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Bath Bomb Gift Set Ideas for Kids

Bath Bombs for Kids with Unicorn Toys

There is nothing more magical than unicorns! Combine that with bath time and your kids will NEVER complain again! These colorful little balls have some fun surprises inside too. Each bath bomb comes with a fun unicorn themed toy! Including exciting items such as rings, erasers, bracelets, and more! 

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Bath Bombs for kids with Finger Puppet

Make bath time theatrical with these cute little toys! These bath bombs also put on a show with their changing colors the moment you drop them in the tub.  

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Bath Bombs for kids with Rubber Ducks Toy

When you think of bath time you think of rubber duckies! Now you can combine the incredible swirling colors of a bath bomb with a traditional tub time tradition. The best part? With the shea butter and coconut oil, your kids’ skin is also getting the best nutrients!  

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Christmas Bath Bombs With Toys

These have to be a fan favorite; they triple as a gift, decoration, toy, AND incredible bath bomb! The best part is they’re Christmas themed too! This is a great way to get clean and celebrate the holiday season!  

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Bath Bomb with Mini Boys and Girls Figurine 

Make bath time fun and personable with these mini action figure toys for kids! A great gift for both boys and girls. 

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 8 Pack Dessert Shaped Bath Bombs Gift Set 

These have to be the cutest bath bombs I have EVER seen! They’re in the shape of cupcakes, donuts, macarons, and more. These are definitely a great way to unwind from the stress of the holiday season with some added cuteness!  

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6 Piece, Bath Bombs with Squishy Toys 

Don’t squish your Christmas away by not getting these adorable and colorful gifts! They each provide squishy donuts, a paw, and fun characters. There are also some lovely scents including kiwi pineapple, grape, vanilla banana, and many more! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Assorted Animal Toys 

This is definitely my top favorite out of all of the bath sets because of the variety of animals they have in this collection. They have a CORGI! There is also a duck, dinosaur, unicorns, they cover their bases. For any animal lover, this is a perfect gift!  

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Bath Bombs with Slime Toys 

As if the bath bombs aren’t enough you can get slimed too!? These toys are 100% a fun way to distract your kids from their dreaded bath time and have actual fun! 

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Iconic Expression Bath Bombs with Toys 

Don’t get emotional, use iconic expression! These bath bombs not only look like iconic expressions themselves, but they also contain iconic expression toys! You can really express yourself with this gift set! 

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12 Piece, Bath Bombs for Kids with Surprise Toy 

Are you a fan of spontaneity? Then this is the perfect set for you and your family! This is a MYSTERY toy bath bomb, so each bath is an enticing surprise! 

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8 Piece, Bath Bombs Gift Set 

If you want a different variety than the previous dessert shaped bath bombs, this is a great way to get different colors, scents, and DESSERTS! I still think these are the cutest around. 

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Bath Bombs with Assorted Toy for Kids 

This takes the mystery prize to a new level, there are FOURTY SIX different toys that can come within 6 of the bath bombs you get! You may want to stock up to make sure that you get all of these awesome characters including dinosaurs, animals, duckies, sea creatures, and more! I can’t reveal too much! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Fruit Bouncy Balls 

You and your kids will be bouncing off the walls for these awesome bath time accessories! They’re also in the shape of fruit to remind your family to eat your daily fruits and veggies! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Sea Animal Toys 

Take a dive under the water to see these beyond cute sea life figurines! There’s a turtle, stingray, whale, octopus, and shark! Forget the snowy Christmas and create your own beach in your bathtub! This fun set was featured by odemagazine in their list of Top Bath Bombs for Kids.

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Animal Figures 

If you love animals or adore the smaller set of animal toys, then this is the gift for you! This pack comes with SIXTEEN bath bombs and in each one is a jolly little animal. These also provide a variety that is different from the smaller set so you can collect them all! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Dinosaur Toys 

Picture this, a gift set that teaches, entertains, and you get bath time over with all at once? SIGN ME UP! This dinosaur set comes with “dinosaur eggs” rather than bath bombs and inside each one is a dinosaur your child gets to learn about! There are info cards for each dinosaur! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Animal Eraser 

Erase the pain of gift-giving and bath time with this adorable set! There are 8 unique erasers in each bath bomb ready to be discovered! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Mochi Squishy Toy, 12 Pack 

No one can resist the adorable Mochi toys and in this set you get TWELVE! There’s also a nice assortment of scents including marshmallow, apple, lavender, grape, and many more! 

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Bath Bombs for Kids with Mochi Squishy Toy 

MORE MOCHI? In this set, there are 8 bath bombs to uncover an adorable mochi character. The colors are absolutely stunning to watch!

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