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29 Kids Advent Calendar Ideas to Bring Home for the Holidays

Christmas advent calendar
Christmas advent calendar

Temperatures dropping, jingle bells ringing in the distance, and lights strung on every house- Christmas must be coming! And as Christmas come barreling around the corner, everyone prepares to get into the holiday spirit. People often purchase kids advent calendar to open every day, sort of like little Christmas gifts to themselves before Christmas.

This is usually a fun thing for the kids to do to get them excited for the big day. If the concept of advent calendars is new to you though, you may have lots of questions about it. Or maybe you are an expert and just want some ideas for fun themes and goodies for the kids this year. Whatever the case, we are here to help! Keep reading to learn more about them and see our recommendations for kids advent calendars! We also created a coupon code for you to use when buying these calendars. Use code 2022calendar at checkout to get a 15% discount on any calendar we mention here! But first, it’s learning time!

What is an advent calendar?

If you’ve never heard of an advent calendar, you might wonder what it is and what it’s used for. Advent calendars come from the season of advent, which counts down the days until Christmas. Advent originates from Christianity, anticipating the day of the birth of Jesus. While advent has roots in Christian beliefs, advent is still often observed in non religious households to count down to Christmas. This is where the calendars come into play. The calendars started as a simple way to mark the days of advent in the household.

But as times changed, advent calendars became a fun way to get kids excited about Christmas. The calendars included small pockets for parents to fill with little treats or gifts for their young ones. (This was probably to keep kids from asking how long until Christmas so they can open their presents. We get it, we were the same way.) These days, advent calendars are designed with children in mind. with different themes and goodies in each set. So that’s all well and good, but how do these work exactly? Not worry friends! Read on to find out how to celebrate the holiday season with advent calendars!

How does an advent calendar work?

Advent calendars usually start on the 1st of December, and count all the way to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. (Technically, advent may start earlier or later than December 1st, but’s more consistent to start on the 1st.) The calendars are often made of cardboard or wood, and have little pockets that treats go in. You can find some that come prefilled with goodies, and you can also find some that you can fill yourself. In the prefilled sets, kids need to tear open the covering to get their gift. They will open one every day until it gets to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So how many days are on an advent calendar? That’s a good question! And we’ve got the answer!

How many days in an advent calendar?

Advent calendars usually go for either 12 days or 24 days. A 12 days advent calendar usually has items like pieces of clothing or larger gifts. 24 day advent calendars are much more common, counting down from December first until Christmas Eve. You will occasionally see sets that go all the way through Christmas Day, but this is much less common. (After all, your kids are already probably getting a ton of presents on the 25th.) And with that, you’re probably here to look for some advent calendar ideas. Well, we’ve got lots of options to help you choose the best advent calendar for your little ones this year!

Advent Calendar 2022 Ideas to Knock Your Stockings Off

Christmas is coming, and you’ll need to be prepared with a Christmas advent calendar to count down the days! Especially if you have kids running around eagerly waiting for Santa to drop off presents. Giving your kids an advent calendar at the start of the month makes for an easy and enjoyable holiday tradition. You’ll also make wonderful family memories as your kids excitedly rush to see what trinket they get each day. Take it from the Jacksons on Instagram! These kids love opening their calendars every day and getting a fun new toy every day.

Every kid is different, with their own interests and hobbies. So, you’ll need to make sure you get the right kids advent calendar for each one! How do you know which calendar would suit them best, though? It can be hard to pick, especially if they have more than one passion in their lives. Luckily for you, we compiled a list of lots of different advent calendars for you to browse! You’ll have an easy time searching for the perfect advent calendar for your kids with our recommendations. Keep reading to see the different kinds of kids advent calendars and which ones are best for your family!

Reusable advent calendar

wooden advent calendar

An excellent choice for those looking for eco-friendly options is a wood advent calendar. These calendars are reusable, making them a perfect sustainable choice for those looking to start new yearly traditions. This house and reindeer advent calendar comes with little drawers ready to fill with treats and trinkets. The LED lights of this wooden advent calendar add an atmospheric glow to your den or mantle. You and your kids will feel like you’re in the winter land the reindeer are flying through. And if your kids are feeling creative, you could even let them paint the calendar! Along with opening a drawer every day, they could paint each drawer they open as an added bonus. 

