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Turn Heads With the 32 Funny Inflatable Costumes

Bring them a laugh and grab everyone’s attention with our curated collection of funny inflatable costumes! These playful designs are certain to make everyone take a second look and generate happiness at any gathering. Whether it’s a launching rocket or a funny sumo wrestler, these blowup costumes are the perfect recipe for exhilarating and entertaining moments.

Funny Kids Inflatable Costume

Kids halloween skeleton unicorn costume

Kids Halloween Skeleton Unicorn Costume

Embrace your whimsical side and transform into a magical creature with our enchanting ride-on skeleton unicorn costume! As you slip into this fantastical ensemble, get ready to spread joy and laughter wherever your adventures take you. With each graceful prance, heads will turn, and smiles will light up the room.

Inflatable pumpkin costume with hat

Funny Blow Up Costume Pumpkin with Hat

Get ready for pumpkin-themed fun that’s as adorable as it is delightful. This inflatable pumpkin, designed to make your little one look perfectly round and roly-poly, is a whimsical addition to any Halloween event. Therefore, watch your child transform into the cutest pumpkin in the patch, captivating hearts and spreading smiles wherever they go.

Unisex avocado kids inflatable costume

Avocado Unisex Kids Funny Blow Up Costume

Embark on a delightful adventure when your little ones slip into this whimsical outfit. With a removable avocado seed on the belly, they can experience the joy of customizing their look while embodying the spirit of everyone’s favorite superfood. Watch them beam excitedly as they prance around, turning heads and spreading laughter with every step.

Ride a rocket funny inflatable costumes

Ride a Rocket Funny Inflatable Costumes

Experience an enjoyable adventure with our “Ride a Rocket” blowup costumes for kids! Your children will go on an interstellar adventure like never before when they wear our inflatable costumes and step into the shoes of an astronaut, riding their own rocket. Tee their faces light up with happiness as they zip, laugh, and attract everyone’s attention at every turn.

Full body hippo inflatable costumes

Inflatable Purple Hippo Costume

Designed with playful floral accessories, a lively green skirt, and an adorable bra detail, this costume brings endless smiles to your little ones. Watch as their eyes light up, transforming into a lovable hippo character for exciting adventures. With its attention to detail and comfy fit, this funny blow up costume isn’t just for dressing up; it’s a ticket to a land of imagination.

Funny Inflatable Costumes For Adults

Halloween Inflatable Hero Costume

Step into the spotlight and transform into your favorite hero in seconds. The hilarious blow up costumes instantly turns you into a towering symbol of strength and justice. With its attention-grabbing design, you’ll be the life of any party. So, put on your chosen hero attire, and let the adventure begin!

Riding octopus blowup costume

Riding Octopus Blowup Costume

Take the plunge and become the center of attention as you ride atop this charming inflatable octopus. With its vibrant colors and eye-catching design, the funny blow up costumes are a surefire way to make a splash at any event. So, strap on the tentacles, dive into the festivities, and let the underwater magic begin!


Ride-on Funny Inflatable Chicken Costume

This one-of-a-kind riding rooster hilarious blowup costumes is designed to make you the center of attention at any event. With its wide-open beak and tail featuring four vibrant colors – green, yellow, blue, and red – this costume guarantees uproarious laughter and endless fun.

Ride a piñata halloween inflatable costume

Ride A Piñata Halloween Inflatable Costume

Get ready for a blast of vibrant fun with our Ride A Piñata Halloween Inflatable Costume! Immerse yourself in a world of colors as you slip into this enchanting ensemble. With its rich and lively hues – a sunny yellow head, a cheerful orange body, and vibrant blue legs adorned with playful red and pink decorations – you’ll be the life of any Halloween celebration.

Riding flamingo funny inflatable costumes

Riding Flamingo Funny Inflatable Costumes

Prepare for a laughter-filled adventure with our Riding Skeleton Flamingo Funny Inflatable Costume! Imagine yourself atop a one-of-a-kind black flamingo, complete with a vibrant pink skeletal pattern that adds an extra dose of whimsy. Whether it is for a Halloween party or creating comedic moments at a gathering, the Riding Skeleton Flamingo Costume promises continuous amusement.

Mushrooms and dwarves ride-on inflatable costume

Mushrooms and Dwarves Ride-on Inflatable Costume

Imagine becoming a delightful dwarf, wearing a red pointy hat, a long white beard, a blue long-sleeved shirt, and yellow pants. And guess what? You’ll ride on a giant red mushroom with white dots, adding an extra touch of enchantment. This impressive inflatable outfit is your key to being the center of attention at any gathering. As you walk around, heads will turn and smiles will light up the room.

