soon as they can hold it. Kids are trying to emulate the people closest to them, whether this is cooking or putting on makeup. We get this! That’s why we decided to combine a child’s love of makeup and the kids advent calendar. Each day of the month is a different kind of makeup. This combines the classic advent calendar with a tidy(hopefully) way to play with makeup.

6. Ready, set, glow: Car advent calendar for boys

We don’t have to tell you how crazy little boys are for toy cars. It’s a given. And if you have a son or daughter that is crazy about cars you are probably familiar with this scene. You walk into another room of the house and random contents are scattered everywhere. A city made of pillow walls and towering skyscrapers made of cans of tomato. You’ve just stepped into a makeshift racecourse or car city. Hopefully, you didn’t follow this scene with the very typical nearly breaking your neck on a Hotwheel. 

Maybe this exact scene of diecast madness hasn’t unfolded in your living room. Either way, we have the perfect Christmas gift for kids. For all your little Dale Earnhardts out there. Our car advent calendar comes with 24 different diecast vehicles. From muscle cars to police cars to construction trucks, this advent calendar runs the toy car gamut. Come Christmas time the makeshift car track in your living room might resemble a sprawling, pillow-laden metropolis. But to see the look on their face will be worth it.

Action figures toy to blow up the season

military toys ideas
Christmas gifts for kids- military toys

Hand-eye coordination and general cognitive skills aren’t the only things toys promote. Our action figure toys additionally nurture and develop strategy and reasoning skills. Now saying that who are we kidding? What little boy, and some girls, doesn’t like to pretend to play with action figures toys in world war 3 daily? As part of breakfast. It’s as ritualistic as pouring milk into cereal. Invisible explosions and flailing figurines. To fulfill and nurture this love of action figures toys we offer a couple of great options. Additionally, since Christmas is coming, these action figure toys fit perfectly in any stocking or under any tree

7. Military toys set off smile bombs

Military and action figure toys are good, if not excellent for your little one. Does this confuse you? Pretend shooting and blowing the limbs off an invisible enemy is….good? Well, not exactly. Military toys are a great opportunity for kids to develop an understanding of strategy and problem-solving. Not that shooting of any kind is good, but they can learn about the physics of how a bullet or bomb flies. It’s also an opportunity for kids to learn what shooting a gun means. That it’s a heavy responsibility not to be taken lightly. In our previous blog, we go into further depth about this and how great our selection of military toys makes for Christmas gifts for kids. You can read that here.

8. Dinosaur toys go roaring all the way

Perhaps shooting and blowing things up isn’t your little one’s thing. (Not a bad thing!) They’re more of the giant prehistoric lizard type. The terrorizing T-rex or sauntering stegosaurus type. We have a wide variety of dinosaur toys perfect for stocking stuffers, easter egg hunts, or for no special occasion. No occasion other than your child’s love for these Jurassic gems. Our dinosaur toys are specialized to be multi-functional.  For example, say your child loves race cars and dinosaurs. Our dinosaur race car track is right for them! Or say they share a love for dinosaurs and legos. Check out our dinosaur building blocks! We even have a dinosaur gardening set for crying out loud!

Car toys that are mistletoe-tally rad

How popular are car toys you ask? If you have a young boy we don’t have to tell you. You’re probably nearly breaking your neck 100 times a day on the selections of toy cars scattered about your house. But if you must know toy cars consistently sell nearly 1.5 billion dollars worth every year. And regardless of that, we offer a wide variety of car toys, that are good for any occasion. Since Christmas is coming, any of our cars or car sets are the perfect gift from Santa. We have different themed sets, so no matter if your kids are construction or garbage truck fanatics, we have it all!

9. Garbage truck toys to clean up Christmas frowns

Kids love to make messes. Why is it then that they love garbage trucks? The things that are designed to pick up the trash. If you look at the science of it, it’s because kids usually see these things come and go daily. They are a sign of permanence, which kids tend to latch onto. They also look much bigger than the average car. Like a giant robot that has an extendable mouth to eat the trash. Pretty cool if you imagine it from the point of view of a five-year-old.  We have designed our garbage truck toy to mimic the real thing. It has a front and side loading dumpster. This comes along with 3 different colored trash bins. So they can learn about recycling in the process of play. Check out this video!

10.Pull back cars and go go Christmas cheer

We also have a smaller set of pull-back vehicles. These are fashioned as little construction vehicles and are a great option for little ones that like to race. Now instead of throwing their toy cars across the room in an attempt to race them they can safely pull them back and watch them zoom! Also, these cars are perfect to develop hand-eye coordination. While gripping and drawing back are wonderful for fine motor abilities and hand-eye coordination, “driving” and collecting are also beneficial for the coordination of big muscle groups. Check out our fantastic set in this video.