If you’d like a wooden advent calendar with drawers with a different scene, try out this house and tree advent calendar. This calendar comes shaped like a house, with lots of tiny houses framed on the roof. It’s like a cozy little village inside a house, inside your own house! This empty advent calendar waits for you to fill the drawers with small gifts for your loved ones. The ambient LED lights warmly glisten, making you feel right at home. Your kids can also paint this wooden advent calendar just like they can paint the previous one! Just make sure they don’t get paint on any of the gifts.

Speaking of gifts, what sorts of presents can you put in your kids advent calendar? We’ve got lots of ideas for you to choose from!

What to put in advent calendar?

If you’ve chosen to entertain your children with a reusable advent calendar, you’ll need to fill it with goodies yourself. You may wonder what sorts of things can go in an advent calendar. To tell the truth, the possibilities are endless! It all depends on the kinds of gifts you think your child would like. You’ll just want to make sure the treats will fit in the doors or drawers of your calendar. So you probably shouldn’t try shoving a basketball in your calendar anytime soon!
You could always fill your kids advent calendar with candy. After all, kids love sweets! But of course, then you’d have hyper kids zooming around that are sure to end up on the naughty list. Toys, crafts, and collectibles provide a longer-lasting (and less hectic) gift-receiving experience for both you and your child. There are lots of different kinds of toys to put in your calendar, ranging from fidget toys to dinosaurs. You can find some advent calendar fillers here! But if you’d rather use a pre-filled calendar, the rest of the options listed here will make you feel merry. You’ll find a wide variety of toys, craft, and even science kits in these calendars! Whatever interests your little ones, you’re sure to find it below!

Science advent calendar

This one is for all the little scientists out there! This 24 day science advent calendar kit gives your curious kids with all the supplies they need to get scientific. Your children will have a blast trying out new experiments each day and learning all about the world around them. Watch as they dig for fossils, make balloon race cars, and even create non-Newtonian fluids! And they won’t have to figure it out alone, either. The science experiment advent calendar includes a fun instruction booklet that efficiently guides them through each exercise. They’ll also read some fun facts as they go! Entertaining and educational–now that’s a win-win! Your kid might not be super interested in science, and that’s totally fine! Maybe your child prefers doing arts and crafts. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing!

Craft advent calendar

The little artist in your family would probably love a craft to do every day. They can do just that with this 24 day crafty kids advent calendar.

Your kids will get some tools and crafts to make within the first few days, and they’ll get more and more until it hits December 24th. This kit includes a wide variety of different crafts, too, so your kids will never get bored.

Your child will find wooden magnets, sun catchers, rocks, and so much more to paint and decorate each day. They’ll also get all the necessary tools, like metallic paint, stick-on gems, and glitter paints. Can’t forget the glitter paints! It’s Christmas, everything needs to sparkle. We don’t make the rules, we just follow them. These crafts are severely lacking in dinosaurs, though. Don’t worry! We’ve got a couple dinosaur advent calendars that your dinosaur lovers will go wild for! There’s even one that comes with clay, like its own kind of craft!

Dinosaur toys

Dinosaur advent calendar

Do you have an aspiring paleontologist at home? What better way to show support than with a 24 day dinosaur advent calendar with an egg to dig through? You’ll get a tool to dig the dinosaur out, so no need to dig with your bare hands. It also comes with clay to sculpt around the skeleton dinosaurs your kid will find. It’s like a craft kit, but way cooler! Your kids will get either a new dinosaur or some clay every day. Some big, some small, but all fun! The calendar also comes with a beautifully-illustrated play mat that folds out from the box. 

If your kiddo likes dinosaur and likes to build things, then you’re in luck! This 12-Day dinosaur mini building blocks advent calendar combines both into one great package. Each day you’ll find a new buildable dinosaur to add to your prehistoric collection. No two dinosaurs are the same! Fight the other dinosaur with the tyrannical T-rex! Run at lightning fast speeds with the rambunctious raptor! This calendar features a play mat as well, giving your kids and their dinosaurs space to play and fight. They’ll have the Jurassic time of their life! Your kid may not be into dinosaurs though. Maybe they like to express themselves with makeup! If you’re looking for something makeup-related, we’ve got some great options in store for you! 

