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The Ultimate Guide To Inflatable Animal Costumes

Are you ready for an adventure that combines creativity, entertainment, and a bit of untamed enchantment? If you want to become a fierce jungle creature, a gentle forest inhabitant, or even a mythical being from distant places, you’ve landed in the right spot. Our guide delves into the thrilling realm of inflatable animal costumes, presenting over fifty distinct species for you to choose from. Get ready to experience the thrill of putting on these huge blowup costumes that are sure to make every event an unforgettable journey.

Inflatable Animal Costumes For Kids

Green ride-on dragon inflatable animal costumes

Green Ride-on Dragon Inflatable Costume

The bright green dragon has six yellow horns on either side of its head with captivating black-pupiled bright yellow eyes. Various sizes of emerald spikes adorn the dragon inflatable costume from head to tail, making it an incredible sight.

Pink ride-on flamingo inflatable animal costumes

Pink Ride-on Flamingo Costume

Every inch, head to toe, is a lovely shade of pink, except for the wings and legs, which have a rosy hue. Get prepared to stand out in a multitude of colors and become the center of attention at the party!

Full body lion inflatable animal costumes

Full Body Inflatable Lion Costume

Featuring strategically placed openings for your face and hands, the blowup costumes allow you to immerse yourself fully in the world of the jungle king with ferocity and style. Rule the party with ferocity and style!

Full body hippo inflatable animal costumes

Inflatable Purple Hippo Costume

Designed with playful floral accessories, a lively green skirt, and an adorable bra detail, this costume brings endless smiles to your little ones. Watch as their eyes light up, transforming into a lovable hippo character for exciting adventures.

Cosplay turtle inflatable animal costumes

Cosplay Turtle Inflatable Costume

Jump into a fantasy world with the turtle kids inflatable costume! Decorated with adorable white claws and a cool light green color, this outfit adds a sprinkle of fun that’s great for your next escapade! Discover more inflatable animal costumes!

Red dragon halloween inflatable animal costumes

Dragon Inflatable Halloween Costumes

Kids can easily talk with others through the opening around the neck. The big-belly inflatable costumes have dark horns on the head with yellow details on the nose and top. The attire also has wings with a bit of yellow on the back, making it even more attractive.

Navy cute whale inflatable animal costumes

Navy Cute Whale Costume

Make a splash in our Navy Cute Whale Costume! This charmingly-designed costume features the fun addition of two legs, making it comfortable to stand and stroll like a whale. Get ready to make waves of smiles!

Dilophosaurus riding dinosaur costume

Dilophosaurus Riding Dinosaur Costume

The one-of-a-kind inflatable dinosaurs are complete with crests and frills, and vibrant colors. Imagine having fun exploring the outdoors on a fierce Dilophosaurus. 

Ride on inflatable alpaca costume

Ride on Inflatable Alpaca Costume

This beautiful outfit in a charming mix of pure white and bright pink promises to make you stand out. Enjoy wearing this playful attire and be the focus of attention on any occasion. Explore more inflatable animal costumes!

Cute And Funny Inflatable Animal Costumes For Adult

Sloth halloween costume inflatable

Sloth Halloween Costume Inflatable

Embrace a slow and steady approach with our Sloth Halloween Costume Inflatable! This charming brown sloth costume includes oversized, pointed claws that lend authenticity to your appearance. Prepare to chill out and have a great time!

Inflatable shark costume

Inflatable Shark Costume

Featuring a striking shark-like look, this costume includes two sets of fins on the back and sides – one big and one small – to add to its authenticity.

Riding octopus blowup costume

Riding Octopus Blowup Costume

Take the plunge and become the center of attention as you ride atop this charming inflatable octopus. With its vibrant colors and eye-catching design, the funny inflatable costumes are a surefire way to make a splash at any event.

Ride-on rooster funny inflatable costumes

Ride-on Rooster Funny Inflatable Costumes

Be the star of the show with our exclusive riding rooster blowup costumes! Its wide-open beak and tail, featuring vivid green, yellow, blue, and red hues, guarantee all eyes will be on you. Prepare for endless entertainment and laughter at any gathering!

Ride a piñata halloween inflatable costume

Ride A Piñata Halloween Inflatable Costume

Enter a world of colors as you don this enchanting costume. From the vivid yellow head to the lively orange body and vibrant blue legs adorned with playful red and pink accents, you’ll be the center of attention at any Halloween party!

Inflatable alligator costume

Inflatable Alligator Costume

In rich shades of green, its intricate scaled back creates a realistic appearance, accentuated by a row of prominent spikes from head to tail. The costume is complete with mysterious emerald eyes and ready to take a chomp out of any event!

7ft inflatable bear costume

7ft Inflatable Bear Costume

This fierce brown bear, a powerful and impressive symbol of nature’s wildness, has its mouth open wide, showing its sharp teeth. Its claws are also sharp and ready for playful pouncing. More inflatable animal costumes are awaiting you, keep browse!

