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15+ Best Christmas Outfit Ideas For 2022

Written by Ryan Barrett

Christmas outfit ideas
Christmas outfit ideas

What to wear to a Christmas party?

‘Should I get new Christmas clothes?’ may have an obvious answer. However, the more difficult-to-answer question is: What to wear for Christmas?  There are sweaters(ugly to not-so-ugly Christmas sweaters) to socks to hairbands to hats. It can be a real mind-melter deciding which Christmas sweaters, Christmas pajamas or other Christmas outfit ideas for family are best. Below you can find a few Christmas outfit ideas for you or the whole family. Hopefully these will give you some straightforward Santa-approved solutions. We carry all the festive garb you need to pumpkin spice up any outfit. And for a little extra cheer check out our 15% off coupon code for all Christmas outfits at the top of the article.

Don We Now Our Christmas Outfit Ideas- Ugly Sweater

Christmas sweaters have a long history. The first Christmas sweaters were called “Jingle Bell Sweaters” and date back to the 1950s Then in the 1980s, the popularity of the Christmas sweater exploded. Lovable on-screen dads such as Chevy Chase, cemented the funny, fuzzy, and ugly fashion trend into the popular consciousness.

Regardless of your size, shape, or color preference, we have the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you or your loved ones! 

Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater
Christmas outfit ideas- ugly sweater

Dressing your kids, and getting them to wear any sort of festive clothing can be trying to say the least. Our kids ugly Christmas sweater just made your life a whole lot easier! If your little ones are Rudolph fans they will surely enjoy that our ugly sweater is also a light up ugly Christmas sweater!  This hilarious reindeer sweater has six different LED light modes and comes in black, blue, or red. Also if any of you parents out there happen to like the electric reindeer enough and wish there was one for you, worry not!  It also comes in adult sizes.  To show you how good it looks on adults, take a look at the Jackons on Instagram.

A Funny Ugly Sweater Will Have You Taking Elfies

Suppose that our kids ugly Christmas sweater is too Childs play for you. If you’re looking for more of a serious silly Christmas sweater, check out our funny ugly sweater. We call this the “Falallama Ugly Sweater”. As you can probably guess from the name this sweater has a horrendously silly singing llama on it. If you’re not much of a singer but are always caught in the middle of family Christmas carols, this sweater will give you the license to belt out your version of the deck the halls in the humming noise of any wool-loaded llama. This sweater llama also has LED lights strung around its neck which will certainly lighten the mood of your average awkward holiday get togethers.

Our Womens Ugly Christmas Sweater Is Tree-mendous

To turn up the hilarity to 11 look no further than our womens ugly Christmas sweater.  With a string of multicolor LED lights wrapped around a tinsel-laced embroidered Christmas tree, this sweater is appropriately named “Get Lit”.  After a few trips to the Christmas punch bowl, the people at your party will be nothing less than lit with laughter over this light up ugly Christmas sweater.

Christmas Pajamas for Family

Christmas pajamas for family
Christmas pajamas for family

One of the best parts about Christmas is Christmas morning! Nothing beats Christmas morning.  From the aroma of baked goods to the color overload of wrapping paper to the smile-laden faces of present-hungry kids! An essential part of Christmas morning, or eve, is to feel comfortable while gouging on a gooey cinnamon roll, or sipping a piping hot mug of egg nog. A foolproof way for you and your loved ones to feel comfy come Christmas morning is in pajamas.  Christmas pajamas for the family to be specific.

All of our Christmas pajamas are available in a wide range of sizes (from XS to XXL). You can have couples Christmas pajamas, or the entire family can match on Christmas morning!   We have three different Christmas pajama designs. There’s a reindeer design in red with black and red striped pants. Our green Christmas tree top design has green striped star bottoms. Finally, our set of solid green tops comes with red and green plaid bottoms. It might seem like a lot to buy a pair of pajamas for everyone in your household, and that’s why we’ve included a promo code at the top of the page!  Every family should be able to afford matching cheer!  Also, look how effortlessly comfortable mirixo_3 looks in our pajamas skipping around the tree in Christmas morning delight!