Kids beauty advent calendar 2022

Kids beauty advent calendar 2022

Give your fashionista the gift of self-expression and individuality with a makeup advent calendar! Maybe your kids are just starting to explore makeup, or you want to ease them into it. The perfect choice for them would be the 24 day little girls makeup advent calendar. This advent calendar gives your child all the makeup essentials, ranging from lipstick to eyeshadow to even nail polish. They’ll get a new piece of makeup each day, adding to their collection (or starting a new one). Your little makeup artist will even get a carrying case to store all her goodies in! Now she can take her cosmetics with them everywhere she goes! 

Makeup set

If your kids like princesses (like, really like princesses), they’ll love the 24 day princess makeup advent calendar! This calendar will slowly turn your little girl into the princess she’s always wanted to be! Your darling daughter will receive a new piece of princess-themed makeup everyday up until Christmas. She’ll even get a crown to officiate her into the royal throne! You can also get a pink set if she prefers pink. This one doesn’t come with a crown, but it does include a necklace and bracelet fit for royalty! Each advent beauty calendar also comes with a cosmetic bag for carrying all of her majesty’s royal makeup.

Princesses not your kid’s thing? She’s more into cartoons and cute things? This 24 day little figures makeup advent calendar will delight your daughter all throughout the season! In this set, the advent calendar gifts are all cute little figures or characters. Llama lipsticks, penguin lip glosses, and even cupcake lip glosses! How adorable is that? She’ll also get some of the basics, like eyeshadows and blushes. Can’t complete a makeup look without them! Look, even the nail polishes have cute little bows! Everything is cuter with bows! But if you’d really prefer to give your kids some advent calendar toys, stick around. You’ll want to check out the rest of our recommendations. Especially if they like rubber ducks!

Rubber duck advent calendar

Rubber duck advent calendar

Get your duck-loving kids into the holiday spirit with a Christmas themed rubber duck advent calendar! Your children will get a new duck every day until Christmas day. This calendar has 24 days in it; that’s 24 little ducks! Each one is unique and special, no two are the same! Your kid will find santa rubber ducks, snowman rubber ducks, and even string light rubber ducks! They’re perfect companions for playing in a bubble bath at the end of the day. They’re so used to the cold waters of the North Pole, it’ll be a treat for them! Your kids are sure to enjoy their company.

If you want something that’s perfect to play with year-round, an animal themed rubber duck advent calendar is the perfect choice. Your kiddo will get a new rubber duck over the course of 24 days, steadily growing their collection. Or, maybe even starting a new rubber duck collection! You and your kids will find a cat duck, a panda duck, pretty much any animal you can think of. There’s even a chocolate rabbit duck! It’s not real chocolate though, so don’t eat it. That goes for your kid and for you. But if you’re looking for more variety in your kids advent calendar, you’ve got plenty of options. What options, exactly? Well, keep reading to find out!

Fidget toy calendar

Fidget advent calendar

Sometimes kids have a hard time sitting still, or they get stressed and need to let it out. If that sounds like your kid, you’ll definitely want to get them a fidget toy advent calendar. This assorted fidget toy calendar will provide your kids with diverse and exciting toys and doodads to play with. They’ll get a new toy every day for 24 days until Christmas. The calendar comes with a mix of fidget toys, like mochi toys, puzzle cubes, and springs. This set focuses mostly on the mochis and other squishy toys, so if your kid loves those, this set is the one to get. These squishy little guys will provide hours of fun and stress-relief!

Stress relief advent calendar

If you want a wider variety of toys for playtime, this next calendar is the best option for your kids. This 24 day stress relief advent calendar includes lots of toys that will help your kiddos focus and relax. It features cute bubble pop fidget toys shaped like hearts, unicorns, and cupcakes. (Don’t eat the cupcake, trust us.) You’ll also get some cute mochis in this calendar. It wouldn’t be a fidget toy set without mochis! The squishy banana is a fun toy unique to this set. What’s funnier than a floppy squishy banana? Your kids will get a kick out of that one for sure!