Full body light-up chameleon blowup costumes

Full Body Light-up Chameleon Blowup Costumes

Witness as it extends a long, vivid pink tongue from its mouth. LED lights in red, yellow, blue, and green enliven the path with spellbinding bursts of color from its head to tail along its body. This costume is your ticket to a mesmerizing and illuminated adventure!

Halloween inflatable monkey costume

Halloween Inflatable Monkey Costume

Step into the jungle atmosphere as you metamorphose into a playful and mischievous monkey. The brownish shades of this costume precisely capture the primal spirit, making you an exceptional standout at any Halloween get-together.

Inflatable dog halloween costume

Inflatable Dog Halloween Costume

The cute, playful look of the costume with its tongue out and big, watery eyes is sure to melt hearts. It’s a perfect way to add some humor and adorableness to the scary season.

8ft pink pig inflatable costume

8ft Pink Pig Inflatable Costume

Stand out in an adorable manner with this pink pigt outfit. Be noticed in a charming way with this huge pink pig outfit. It’s perfect for standing out and bringing joy to any event.

Grey cat inflatable costume

Grey Cat Inflatable Costume

This outfit perfectly imitates the playful character of a cat, including whiskers and a tail. Remember the delightful surprise: adorable pink paw cushions that will appeal to your appearance!

Lavender blow up unicorn costume

Lavender Blow Up Unicorn Costume

Experience the pure magic of childhood as you become a majestic blow up unicorn costume, spreading joy and wonder wherever you go. Whether you’re shining at a party, or event, or just looking to add some laughter to your day, this inflatable costume promises unforgettable memories.

Skeleton rainbow blow up unicorn costume

Skeleton Rainbow Blow up Unicorn Costume

With its black-and-white body that shows its complex skeleton, this outfit creates a striking difference. The bright and colorful hair and tail provide a pop of color against the gray background, making it really stand out.

Adorable inflatable panda costume

Adorable Inflatable Panda Costume

Slip into the adorable blowup costumes and transform into the heartwarming panda that everyone loves. Perfect for spreading happiness and bringing laughter to any occasion.

Full body red dragon

Full Body Inflatable Dragon Costume

Embody the true strength of this fierce crimson beast and make your presence known. Its raised blue horns from head to tail evoke an aura of might, while its sharp, large white horns crown its head, symbolizing its domination.

Inflatable fox costume

Inflatable Fox Costume

Capture attention and turn heads with our Inflatable Fox Costume! Emulate the cunning and charming qualities of a fox as you don this striking and attention-grabbing outfit. Ideal for infusing a playful touch into any event.

Double-Fun Inflatable Animal Costumes For Group

Black and White Dalmatian Dog

A cute outfit that captures the essence of the beloved Dalmatian, complete with its trademark round head and big eyes. The attention to detail really brings this playful pup to life, from the spots to the wagging tail. Whether you want to add some canine charm to your event or just stand out with a timeless favorite, this costume is the perfect choice.

Pink Axolotl Full Body

Be the focus of attention as you become the charming and fashionable axolotl, a much-loved pet that is winning hearts all over. With its bright pink color and undeniable cuteness, this costume is sure to bring a wave of smiles and compliments. Hop on board the axolotl trend and create waves on any occasion!

Giant Bees

Experience the excitement with our Giant Bee Costumes! We’ve made the bee design more adorable for children with larger, clearer eyes. Adults can enjoy a touch of regality with the addition of a crown – it’s as if the queen bee has arrived! Be ready to have fun and make a memorable entrance at any event.

Easter Pink Bunny

Imagine being a cute and amusing pink bunny, spreading happiness and merriment wherever you travel. Whether you’re bouncing around during Easter egg hunts, modeling for snapshots, or just lightening up the day, this outfit will undoubtedly win over hearts and create delightful memories.

Cowboy Riding A Horse

This blow-up costume features a bucking horse, capturing the thrilling moment of a wild ride about to begin. Whether you wear it alone, with family, or with friends, this outfit guarantees lots of laughs and excitement. Prepare to saddle up and laugh as you immerse yourself in the Wild West atmosphere, experiencing non-stop entertainment. Ready, set, yeehaw!

Inflatable Cow Costume

This inflatable cow costume is both impressive and fun to wear with your kids or friends. Imagine how cute you’ll look with pink ears, a pink snout, and a little pink belly. Whether you team up with your children or take silly photos with a group, our cow outfit is guaranteed to provide endless laughs and cherished memories.

Giant Squid Blowup Costumes

Featuring a huge squid design with captivating eyes and a striking black cross. Use ropes to control the tentacles and adjust their height. Each tentacle sports rows of red dots that imitate the squid’s unique suction cups. Kids can choose a fun orange color while grown-ups can rock a deeper, alluring red.

Riding Snail

Imagine yourself wearing a bright yellow hat and trendy blue pants, sitting on top of a snail that has a majestic purple shell and a lively green body. The snail’s sleepy stare, friendly grin, and peaceful expression capture the essence of fun and playfulness. So, if I had to choose just one of these inflatable animal costumes, I would recommend this one. Take a break from the fast-paced world and slow down with the snail.