11. Construction vehicles build happy holidays

Kids are attracted to construction toys for many of the same reasons they like garbage vehicles. They look like larger-than-life robots. Also, playing with construction trucks and toys is more valuable than you might think. Children naturally explore and learn new things from construction toys, which is a type of hands-on inquiry. They participate in construction toy play while gathering data, conducting experiments, and raising questions. As kids experiment with different materials, they create, stack, build, and sketch. We have a wide variety of construction toys and remote control vehicles that are great to build the above-mentioned skills. Check out these awesome remote control construction vehicles.

What to wear for Christmas?

Christmas wear
Christmas gifts for kids- Christmas outfits

Hear those jingle bells? Or at least that song on repeat that might be driving your ears bells at this point. The holiday season is upon us. This means many things, such as Christmas parties. Those wonderful or dreaded(or both) neighborhood and office Christmas parties. It’s the time of many questions. Such as ‘What food am I going to bring?’ ‘What white elephant gift is funny enough?’ And the most question of all is ‘What to wear for Christmas?’ Considering how many holiday parties you have to attend this question is most likely the most asked. What if there was a solution to this headache? If you could find the right green and red sweater or other Christmas wear to answer this question for the entire season. (Also, check out our previous blog post for our entire selection of Christmas wear).

There’s also the even more trying question of dressing your kids for the holidays. What if there was a festive sweater or hat that you didn’t have to force your kid to wear? They were kicking and screaming for you to dress them in something so fun! Well, you’re reading the right blog then! Check out all our festive options for your little ones below.

12. kids ugly Christmas sweater that sleigh

Our selection of festive ugly kids ugly Christmas sweater will have your little ones popping with laughter. Not only this they’ll be begging you to wear it. These sweaters come in red, black, or blue and are adorned with Christmas lights that light up! Your ugly sweater kids will love being able to take Christmas night walks and blend in with the rest of the neighborhood decorations!

13. Elf-tastic kids Christmas pajamas

It’s been proven that what we wear affects how we feel. Because think of all the times you didn’t feel ok about your outfit. The rest of the day was probably a lot of feelings of ‘not ok’. And the opposite is true, especially for kids. What auras of pure joy they are when they get a cool new outfit or costume. Our sets of kids Christmas pajamas will only add to that aura the green, red, and antlers of Christmas’s pure joy. Our kids Christmas pajamas are perfect for the entire holiday season. Especially Christmas Eve and morning. Stay comfy with our more than 9 sets of Christmas pajamas to choose from. They’re not just for kids too. We have matching sets for the whole family. Everyone can feel comfortable shredding open Christmas wear wrapping and sipping warm nogg.

14. A Santa-mental Christmas hat

Our Santa in the Chimney is a great Christmas hat for anyone and any holiday occasion. Especially at the low price of $12.99. Just as it’s described it looks like Santa going face-first down a chimney, on your head! Your co-workers will be laughing up a storm at the holiday office party. Your kids will be dragging you to school in the morning, excited to wear their funny Santa hats to school. It’s also a great gift for friends and the office. Enter it in the next white elephant exchange and see whose gift is the talk of the office. Unless someone entered an iPhone, there’s no contest!

Christmas party favors to Claus a scene

christmas party favors
Christmas gifts for kids- Christmas party favors

One could argue if that ho ho ho time of year is more about stocking stuffers and Christmas party favors than big presents. Sure, those big presents might mean more than the little ones. However, the small ones are what you’re giving out more frequently. Christmas parties, school holiday functions, and general goodwill to neighbors and strangers. These small toys add up! You want to find something that is unique, cute, and won’t break the bank at the same time. Our selection of Christmas party favors and holiday toys is an inexpensive way to spread the holiday cheer!

15. Have your elf a merry Christmas cracker

Our Christmas crackers are perfect for an office, school, or general holiday party. For 8 pieces they’re only $12.99! They also fit snuggly in any stocking.  Shaped like a tube, you pull them and a small, amusing gift pops out! Essentially these are pre-wrapped gifts. Who could ask for an easier to way bring party favors to an office or party? No wrapping and they come in packs of eight. So you won’t have to do much searching for many different presents!

16. Our Christmas Elf plush doll is soft as Santa’s Beard

elf toy
Christmas gifts for kids- elf toy

Elves are just as, if not more popular than Santa himself. Well, maybe they don’t take the mistletoe-lined top spot, however, the toys do. Elve toys and dolls. For example, elf book and toy has sold over 11 million copies since being first released. There’s no Santa toy to match those numbers. Considering that, you will probably buy more elf-related things for Christmas.  Our Christmas Elf plush doll is the perfect Elf toy you’ve been looking for! Any of our elf plush dolls come in sets and are extremely versatile. They can be used as an ornament to hang on the tree, an office gift, or a toy that kids can play with for hours. Even as action figure toys! If you’re going to get these elves as a toy we even sell separate sets of elf clothing. Your kids will spend hours of playtime dressing up and down the soft squishy holiday elves!