Looking for different toys? This 24 day fidget advent calendar 2022 satisfies all your stress-related needs. The bubble pop toys are more cool and less cute, which are perfect for the cool kids. This set also includes slime, a fidget egg (yeah, a fidget egg!), and a little heart cube puzzle. And of course, we didn’t forget the mochi toys. Your kids will have a blast getting a new fidget toy over the next 24 days. They’ll feel relaxed and stress-free with each toy they get. You might like the toys, too! You can bond with your kid and play with the fidget toys together. Maybe your kid wants a more traditional toy, though. Something like a doll or doll clothes. You’re in luck! We were just about to show you some!

Barbie advent calendar

Chances are your daughter has a Barbie doll or two, with some fashionable outfits. If her doll needs more clothes (or doesn’t have any for some reason), we’ve got the perfect calendar for you. This dress me up fashion advent calendar 2022 gifts your children new doll clothes and accessories for 24 days. How awesome is that? While the set doesn’t come with a doll, your kids will still adore the goodies that the calendar holds. Dresses, shoes, a purse, and even a hairbrush and mirror. That’s a lot of clothes! And with this calendar, you get all these clothes in one place instead of buying multiple sets. Talk about convenience!

If your daughter doesn’t have a doll to dress up, this next kids advent calendar will make her very merry! We have another 24 day dress me op fashion advent calendar that comes with a doll right in the calendar. Your daughter will get the doll on the first day, and then clothes and accessories afterwards. These clothes are mostly high-fashion dresses that will prep your doll for the runway. Your doll will also get a mannequin to model her dresses, lots of sunglasses, and even some balloons! She’ll also get some animal friends to help her look her best every day. But what about clothes for your kid? Get them into the Christmas spirit with some Christmas clothes from the next couple of calendars!

Christmas Socks

Wanna dress for the season, but all your old holiday clothes are old? Lift your spirits with some Christmas socks! We know, people don’t usually want socks on Christmas (especially kids). But these socks display fun and festive designs that everyone will adore! Check out this holiday sock advent calendar. This 12 days of Christmas advent calendar gifts amusingly-illustrated socks to warm your feet on those chilly winter days. You’ll get 8 ankle socks and 4 crew socks, giving you a pleasant variety to mix and match every day. Most of these showcase a lot of green on them. If you prefer green over red on the holidays, these are the perfect socks.

Want some socks that have more red and focus more on characters? This 12 day socks advent calendar has got everything you need to make this year merry and bright. These feature lovable characters like Santa, reindeer, snowmen, and gingerbread men. Everyone will smile when they see you sporting these adorable character socks! Like the other set, you’ll get 8 ankle socks and 4 crew socks. They’re easy to mix and match, too! Pair Santa with a snowman one day, and a reindeer and gingerbread man the next. You and your kids will have loads of fun trying on and modeling all these socks. As fun as they are, though, they’re not very…actiony. If your kid loves action, we’ve got some cool kids advent calendars for them!

Military advent calendar

military advent calendar

Give your kids the gift of action and suspense with an army men advent calendar! This 24 day military army men Advent Calendar showcases a fine group of soldiers ready for battle. Decked out in green, they’re ready to brave the forests and jungles and defend their country. This calendar comes with 12 soldiers and lots of accessories to aid them in battle. Your kid will get cool items like a dirtbike, a raft, and even a dog! They’ve also got all kinds of tools to help them do their jobs. There’s no need to fear when with this team of soldiers on your side!

Want something a little more action-packed for your rambunctious kid? This 24 day army men advent calendar comes with way more weapons, tools, and soldiers for your kid to command. Clad in tan and gray armor, these men fearlessly traverse the desert, prepared for any attack. Your kid will have the time of their lives leading this spectacular group of army men. You’ll even find cool accessories like a drone and its controller. When things get risky, you’ll need a drone to scout the area and make sure it’s safe. But what if your kids aren’t into the military as much? What if they prefer firemen, or police, or emergency services? There’s something for them, too!

