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Kitchen Play Time

Kitchen play sets are always in such huge demand for the little ones but it always seems so hard to find an affordable and qualitative one. Joyin has a diverse range of realistic play sets that will make your children feel proud to cook delicious make-believe meals for you! 


toddler kitchen play set

Assorted Kitchen Appliance Toys (Blender, Mixer, Toaster)

Provide a memorable experience to your mini chefs with this awesome selection of appliances! It consists of a toy mixer with a rotating whip, a toaster with a timer and toast that pops up, a fillable blender with a rotating function, and mini food toys. Plus, its realistic features add immersion to their playtime fun! With these new cooking toys, they’ll be 5-star chefs in no time!

childrens kitchen play set

Play Kitchen Appliances Playset

Start your child’s day with a little imagination by having them make breakfast for the family! Equipped with a toaster, a kettle, a coffee maker, utensils and breakfast play toys like bread, a bottle of milk, croissants, and an egg. The toaster and coffee maker makes a little buzzing noise which is where all the fun is!  Your little one can also cut the food in half to serve to you!

kitchen play set for 6 year old

Microwave Kitchen Pretend Play

Enchant even the very young toddlers with this captivating playset! It simulates the function of a microwave considering that it makes noise, has various cooking modes, will light up when turned on, and revolves like a real microwave! This is a great way to distract your little ones from messing with the real microwave!

wooden play kitchen set

Joyin Pretend Plastic Kitchen Playset for Kids

This mini kitchen has everything you need for pretend play! It includes a counter table with stove, sink, multiple appliances, utensils, storage space and unique kitchen accessories. Kids can wash dishes and foods with running water and can organize utensils and appliances in the storage spaces! Watch them work independently in this mini kitchen playset, learn teamwork, and maximize entertainment at the same time!

play doh kitchen set

20 Pieces Refrigerator Pretend Play Appliance

Do your kids keep trying to get into the fridge? Get them their own refrigerator to play with! This set also includes 20 pieces of “produce”, a toy bunsen burner, frying pan, and cooking pot. There is also a cutting board for your kids to prep their meals! 

play kitchen set for 8 year old

21 Piece Play Kitchen Oven Cooking Pretend Play

Turn the heat on in your child’s kitchen (figuratively) with this oven set!  Compact and lightweight, it won’t take up a lot of counter space and it emits realistic sounds and lights, making your child feel like a real chef! It helps your little one learn useful and practical skills while having loads of fun learning how to cook safely. 


little chef paris play kitchen set

34 Piece Kitchen Pretend Play Cookware

This 34 pieces cookware playset and play food has a huge variety of items that your youngster needs! Featuring a miniature induction cooktop, cooking pots, spatulas, cutting board, condiment bottles, and a variety of pretend play foods that can be cut for a more authentic experience! This is a great way to teach your kids how to handle cutting vegetables!

pretend play kitchen set

Kitchen Pretend Play Dish Wash and Dry

Do you have kiddos who enjoy doing household chores? This play dish set is designed to appear incredibly realistic, soon enough your kids can help you with your own dishes! 

boy kitchen play set

36 Pieces Cooking Pretend Play

Put your little chef right in the heart of your home! Kids can play in the kitchen with the stovetop and pretend to cook with the frying pan and pots and add some spice to the play food with the salt and pepper shakers.

kitchen play set amazon

Play Food Set 135 Pieces Play Kitchen Set for Market Educational Pretend Play

Do you have every pretend appliance under the sun and just need some fake food to go along with your kitchen set? This adds a lot of variety for your little cook! Let your little fellas’ imaginations run wild with this vast variety of foods to choose from. They will have plenty of options to mix and match almost any food they can imagine and make savoring and delicious pretend meals. 😋

play kitchen food set

Wooden Pretend Play Cutting Food Toy Set

If plastic isn’t your vibe and you want to feel like your kids play with more traditional toys, this is the set for you!  The cutting process through velcro feels realistic and with its crunch sound, your child will definitely feel like they are a true cook!

Fun and Unique

frozen kitchen play set

BBQ Cooking Kitchen Toy

It’s time to fire up the grill and get cooking! The grill contains a grand amount of accessories such as steaks, sausages, chicken wings, hotdogs, corn, tongs, charcoal and many more! Kids can grill indoors or take the set outside and grill just like Mom and Dad!  

play kitchen set for 5 year old

Washing Dishes Toy Sink Playset

Serve up a feast, then have just as much fun cleaning up with this colorful sink play set.  It will surely be great for little girls and boys who mimic their parents doing housework in the kitchen.

cheap kitchen play set

Joyin Kids Picnic & Kitchen Playset

This Picnic Playset is a super convenient portable basket with all kinds of fun toys that allows your child to take this set on family road trips or kids’ time at their best friend’s house! For even more fun, the barbecue grill makes sounds and lights!

children's play kitchen set

Kitchen Pretend Play Shopping Cart Set

Are you stuck on what to get for your little chef? Worry no more! This multifunctional cooking and shopping cart is an excellent choice. It comes with assorted cookware, sauces, a faucet, and a grill net with color-changing barbecues! The best part is your little one can roll it anywhere to cook for you! 

kid connection kitchen play set

Little Kitchen Pretend Playset with Portable Backpack

Been bothered about how to bring your child’s toys when you travel? Our kitchen set includes a bag that can turn into a fascinating kitchenette anytime, anywhere. Take it along and enrich your boring trips with loads of fun! 

play kitchen dishes set

Stainless Steel Pretend Play Kitchen Set

This playset features shiny and high quality stainless steel cookware that Mom and Dad would envy! It is unique and specially designed to give your kiddos a legit touch of true cooking helping them to vividly reconstruct being in a kitchen!

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