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Best Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church 2023

If you’re searching for creative trunk or treat ideas for Church, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be amazed at the array of ideas we have in store for you. Whether you prefer a traditional Halloween theme or a more unique approach, we’ve got you covered. Our DIY church trunk or treat suggestions will guide you through the process of creating captivating displays that leave a lasting impression. From setting up the perfect ambiance to incorporating spooky elements, our collection will help you bring your vision to life. Get ready to decorate your car and create an unforgettable Halloween decor right here!

Dalmatians Trunk or Treat Idea

Spot the cuteness with the Dalmatians theme. Decorate your vehicle with adorable Dalmatian spots and puppy cutouts. Kids will have a doggone good time collecting treats from these spotted pups! Find more about Dalmatian trunk or treat kit here.


Jesus Feeds as Christian Trunk or Treat

Take a lesson from the miracle of Jesus feeding the multitude. Create a trunk that resembles a picnic scene with baskets of bread and fish. Use storytelling to teach children about Jesus’ compassion and provision.

Cat Halloween Trunk or Treat Decor Kit

No Halloween is complete without a cat! Embrace the magic and mystery of black cats by incorporating them into your Halloween car trick-or-treating. Add cut-outs or drawings of black cats, their paw prints, and even some moving cat decorations that will play with people. So, remember to include these adorable feline friends in your Halloween setup!

Fall in Love with Jesus Trunk or Treat Decorations

Embrace the beauty of autumn and the love of Jesus with a Fall in Love with Jesus trunk decorations. Incorporate colorful leaves, pumpkins, and messages of gratitude. Let everyone appreciate God’s creation and cultivate love for Jesus.

Christian Pumpkin Trunk or Treat

Celebrate the harvest season with a Christian twist! Carve inspiring messages or Bible verses on pumpkins and decorate your trunk with them. Share the joy of faith while embracing the symbol of the pumpkin.


Let Your Light Shine Awesome Trunk or Treat

Illuminate your trunk-or-treat event with the Let Your Light Shine theme. Use twinkling lights, lanterns, and glowing decorations to create a captivating display. Remind everyone of their potential to shine God’s light in the world.

Monster Trunk or Treat

Bring a beloved character to life with the Monster style. Use big teeth, creepy eyes, and a giant mouth filled with treats. Kids will giggle with delight as they interact with this lovable monster. Want more monster themes for your car decoration? We’ve got even more trunk-or-treat kits to make your vehicle’s trunk look like a goofy, funny monster!

Treasure in Heaven Trunk or Treat for Church

Set sail on a treasure hunt with this exciting trunk-or-treat theme. Create a pirate ship scene, complete with treasure chests and maps. Teach kids about the true treasure found in heaven, emphasizing the importance of faith and kindness.

Jesus Light of the World

Celebrate the radiance of Jesus’ love with a Jesus Light of the World trunk. Decorate your vehicle with shimmering lights, lanterns, and star-shaped decorations. Reflect on the importance of being a light in the darkness.

Candy Land Trunk or Treat

Step into a sugary wonderland with a Candy Land trunk-or-treat. Transform your vehicle into a candy castle and create a sweet and magical atmosphere with colorful decorations. Kids will feel like they’ve entered a candy paradise!

We hope these trunk or treat ideas for churches have sparked your imagination and inspired you to create an extraordinary Halloween celebration. With our creative church car costume themes and family-friendly decorating ideas, you can make this year’s event truly special and engaging for everyone involved. From spooky to whimsical, the options are endless, and we encourage you to explore the various DIY church trunk or treat setups that suit your congregation’s preferences.

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