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Top 20 Easy Trunk or Treat Ideas for SUV Halloween 2023

Trunk or treat has become a popular alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. When it comes to easy trunk or treat ideas for SUV, the possibilities are truly endless. SUV owners have the advantage of spacious trunks, which opens up a world of creative possibilities. With a touch of imagination, you can decorate your car to stand out from the crowd.

You can choose a classic Halloween theme or think outside the box with a unique twist. How about transforming your SUV into a haunted graveyard, complete with tombstones and eerie fog? Or perhaps you prefer a cute and family-friendly approach, like a hero-themed trunk or a magical pumpkin patch? Or maybe the new trend – inflatable trunk or treat? Have a fun Halloween with a touch of your unique creativity!

Inflatable Spider Trunk or Treat

Enter if you dare! A giant spider is creeping its way into the Halloween season! With eight legs and a formidable presence sticking out of your SUV window, this inflatable spider is the ultimate SUV decoration. Don’t worry, it won’t bite, but it will undoubtedly capture everyone’s attention.


Inflatable Dinosaur Trunk or Treat

Hold on tight! It’s time to embark on an incredible adventure with our dinosaur trunk or treat. Just inflated it. With its fierce teeth and animated mouth, this awe-inspiring creature will transport you to a thrilling collision of Dinosaur Park! And don’t you dare forget to stock up on plenty of dinosaur-sized candy to satisfy these ravenous ancient creatures!

Inflatable Green Face Zombie Trunk Or Treat

Beware! The zombie is here! If you’re seeking spine-chilling excitement for your SUV costume, look no further. All you need to do is inflate it. This is the perfect choice. With its eerie green face and impressive height, the inflatable zombie will set a hair-raising ambiance that will send shivers down your spine.


Bat Trunk or Treat Inflatable

Take flight with an inflatable bat theme that will make hearts flutter. Fill the night air with the silhouettes of bats, their wings spread wide under the moonlit sky. Feel the excitement as children marvel at these mysterious creatures.


Inflatable Spider Trunk or Treat

Weave a web of thrills with the blow up spider that will make your skin crawl. All you need to do is inflate it. Surround your SUV with giant spider webs and place a colossal arachnid on top. Ready to inflate it and watch as young daredevils approach this eight-legged wonder in awe.


Monster Trunk or Treat Kit

Summon the creatures of the night with a monster theme. Unleash your imagination as you bring ferocious werewolves and slithering vampires to life. Prepare for screams and laughter as children come face to face with these not-so-scary monster Trunk or Treat Kit.


Haunted Castle Trunk or Treat

Step into a world of Gothic enchantment with a blow up haunted castle. Towering turrets, ghostly apparitions, and eerie lights will transport you to a realm of mystery and suspense. Watch as young adventurers dare to explore this haunted fortress.


Thrifty Trunk or Treat

Get creative while staying on a budget with a thrifty trunk-or-treat. Decorate your trunk using recycled materials, repurposed items like paper, and DIY decorations. Showcasing your resourcefulness can inspire others and prove that you don’t need to break the bank to have a fantastic Halloween celebration.

Halloween Cat Trunk or Treat

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a touch of feline magic! Embrace the mysterious charm of black cats by incorporating them into your Halloween car trick-or-treating fun. Display cut-outs or drawings of elegant black cats, their paw prints, and even some moving cat decorations that will surely captivate everyone’s attention. So, make sure to include these adorable feline friends in your Halloween setup and let the magic of black cats add a unique and delightful touch to your celebration!


Monster Trunk or Treat

Bring a beloved character to life with the Monster style. Utilize big teeth, creepy eyes, and a giant mouth filled with treats. Kids will giggle with delight as they interact with this lovable monster. Looking for more monster themes for your car decoration? We’ve got you covered with additional trunk-or-treat kits to transform your vehicle’s trunk into a goofy, funny monster!


Dalmatians Trunk or Treat

Step into the world of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” with a Dalmatian Trunk or Treat! Create the enchanting ambiance of a fire station or a cozy doghouse with Dalmatian spots and paw prints adorning your trunk. This easy church trunk or treat idea will captivate both kids and adults, immersing them in the magic of the beloved movie.