Army advent calendar

Celebrate your everyday heroes with the 24 day special forces advent calendar! This kids advent calendar focuses on the public servants that keep us safe and help in emergencies. Your champ will get a new action figure or accessory each day and build up their neighborhood team. Send the firefighters to a house fire down the street. Direct the police and their dog to a bank that’s just been robbed. Rush the EMTs to a car wreck and check their vitals. Help the town with the aid of the Special Forces! If all of this is too actiony for your kid, that’s okay! We’ve got a few more toy advent calendar ideas for you!

Plush Toys

Does your kid love soft cuddly toys? A plush advent calendar may be just what you need! This 24 day finger puppet calendar offers a truly unique advent calendar experience. Your kid will get a fun new puppet each day all the way through Christmas Eve. Watch as your little puppeteer puts on a play for you with their newfound friends! Or you can act out a bedtime story with these adorable puppets to help your child fall asleep. The box even comes with an extended play scene to give you a stage for your show! Pop some popcorn, because the show is about to start!
Maybe your child isn’t into the whole puppet idea. That’s alright! You can always get your kid this animal plush toys advent calendar. The animals inside some with loops for them to hang from. This makes for a perfect baby advent calendar, as you can make a DIY baby mobile with these little guys! Their nubby arms and feet are just adorable, aren’t they? Your kids can also hang them from their backpacks so their new friends can join them at school. The possibilities are endless with these tiny plush toys! But here’s another idea: what if you could build your own animals and toys? Sounds like you’ll love our next few recommendations!

Advent blocks

Your little architect is going to absolutely love assembling these goodies from these building blocks toys advent calendars! Does your kid want an assortment of different animals to play with? This animal building blocks advent calendar includes a vast array of creatures from all around the world. Your kid will find a new animal to construct every day for 24 days. That’s a lot of blocks to build! They’ll assemble all sorts of creatures like bugs, sharks, giraffes, and even dinosaurs! Your child will have their own mini zoo right in your house! And you don’t even have to clean up after them! How amazing is that?

Looking for something a little more specific? Your child could have a whole set of safari animals with the 24 day safari animals building blocks Advent Calendar. Adventure through the savanna for 24 days, encountering a new animal each day. Your explorer will build all kinds of animals like owls, gorillas, parrots, and flamingos! They’ll even come face to face with a crocodile! Don’t worry, the crocodile is nice. And so are all the other animals! They’ll be ecstatic to be part of your home. The box even folds out to become a play scene for your kid to play on! The safari animals will feel right at home.

Does your kid love fantasy? Do they love sweets? What about fantasy and sweets combined? This castle and ice cream truck advent calendar will satisfy your kids craving for magic and treats. Each day for 24 days, your child will get a buildable toy. Each toy can transform into two different forms. That’s right, two! And what’s more, twelve of the toys come together to form a castle! And the other 12 come together to form an ice cream truck! Now your kid can serve ice cream to the royalty at the castle! And your little tyke can keep building and creating with this one last kids advent calendar idea for you!

Christmas tree advent calendar

If your kids can’t get enough creating and crafting, they’re going to go crazy for this 24 day ornament creation kids advent calendar! Each day brings them a new ornament they need to put together. The set comes with step-by-step instructions to guide your kiddos through the crafting process. Adorn your tree with a popsicle stick snowman! Decorate with a paper cup penguin! You and your kids will have a blast crafting your new ornaments together every day with this ornament advent calendar. This could be the start of a new tradition for you and your family! Creating new ornaments every day during the holidays is a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones.

Maybe crafting every day sounds like a lot of work, but you still want new ornaments to hang on the tree. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This tabletop Christmas tree advent calendar provides you with a fun new ornament each day. You’ll start with the wooden tree, the star topper, and four ornaments on day 0 (before the calendar starts). Then you’ll open the compartments in the box each day for 24 days. On the 24th day, your new tiny tree will be perfectly decorated for Christmas! This advent wooden calendar is an excitingly fun way to keep track of the days until Christmas. It’s a visual reminder of how close Santa is to bringing all his presents!
Whew, that sure was a lot of kids advent calendar ideas! We hope you found something in this list that inspires you and your children. Is there something you’re looking for that you haven’t seen on this list? Don’t worry friends! Our elves have been busy, and they’ve curated a whole section of advent calendars just for you! Check out even more advent calendars here! We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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