17. Squeeze yourself a merry little Christmas squishy toy

Speaking of squishy, what baby or toddler out there doesn’t like to? Heck, even adults like to squish things. Mostly when they’re stressed. And probably stressed because of the squishing toddler! For whatever reasons there are to squish we offer a squeezalicious set of Christmas squishy toys. These come in 6 different classic designs and cost a mere $13.99. And they are the perfect size to gift together to your toddler or break up into individual office gifts.

18. Christmas fidget toy for frosty fingers

Christmas gifts for kids- fidget toy
Christmas gifts for kids- fidget toys

Fidget toys have been all the rage these days. We probably don’t need to tell you that. Everywhere you turn where there are children the sounds of popping ensue. Picking your kids up from school- ‘pop, pop, pop’. Taking your kids to a toy store- ‘pop, pop, pop’. Maybe you have discovered the joys of fidgets. At first, they seemed to make your ears scream, but now after popping yourself, you’ve gone pop crazy. Ok, that might be a little extreme, but it’s not hard to see why kids like fidgets. Because of this popping rage, we offer festive Christmas fidget toys. Our Christmas fidget toys come in holiday designs such as reindeer and Santa himself. What perfect poppin’ Christmas gifts for kids! Imagine the look on your child’s face when they come downstairs on Christmas morning. And sees these fidgets hanging from the tree or stuffed in a stocking. Also, at $7.99 for a set of three, they sure won’t be poppin’ your wallet.

19. Christmas candy cane ball point pens to make letters sweeter

Stationary is an excellent stocking stuffer for your family or office co-workers. Our candy cane ballpoint pens are good for anyone and any age! And at $17.99 for 48 pieces you can give them to everyone you know. Your co-workers need pens, and surely your kids need pens for school. These pens are so wonderful because they function not only as pens but primarily as decoration. See how they look hanging on a tree or in your pen cup at work!

20.Christmas notepads jingle letters all the way

What better thing to use your candy cane pens with than our Christmas notepads? These make a great gift pairing with our pens and work well as presents on their own. Also, they come in 24 packs at only $24.99. They are also excellent to buy for yourself. You can start leaving festive notes around the house with festive pads. Even if you have to write a more serious note to family or co-workers, the cuteness of these pads will sweeten up any message!

Christmas bath toys bubbling with cheer

bath toys
Christmas gifts for kids- bath bomb

What would a bath be without the squeaky sounds of a rubber duck? Or the typhoon froth of a bath bomb? It would just be an enamel tub, filled with water and empty of flavor. You’re probably agreeing at this point. Also noting how you do have rubber duckies lining your bathtub. That’s great! But since the holidays are coming why not kick it up a Christmas notch? Get some bath bombs or whacky light-up Christmas bath toys to pumpkin spice things up! Let’s take a look at some of our more festive bath toys.

21. Bath bombs to blow up the season

First and foremost, for a Christmas bath accessory, we have bath bombs! Due to the temperature drop, the holiday season is usually the time for baths. What’s better than getting in a nice warm tub on a freezing day? Maybe the only thing better is getting into a warm and bubbly bath. And maybe not just your typical bubble bath, but a bath bomb bubble bath. Bath bombs add another element of smell and color to the bubble bath experience. Admit it, you love watching the bath explode with bubbles as much as your little one! We offer a variety of different bath bombs for different holidays and occasions. Whether you need stocking stuffers or egg-shaped bombs for an Easter egg hunt, we’ve got you covered! For more extensive information about all of our bath bomb offerings, check out our blog post about it here

22. Santa rubber ducks will quack you a merry Christmas

It’s rubber ducky season! You might be a little confused by that statement as it’s always rubber ducky season in your bathroom. As mentioned above, the duckies are lining the walls of your bathtub. Every time your little one takes a bath it’s an orchestra of squeaks. Whatever the case we have a Santa rubber duck toy for you! This Santa rubber duck toy is perfect to add to or start, your little one’s collection. They fit perfectly in a stocking or under a tree! What great Christmas bath toys, and only $13.99 for 24 pieces!

23. Christmas LED light up bath toy illuminates with joy

Say your little one is all rubber-ducked out. They need a change, as do your ears from the onslaught of squeaking. Check out our selection of Christmas light-up bath toys! These will not only give your little one the floating toy enjoyment of a rubber duck, but they light up! And wait till your little ones see these duckies lit up next to the tree this Christmas!

Buying Christmas gifts for kids is hard enough. You don’t have to be on a budget to want to feel the kiddie weight of an unhappy child. They’re like little time bombs of whining and snot. One small mishap, wrong move, or present, and they go off! Boogers flying and the squeals of discontent slicing your eardrums like a festive jelly mold. And it is so easy to make that misstep. You have a thousand things to do around the holidays, not to mention a 9 to 5 job. Hopefully, with some of the excellent selections of Christmas gifts for kids mentioned above, you can diffuse that unhappy bomb of a child. Put a smile on their face that will last the entire holiday season! And before you go don’t forget to check these magical Christmas inflatables and Christmas inflatables on sale for your holiday.

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