Christmas Outfit Ideas-Claus-tastic Christmas Hair Accessories

Christmas outfit ideas-headband
Christmas Outfit Ideas-Headband
Christmas headband
Light Up Christmas Headband

Who doesn’t love the endless sea of jolly old red felt santa hats that come every Christmas? Ok, you might be slightly sick of them at this point. There’s a Santa on every corner ringing a bell in your face, or a greeter at every Walmart donning one.  We understand that you might want to spice your Christmas accessories up a bit. You’re bored of St. Nick’s ol’ red droopy street cone.

That’s why Joyin’s plethora of Christmas hair accessories are sure to meet the needs of anyone looking for a more exciting and festive headpiece. Our two major types of hair accessories are headbands and hats. Let’s take a further look below.

A Christmas Headband That Will Sleigh You

Christmas headband

Whether you want to make a playful impression, or need a little extra something to keep the small talk rolling at a Christmas party, our Christmas headbands will do the trick.

The Christmas light headband comes in two different designs- a springing Santa hat or a cute Christmas tree and is equipped with LED lights to keep Christmas bright well into the night!

Our light up Christmas headband is a reindeer headband that will make anyone feel like one of Santa’s little helpers.  These headbands come in packs of four and are wrapped in mini Christmas lights.  The lights can switch between three modes, which kids especially appreciate.

For headbands without lights check out our Christmas headband set that comes with 14 unique Christmas designs.  These headbands are made of lightweight fabric and are extremely comfortable.  You might even end up wearing them all year!

Funny Christmas Hats That Are Elfin Hilarious

Christmas outfit ideas- Christmas hat
Christmas hat

What’s that you say? Headbands just aren’t your thing but you would like some other type of festive headwear? We have a nice selection of funny Christmas hats that might pique your interest then!  Our four different hat designs will have everyone mistle-toasting you! The plush Christmas tree hat will make you un-fir-gettable.   And the upside-down pants Santa hat will add chemis-tree to any party! This will certainly be the talk of any Christmas party as everyone comments how “Santa mistook your head for a chimney!

Christmas Outfit Ideas-Christmas Socks

Christmas socks
Christmas socks

When it comes to winter clothing, socks are often not the first thing that comes to mind. Well, they should be! Socks keep us warm by regulating the temperature of our feet. Moreover our feet are essential temperature sensors for our bodies, and wearing socks helps prevent heat from escaping from our feet.  That being said, you’re probably going to be socking it up this winter season.  But what happens when you go to open your drawer and it’s a sea of white socks?  It might be high time to stock up on Christmas socks now so you don’t face the dilemma of a rather plain white sock Christmas. We have a wide assortment of womens Christmas socks , mens Christmas socks, and kids Christmas socks.

Our fuzzy Christmas socks come in packs of six, each with a different design.  They’re so fuzzy that one could even wear them around the house as slippers.  If you’re looking for something a little less fuzzy our knee high Christmas socks come in a five-pack, each with a different Christmas design to keep your weekdays merry.   An added benefit of knee-high socks is that they promote circulation between your heart and your legs, which will allow us to be “rockin’ around the Christmas tree,” for years to come. For something less fuzzy but just as comfy, our cozy Christmas socks come in packs of 12, each pair with its own distinct Christmas sock pattern that is, to put it mildly, eye-catching.

It’s safe to assume that any of the Christmas clothing mentioned above goes with each other. Christmas socks go well with Christmas hats and Christmas hats go well with ugly Christmas sweaters. Heck, everything goes well with ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether you just need one of the festive items above or all, your outfit will look a whole lot merrier. Check out all the jingle-bell loud, and Christmas tree-crazed clothing here! And once again, the almighty early Christmas present of a coupon code and Christmas inflatables awaits you at the top of the page!

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