Dalmatians Trunk or Treat

Carnival Trunk or Treat for SUV

Rev up the excitement with a Carnival Trunk or Treat for SUV! Transform your car into a mini carnival with vibrant decorations, colorful banners, and cheerful balloons. Set up a carnival booth in your trunk and host games like ring toss or duck pond for the trick-or-treaters to enjoy. This lively theme will bring laughter and joy to your Halloween event.


Clown Halloween Trunk or Treat Decor

Join the circus fun with the Clown Halloween Trunk or Treat Decor! Turn your car into a whimsical clown paradise with vivid and colorful clown faces painted on the windows. Attach oversized clown accessories to the exterior and dress up as a clown to entertain the kids with juggling or balloon twisting. This cheerful and delightful theme is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Shark Halloween Trunk or Treat Decor Kit

Dive into a thrilling adventure with the Shark Halloween Trunk or Treat Decor Kit! Transform your car’s trunk into a scary shark’s mouth, complete with sharp teeth and a fierce-looking head. Dress up as a shark or scuba diver to add to the excitement and create an underwater adventure atmosphere. It’s a fabulous idea that will leave everyone thrilled and eager for treats.


Witch’s Soup Halloween Trunk or Treat

Brew up some magical fun with the Witch Halloween Trunk or Treat for your SUV decoration! Create a captivating scene of witch brewing potions in a big pot filled with colorful liquids and spooky items. Add an evil witch stirring the pot and performing magic spells. This cool setup will impress and delight every trick-or-treater who stops by your trunk.


Skeleton Halloween Trunk or Treat for Trucks

Unleash the bone-chilling terror with the Skeleton Halloween Trunk or Treat Decor Kit! Fill your car with spooky skeletons posed in eerie positions, providing a frightful experience for trick-or-treaters. You can decorate the skeletons in various poses or incorporate them into themed scenes, like a pirate skeleton guarding a treasure chest full of candies. This spine-chilling theme will leave everyone trembling with excitement.


Tombstone Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit

Get ready to spookify your trunk with a Tombstone Car Decoration Kit! Transform your car into a mini graveyard with a variety of tombstone props that are easy to set up and arrange. Enhance the spooky atmosphere with eerie lighting and cobwebs. When paired with dim lighting and fog machines, your car costume party decorations will create an unforgettable and chilling experience for all brave souls who dare to approach. Get ready to take your Halloween decorations to the next level with this bone-chilling theme!


Easy Spider Trunk or Treat

Get ready for a spider-tastic Halloween with our easy spider trunk or treat spider! This adorable spider has four cute little eyes, eight green legs, and a big mouth that’s just too cute to spook. Decorating your trunk with this lovable creature is a breeze! Simply place it in your car’s trunk and watch it come to life. Your trunk will instantly transform into a fun and friendly spider’s lair, enchanting all who come to trick-or-treat. Embrace the Halloween spirit and let this charming spider bring joy and excitement to your festivities!


Halloween Pumpkin for Trunk Decoration

Add a splash of Halloween cheer to your trunk with the Pumpkin trunk or treat! This festive decoration features a banner that reads “Happy Halloween” and is adorned with classic Halloween elements like ghosts, pumpkins, and bats. Decorating your trunk has never been easier! Just stick this vibrant and cheerful sticker on your car’s trunk, and you’re all set. Your trunk will instantly become a Halloween paradise, delighting all who come to your trunk-or-treat event. Embrace the Halloween spirit and let this lively pumpkin sticker bring smiles and laughter to your Halloween celebrations!


Decorating your car for Halloween is a great way to make special memories and bring happiness to your community. With these fun and easy ideas, you can transform your car into an amazing Halloween display. Make sure to check out Joyfy, the perfect place for all your party supplies. They have a wide variety of trunk or treat kits and other items to choose from. Whether you’re looking for Halloween animatronics, inflatable costumes, Halloween jumpsuits, or Halloween blow up, they have it all to make your Halloween experience unforgettable. And that’s not all! We also offer Christmas decorations like inflatable Santa and Christmas dinosaurs. Explore beyond your imagination at Joyfy!

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