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7 non candy valentines day ideas for school

Valentine’s Day is a popular day for little ones to exchange kids valentine cards. Sometimes, kids may not be able to buy candy, but they can create valentines that are sweet just like candy. When planning your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party, consider these non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas.

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Make special kids valentine cards together

Kids are going to want to make something special for their friends. But, why spend money on store-bought cards when you can make homemade kids valentine cards that are just as cute? Here are some ideas for making kids valentine cards:

Make a heart out of construction paper and decorate it with stickers or markers. Cut out hearts and attach them to the front of the card with glue.

Scribble a message on the inside of the card using a marker or crayon. Let your child decorate it with stickers or markers. If you’re feeling particularly brave, let your child use pen and write their own words!

Cut out hearts out of construction paper and let your child color them in red, pink or purple. Glue them onto the front of the card or write messages on them with markers or crayons (see above). You could also cut out smaller shapes from different colors of construction paper and paste them onto your big heart shape for added decoration!

What to write on the kids valentine cards?

If you’re looking for ideas on what to write on the kids valentine cards, then send them to your classmate. You can check the following.

1. You make me smile! Hope you have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

2. I feel happy when I am with you! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

3. You are my best friend, who always makes me laugh and smile! Hope you have a great day today!

4. I think of you often, even when we are not together! I hope that your day will be filled with happiness, love and joy!

Give homemade cookies or cupcakes

Candy is fun and all, but if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s a little more thoughtful (and healthier), we’ve got you covered.

Homemade cookies or cupcakes with all natural ingredients. Why not bake up some delicious treats? It doesn’t matter if they’re chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal raisin — homemade treats are always appreciated. And if you want to go above and beyond, bake them in heart shapes.

Send Valentine’s Day books rather than kids valentine cards

We love this idea because it’s easy and inexpensive! Just find some books with a Valentine’s theme, wrap them in fun paper, and tie them up with some ribbon. Then write little love notes on each one. You can even make the notes match the book you choose by using words from the story or having students draw pictures of their favorite characters.

Make a heart-shaped wreath out of paper and ribbon

Wrap paper around a Styrofoam ring or cardboard circle and secure with tape. Cut out hearts from construction paper and decorate with crayons or markers. Glue the hearts onto the wreath. Tie a bow around the center of the wreath using yarn or ribbon. Hang it on your classroom door to show your love for others!

A Valentine’s Day dance with your classmates

Plan a class dance party with music and decorations. Have fun dancing together!

If you’re in school, you have the perfect opportunity to show someone how much you care: a Valentine’s Day dance with your classmates. It could be a fun way to festivate the holiday if you’re in middle or high school. As long as there are no strict rules about only being allowed to date people who go to your school, you can ask anyone you like to go. If they say yes, then you’ve got a date!

Make homemade cupcakes with sprinkles or frosting

This is another great option for kids who love baking! You can use any sprinkles or frosting you want to decorate your cupcakes with, depending on what type of cake mix you have on hand. If you have time before the big day, bake up some extra cakes so that everyone in your family has some delicious goodies to take home after school or work!

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