Funny Inflatable Costumes For Group

Cowboy Riding An Inflatable Horse Costumes

Saddle up for a rip-roaring time as you transform into a cowboy taking on a feisty bull. This unique costume features a horse with its front hooves in mid-air, capturing the excitement of a wild ride that’s about to begin. Whether you’re looking to embrace the parent-child duo or join forces with your buddies, this costume promises laughter and adventure. Prepare for an unforgettable entrance that’ll have everyone in stitches. As you embody the spirit of the Wild West, be ready for a hilarious escape from control that will leave everyone in fits of giggles. Let the rodeo action begin!

Hilarious Yet Cute Inflatable Cow Costume

Have double fun with this Cute Inflatable Cow Costume! This adorable ensemble is not only just for individuals but also perfect for parent-child matching or going out with friends. Embrace the cuteness overload as you slip into the role of an adorable cow, complete with pink ears, a pink nose, and a delightful pink belly. Whether you’re twinning with your little one or creating a hilarious squad look, our Inflatable Cow Costume is your ticket to endless laughter and precious memories. So, gather your crew, inflate the fun, and let the cuteness take over any event or gathering!

Peach and Eggplant Couple Inflatable Costumes

Add a touch of fun and creativity to your next event with the Peach and Eggplant Couple Inflatable Costumes! Whether you’re attending a costume party or Halloween gathering, or simply want to spread some smiles, these unique and hilarious costumes are the perfect choice. Picture yourself and your partner waltzing in as a dynamic duo of a juicy peach and a quirky eggplant. These funny inflatable ensembles are bound to steal the show and become the talk of the town. So, with an easy setup and comfortable wear, you’ll be ready to turn heads and bring laughter wherever you go.

Sumo Funny Inflatable Costumes

Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, these costumes are designed to bring hilarious fun to any event. Transform into a funny sumo wrestler in an instant, complete with an inflatable belly that’s sure to get everyone chuckling. With sizes available for both adults and kids, the whole family can join in on the comical action. These costumes are a guaranteed hit for parties, gatherings, and unforgettable photo ops.

Pick-Me-Up Inflatable Alien Costume

Available in both adult and kids’ sizes, this hilarious costume puts you in the grip of a towering alien, creating a sidesplitting illusion that’s bound to have everyone laughing. With its unique design, it appears as if you’re being tightly embraced by an extraterrestrial visitor who’s determined not to let go. This blow up alien costume guarantees non-stop giggles and photo-worthy moments at any event.

Giant Squid Blowup Costumes

These eye-catching costumes feature a massive squid design with two captivating eyes and a striking black cross in between. The squid’s tentacles can be controlled with ropes to raise or lower them, adorned with rows of red dots that resemble the squid’s signature suckers. The kids’ version boasts a vibrant orange hue, while the adult version comes in a deeper, alluring shade of red. So, get ready to stand out at any event, as you control the whimsical tentacles and captivate the crowd with your unique and playful Giant Squid Blowup Costume.

Riding Snail Funny Blowup Costumes

Picture yourself donning a jaunty yellow hat and sporting blue pants, riding atop a snail with a purple shell and a green body. The dazed expression, toothy grin, and sleepy eyes of the snail perfectly capture the essence of whimsy. Whether you’re strolling through a Halloween party or engaging in playful escapades, these costumes will surely bring smiles and laughter wherever you go. So, join the gnome and snail duo, and let the fun-filled magic unfold!

Inflatable Tube Man Costumes

With different colored fringes on their heads to contrast the color of their bodies, they’re a dance-ready sensation that’s sure to get everyone grooving. Bring the party to life as you control the two waving arms, letting them bend and sway to your heart’s content. Whether twisting, turning, or waving, these costumes promise endless fun and entertainment. So, let the vibrant energy of these Inflatable Tube Dancer costumes enhance any event and get ready to dance your way into the hearts of all who watch!

Sumo Wrestler Inflatable Costumes

Embrace your inner sumo wrestler and belly laugh your way through any occasion with these funny inflatable costumes. Watch as your presence alone creates a chain reaction of chuckles and giggles. This costume comes complete with a matching deep blue headpiece and iconic intersecting blue stripes on the sumo attire, equipped with a bold golden and black belt. It’s your chance to become a formidable sumo wrestler and take on your “opponents” in hilarious showdowns. Don’t miss your chance to step into the ring and show off your sumo skills!

Behold the charming array of funny inflatable costumes for 2023! These wonders are set to inject a burst of amusement and imagination into your upcoming Halloween or costume gathering. Whether you’ve already found your ideal one from this collection or not, keep in mind that Joyfy offers a wealth of other thrilling products just waiting for your exploration.

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