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What Is Trunk or Treat?

Halloween is a time of fun and excitement, especially for children who eagerly anticipate the thrill of trick-or-treating. But have you heard of the latest trend that’s taking over Halloween parties? It’s called Trunk or Treat, and it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Today, we’ll give you the lowdown on Trunk or Treat, including what it is, how it works, and why you should consider participating or hosting your event. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

What Is Trunk or Treat?


Trunk or Treat it’s a fresh take on the classic trick-or-treating experience, but takes place in a controlled environment that is supposed to be safer and more secure. It is a Halloween event where people gather at a specified location, usually a parking lot or a park, and decorate the trunks of their cars and hand out candies or small treats to children.

How Did Trunk or Treat Start?

  • Trunk or Treat’s early national recognition came through a 2006 New York Times article, which charmingly dubbed it “Halloween tailgating.” It revealed that certain California communities had embraced this tradition since the mid-1990s, with suburban New York state joining the trend that year. Michigan soon followed suit.
  • Fast forward to 2015, and trunk-or-treat events had spread throughout the state, becoming a Halloween staple. Retail stores even stocked trunk or treat kits specially designed for trunk-or-treat enthusiasts. Pinterest had already become—and continues to be—a popular hub for DIY costume and trunk ideas.
  • During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, trunk-or-treat emerged as a safe outdoor Halloween alternative, as highlighted in the Free Press.
  • Today, trunk or treat has firmly cemented its place as a cherished part of Halloween festivities.

Why Choose Trunk or Treat?


Safe and secure environment

It ensures a safer and more secure environment for kids to enjoy Halloween. Unlike traditional trick-or-treating, children are in one location, and there’s less risk of them getting lost or encountering unsafe situations.

Community building

It is an excellent opportunity to build a sense of community and bring people together. People of all ages can participate and enjoy the Halloween fun, regardless of their religious beliefs.

trunk or treat are Community building

Enhanced Halloween experience for children

It provides a unique and enhanced Halloween experience for children. They get to see creative and fun car decorations, collect candies, and interact with other kids and adults in a friendly and safe environment.

Cost-effective alternative to traditional trick or treating

It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. Organizing a car decoration party is usually less expensive, as you won’t need to spend money on decorations for your home or Halloween candy to give out to trick-or-treaters.

How Trunk or Treat Works?


Setting up the location

To organize a Trunk-or-Treating, you’ll need a location that can accommodate cars and people. A parking lot or a park is ideal, but you can use any space that provides enough room for cars and kids to move around.

Preparing the cars

Participants decorate the trunks of their cars with a Halloween theme and prepare goody bags for the kids. The decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, but the focus is on being creative and fun.

Handing out candies

Once the event starts, children walk around from car to car, collecting candies or small treats from the car owners. It’s essential to make sure that the treats are safe to consume and free of any allergens.

How To Organize a Trunk or Treat

How To Organize a Trunk or Treat

If you’ve never organized a Trunk-or-Treating event but are considering it, these tips are tailored just for you. We’ll walk you through the fundamental steps for hosting this time-tested crowd-pleaser.

  1. Candy Supply Strategy: Determine how you’ll manage candy supplies. Options include seeking candy sponsors, asking car hosts to provide candy, requesting each family to bring a bag of wrapped candy as an admission fee, or charging admission to cover pre-purchased treats.
  2. Selecting the Right Date: Avoid scheduling your event too close to Halloween, such as the day before, as it can overwhelm families and may result in lower attendance. Opt for a date a week or two before Halloween, allowing everyone to enjoy the festivities throughout October.
  3. Spread the Word: Announce the event well in advance. If you’re seeking sponsors or candy hosts, start planning and promoting a few weeks ahead. Utilize local newspapers, community notice boards, school or church announcements, and create a Facebook “event” page to keep participants informed.
  4. Prepare for Weather: Trunk or Treats often happen outdoors in parking lots, leaving you vulnerable to weather’s whims. Consider scheduling a backup date for rain or bad weather to avoid canceling the event entirely.
  5. Costume Guidelines: Provide clear instructions on theme or costume preferences. Some churches may ask for outfits with Bible themes or saints, while others prefer “no scary costumes.” or cute blow up costumes.
  6. Allergy-Friendly Options: Be considerate of allergies. Offering a mix of candy choices and allergy-friendly party favors is a thoughtful touch for families with children allergic to nuts or common candy ingredients.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Halloween Tailgating

Tips for Hosting a Successful Halloween Tailgating

If you’re thinking of hosting your Trunk or Treat, here are some tips to make it a success:

  • Advertise the event on social media or local community groups.
  • Set up a designated area for participants to park their cars.
  • Ensure that the location is well-lit and easy to access.
  • Provide adequate supervision to ensure the safety of the children.
  • Provide garbage cans to keep the area clean.
  • Encourage participants to bring non-candy treats for kids with allergies.

Trunk or Treat Decorating Tips

How to Participate in Trunk or Treat?

How to Participate in Trunk or Treating

Finding local Trunk or Treat events

To participate in Trunk or Treat, you’ll need to find nearby events. You can usually find Car-Candy Carnival by doing a quick online search or checking local community groups on social media.

Preparing Your Car and Costumes

If you’re participating in Trunk or Treat, you’ll need to decorate your car trunk according to the selected theme. You’ll also need to prepare goody bags or small treats to hand out to kids. It’s also a good idea to dress up in a costume that matches your car’s theme.

Etiquette and Safety Guidelines for Participants

When participating in Trunk or Treat, it’s essential to follow some etiquette and safety guidelines:

  • Only take candy from cars that are participating in the event.
  • Don’t run or push when walking from car to car.
  • Use pedestrian crossings or designated crosswalks.
  • Ensure that your costume and shoes are safe and comfortable to move around in.

Trunk or Treat is a popular and enjoyable Halloween event that has gained significant popularity in recent years. If you’re looking to try something new and join in the fun of Trunk Treasures this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place! Joyfy offers a wide range of affordable, creative, and uniquely designed trunk or treat decorations. With Joyfy, you can ensure your event stands out from the rest.

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