Inflatable Penguin Costume

Wear this cute penguin costume and impress everyone with your adorable walk. It’s perfect for adding a fun and playful atmosphere to any event or gathering. Prepare to walk, slide, and spread happiness wherever you go, embodying the fun-loving nature of these beloved creatures. Keep reading. You will find more inflatable animal costumes that may interest you.

Ride-On Flamingo

Take a ride on the wild side with our Ride-On Flamingo Costume! This distinctive ensemble boasts a stylish black body embellished with blush pink skeletal details. Prepare to make a statement and exude a playful elegance with this magnificent bird.

Pink Unicorn

Step into the spotlight with this amazing outfit featuring a shiny gold horn on top of an oversized blow up unicorn costume head. The unicorn’s vibrant mane and tail are bursting with a range of bright colors. Do you want to make a statement? Gather your friends and show off your style, turning the streets into a lively and cheerful playground.

Ride On Dragon Costume

Standing tall and commanding, this dragon inflatable costume captures the thrilling essence of a looming battle. With majestic, shimmering golden horns, it seems as if echoes of victorious moments emanate from every inch of it. Get ready to embark on daring adventures, assuming the role of a fierce and triumphant dragon.

Cool Skeleton Dragon

Bold colors create a striking image: a white head sits atop a black body. Bright red spikes run from the crest of the head to the tip of the tail, adding a lively touch. The dragon’s back and legs showcase its skeletal features, adding a hint of mystery to its past. And that mouth? Wide open with an extended fiery-red tongue, taking the excitement to the next level!

Unisex Ride-On Unicorn

Her mane gracefully drapes down her back, and her tail shines like a rainbow. She’s a playful sight, with her front legs mid-gallop and a sweet pink heart on her hind leg. Step into this magical world where your every step will dance with joy and dreams. Bring your loved ones and embark on a journey together through the wondrous universe of unicorns! Check out the other inflatable animal costumes, one of them is sure to become your favorite!

Inflatable Spider Costume

This spooky Halloween inflatable spider looks like a fashionable gray and black knee-length skirt, but it actually conceals the body of a scary spider. Intricate patterns and details cover the surface, making it even more creepy. And let’s not forget the main attraction – the costume’s huge spider legs that stretch out behind you! Prepare to have fun and be the focus of everyone’s attention at any Halloween bash.


Step into a world of playful charm with our Giraffe Costume! This ensemble features a round-headed, slightly chubby design, offering a unique twist on the beloved animal. Unlike typical tall and slender giraffes, this costume embraces a different approach. Get ready to capture attention and spread smiles!

Shiba Inu

Experience the adorable cuteness of a Shiba Inu with our outfit! Our ensemble showcases a Shiba Inu with closed eyes who wears a charming blue scarf embellished with lovely paw prints. Get ready to warm hearts as you embody the lovable essence of this cherished breed. Keep reading and you will find more inflatable animal costumes you may interested.

Ostrich Rider

Imagine putting on a fun and playful pink ostrich costume with black accents for added humor. The amusing facial expression and entertaining “fighting rooster” eyes create a silly look. Get ready to catch everyone’s eye and spread happiness as you confidently show off your Halloween costume inflatable. Take a step (or waddle, as the case may be) into the life of a unique ostrich, and let the laughter take flight!

Riding Dinosaur

Introducing a costume with a fun twist: the skeleton design reflects real dinosaur fossils, making you look like freshly dug-up bones – a Halloween dinosaur comeback! Alternatively, you can proudly show off as a dinosaur, enjoying your one-of-a-kind appearance. A neat feature is the clear panel in the dinosaur’s mouth, giving you constant visibility.

Ride-On Skeleton Unicorn

This amazing costume features a white horn, a black heart-shaped nose, and pops of color on its ears, mane, and tail. The unicorn’s design perfectly blends elegant black and white lines with playful embellishments. Step into the magical world of fantasy by riding on this mysterious skeleton unicorn, ready to create an enchanting show wherever you go!

Riding Pteranodon

Check out the world of cool purples, providing the perfect background for an explosion of exciting colors. Also, don’t miss the long, pointed red horn on the head of our Pteranodon – it’s so stylish! And forget those regular dinosaur mouths, because ours has a slim, bird-like beak that’s bright yellow. Plus those broad, sweeping wings are like a trip back in time to the prehistoric skies! Get ready for an exciting adventure with this colorful outfit!

Riding T-Rex Costume

The green inflatable costumes portray dinosaurs accurately. Their rough backs resemble real dinosaur skin, adding to the authenticity. The inflatable t rex costume displays an open mouth and red tongue, along with sharp claws on each foot. Get ready to go on a time-traveling adventure!

So now you’ve seen it – more than fifty amazing inflatable animal costumes that you can inflate, each one ready to take you on a journey into a world of creativity and joy. With styles ranging from charming to quirky, these costumes give you the chance to make your own adventures and build memories that you’ll always treasure.

Whether you’re getting ready for Halloween, a themed party, or just want to add some extra fun to life’s moments, these best inflatable costumes are here to accompany you in your festivities. Choose your favorite persona, put on the inflatable animal costumes, and let the fun begin!

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