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Military Toys

Since the time of cavemen children, especially boys, have been acting out some kind of battle scene with military toys, plastic or prehistoric. Try to imagine it: One group of boys throwing invisible(or real!) rocks and clubs at another group of pre-teen invaders. Even then, boys used some toys to act out their warring fantasies. Think about how long cave boys and girls could pretend to be battling groups of plain old dinosaurs and wooly mammoths. It would be only a matter of time before those cave kids trade their invisible claws in for play stone mallets and swords.  

What is a Military Toy? 

Green Toy Army Men

How to Play With Army Toys?

 Battleship with Army Toys

Think of games like battleship or risk.  All you need is a dice to bring more organization to gameplay. The person with the highest roll wins. This will limit the ear-splitting amount of bickering children tend to have about their opponent playing unfairly. Logic will inadvertently be taught as children learn that it takes more than a bullet to blow up a tank. If you’re playing Battleship have each child make a grid.  Then place your vehicles on the grid and use the same rules as Battleship.

Risk with Army Action Figures

Speaking of rolling the dice, Risk is also an excellent game for children to emulate with military toys. This will teach them strategy and world geography at the same time! Get a big map of the world, as in Risk.  From there all you need is 2 dice and you’re ready to roll! 

What game you encourage your child to play when it comes to military toys is entirely up to you. The best thing you can do besides encouraging strategy-involved games is to make sure your kids have the best military toys on the market.  If you don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to military toys look no further.  That’s probably why you’re reading this in the first place.  And with good reason! Let’s take a look at our different selections of military toys, accessories, and costumes.

Army Costume Accessories

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The pillows turn into land mines, the sofas into barracks, and the kitchen island into an anti-aircraft tank. When your little soldier dons play camo and plastic pistol he might start speaking in the battle cry tongues of any weathered warrior. Army costumes have great importance in setting the scene for the imagination.  These costumes will not only facilitate imagination but also develop a child’s role-playing skills. Later on in life, this could have great importance for presentation or even acting skills! We offer more than a couple of army costume sets to expand a child’s play possibilities. And hopefully, facilitate the development of skills they will utilize later in life.

First up, we have our army costume accessories. Playing with army toy soldiers is great fun but can leave some mini John Wicks out there wanting more.  If your kids start throwing toy soldiers at each other(or you!) it might be a sign of boredom. And it also might be possible to take more of a proactive action figure approach.  We offer three different kinds of army costumes, each with its own unique camo color scheme and accessories.  The sets range from a 12-piece set that comes with two toy army guns to a full-on camo outfit.

What are the best kids Christmas toys to buy?

After suiting up and running around using pillows for cover your little one will probably be exhausted.  Time to sit down and pull out the army figures! Now that we’ve answered some of the outfit-related questions, let’s look at the figurines.  These are the main show! The army base bread and napalm butter. There’s such a wide array of military toys out there that your head is most likely drowning in combat camo.  We have just about any type of military toy you can imagine. From bases to an army helicopter toy to plastic army men toys to trains, we have a wide selection. Once you visit our online shop you will most likely ask yourself ‘What are the best military toys to buy?’ Worry not! We know Christmas time is stressful enough. One additional question can cause one extra headache.  Save your Tylenol and we’ll go through the different military toys below. We’ll help you find the plastic kind of mini arsenal perfect for your little Rambo. 

Set Up An Army Toy Base

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Military toy bases are a great way to elevate your child’s playtime.  Elevate the cognitive possibilities and their enjoyment at the same time. With more military toy pieces a child will be able to build more complex gameplay. And in building that complex gameplay they also build their critical thinking tools at the same time! We offer three options for military toy base sets to choose from.  All three of them have an army toy helicopter and other various combat vehicles such as army tank toys.  These bases are sure to expand the field of your child’s imagination!

Helicopter Toy for Happy Pilots

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Have you ever wondered why kids love playing with toy vehicles? There is no better joy for a kid than to think they’re the driver or pilot. And what better toy to facilitate this love of vehicle than an army helicopter toy? If your kids already have a toy military base we offer three different options for toy military helicopters. Our 3 piece helicopter toy set includes 3 transport Helicopters and 2 Military action figures with accessories. With this set, any kid can control his flight of helicopters.  Saving an imaginary city(or at least the living room!)  Each helicopter has multiple light & sound sirens and friction-powered wheels. 

3 helicopters aren’t enough you say?  Your little guy or gal wants an entire army at their disposal.  After all, sometimes it takes an army to defeat an evil sibling’s empire.The Jumbo Military Transport Toy Set comes with 10 very detailed pieces that can handle any kitchen or living room battle. Our other Super Valued Military toy set also comes with 10 pieces. This is great if you need more than one military toy set with many pieces. Because let’s face it, there might be more than one little soldier in the family!

Plastic Army Men Toys

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What would military toy play be without toy army soldiers?  That would be like cheese-less pizza or a rainy day without clouds! With an arsenal of toy army men action figures, a simple living room or kitchen can morph into Fort Knox. This is a great way for kids to not only learn about military strategy but also how to use an everyday space for more creative means. Check out this video to see the epic possibilities! Use a battalion of green army men to morph any room of the house into a Toy Story battlefield.


Our 16 piece military toy set comes with 16 unique moveable army action figures, an attack dog, and two barracks.  For more of the traditional green plastic army men feel check out our 164Pcs Military Soldier Playset Toy Set. This classic plastic army men toy set comes with too many accessories to name!  There is also an awesome 24 Days Military Army Man Advent Calendar. The calendar comes with 24 different moveable army men with various accessories

Army Building Toys

At this point in the blog, you might be starting to feel army toys aren’t for your child. Maybe you think they’re too violent? Or do you have more of a little lego scientist on your hands? If that is the case our selection of building and STEM-related toys are right for your family.

We have an excellent selection of army-building toys. Your child will be able to build their strategizing skills along with hand-eye coordination which building requires.  Our STEM Army Car Carrier Truck comes with 6 different toy military vehicles which can combine into one giant robot. This is especially a perfect toy if your kids are into switchs. And more importantly, this toy plants the seeds of engineering. Who knows, maybe it’s this toy that was the first thing that inspired your child to become a space shuttle engineer!With all this talk of Christmas and the holidays, we’re guessing advent calendars might be on your mind.  And with all this talk of STEM toys, you might be wishing there was some combination of the advent calendar and STEM toys. Whaddaya know? You’re in luck! At this point, you might want an advent calendar but also dread it simultaneously. Wishing there was something else other than 24 days of the same boring chocolates. Check out our 24 Days Construction Vehicle and Military Fighter Building Blocks Advent Calendar. This comes with 24 different vehicles that serve as building blocks and form two different giant vehicles. This calendar allows kids to learn about different vehicle names while building their STEM skills at the same time. For more about our selection of holiday advent calendars check out our blog about them here.

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Toy Military Vehicles

Though your little one may fancy themselves a little soldier, what they want to be is a race car driver. It would be logical then to get them a remote control vehicle. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Dale Earnhardt and Rambo all in the same toy? Look no further! Our interactive military vehicles will draw kids in with their flashing lights and remote control functions. The military remote control vehicle set comes with a remote control military car and 3 army action figures. The remote control aspect will not only expand the battlefield but improve hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Perhaps it’s not the remote-control life your kids crave. Maybe they’re wheels-aholics. Their little eyes gloss over in diecast with the mere mention of toy cars. However, they also want army action figures at the same time.  Instead of buying a bunch of toys that your kids will have to spread their attention out for, check out our 2-in-1!  Our Die-cast Military Army Mini Vehicle Toy Sets come with 9 and 12 different army vehicles that fit in one carrier truck. These diecast toys are great for kids who love many different kinds of vehicles. They also come with 8 or 12 green plastic army men.

Military Toy Set

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Your children are vehicle crazy you say? So much so that they can sit behind the wheel of your car for hours pretending to drive? To get them out of a real driver’s seat check out our various military toy sets. Each set is unique to the kind of vehicle offered. Say they go mad about anything boat related. Even the word boat will turn their brain amps to 11 and for the next hour, you might hear the word boat 200 times. If that’s the case our military boat toys will give them the desired aquatic fix!

Maybe they do not suffer from boat crazy but train crazy. Your child’s room used to be plastered with the familiar blue of Thomas, the world’s happiest train. But as your child grew they started to tire of that British blue toy.  Their love of trains didn’t tire though. Soon they might start play shooting and blowing up friendly ol’Thomas.  If that’s the case or has already started to happen you need a train with firepower.  Something that will placate their love of trains and the desire to blow things up. Check out then our military toy train sets

Army Toy Set

So, you read the above and your child still has issues. You tried to tell them about the boat and train set but they continue to throw a tantrum about toy trains and boats. They don’t want either set. They want both. Perfect! You might be looking at the screen funny now. Perfect? How can my child throwing a tantrum and throwing toy boats and trains at me be perfect? Well, maybe that’s not perfect but our military land and air toy set are. It’s got a jumbo plane, snowmobile, and boat.  A real trifecta of action toys! Look at how into the Camouflage Land and Air Military Toy Set Bella and Louis are below

As the song goes- ‘Deck the halls with boughs of toy hand grenades…’ Or at least your kids are going to be singing the above tune. Whether your little soldiers are looking for figurines, armored vehicles, or army costumes check out our wide selection here. Christmas or any festive occasion is a perfect time for military toys. You might not appreciate your kids using your tree as the headquarters of their military base. Just take a look at their little faces. Toy bombs and bonbons are what the holidays are all about!  And don’t forget to sleigh your budget with the coupon code above for 15% off all military toys!

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