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7 Non Candy Easter Egg Stuffers Ideas

Easter is one of the best time of the year. It’s day when you can see your family and friends, eat candy and enjoy the spring weather. People have been hiding little treats inside hallowed out eggs for centuries. Sometimes, it’s not always about the candy! If you are looking for some non candy Easter egg stuffers, we are here to help you got!

Easter egg fillers

Easter egg fillers are essential for the perfect Easter egg hunt. Instead of thinking about what to fill easter eggs with and easter egg shells, why not just get some prefilled easter eggs? Here are some great easter egg filler ideas that will make the best easter egg hunt 2022 for your kids!

Easter Egg Stuffers With Building Blocks

Easter egg stuffers are the perfect addition to your Easter basket. It’s a great time to stock up on building blocks and educational toys, so that your kids can have plenty of options for interesting things to play with. Building blocks are a great way to encourage children’s creativity and keep them engaged. They are also a fantastic way to encourage problem solving skills, as kids will have to figure out how each piece fits together. These types of toys are also great because they allow kids to use their imagination and build whatever they want.

  1. 12 Pcs Easter Eggs Prefilled With Animal Building Blocks

Surprise your loved ones with these colorful eggs that are pre-filled with building blocks. These 12-pack eggs are a great way to promote hand-eye coordination, shape recognition and sensory exploration. They come in assorted colors and feature cute animal shapes that children will love.

2. 12 Pcs Easter Egg Stuffers With Sea Animal Building Blocks

These building block eggs are ideal for kids ages 3-7 years old (or older). The set includes 12 eggs that are filled with fun sea animal shapes like dolphins, turtles, fish, octopus and more! Each pre-filled egg comes with 3 pieces of each shape so there are 36 pieces total included in this set.

3. 12 Pcs Prefilled Easter Eggs With Dinosaur Building Blocks

These little easter egg are filled with small dinosaur building blocks. The eggs come in a variety of colors and are perfect for any dinosaur lover!

Easter Egg Stuffers With Easter Bunny Plush

These stuffed animals are the perfect Easter egg stuffers for children. They come in an assortment of different styles and colors, so you can find one that matches your child’s personality. The best part is that they are all made with quality materials and sewn together extremely well. You can be sure that these toys will last for years to come!

4. 48 Pcs Prefilled Easter Eggs Filled With Plush Animals

These eggs are so adorable! They come in all different shapes and sizes. There are 24 pastel eggs and 24 baby blue eggs. Each egg contains one plush animal toy inside. You can choose from a variety of cute animals including tiger, ducks, monkeys and especially your Easter bunny plush, ! These would be perfect for kids of all ages!

Pre Filled Easter Eggs With Bath Toys

5. Dinosaur bath toys

We all love to get surprise and this is why we create these wonderful bath toys. You can now give your children a gift that will always remember, and these dinosaur bath toys will do! Surprisedly, these prefilled easter eggs are light up bath toys which is one of the most popular toys! These bath toys will light up in water and create fun and excitement for your little ones. The best part about these toys is that they will help your child develop their imagination as they play with them both in tub and outside of it!

Slime filled easter eggs

Slime is one of the most popular toy for both kids and adults! It is a non newtonian fluid, which means that it acts like liquid when it moves slowly. But it acts like solid when it moves quickly. You can fill up some plastic easter eggs with slime and let your kids bounce them around!

6. Easter eggs filled with crystal, 24 pcs

These slime filled easter eggs are great for children of all ages! Each egg is filled with different color of stretchy, gooey, gross yet awesome smelling slime!It’s non toxic super fun 100% pure grade borax free silicone based reusable slime! The galaxy inspired slime eggs are filled with our premium quality galaxy blue glitter slime that looks like a galaxy full of stars! Each egg has a removable plastic cap, so you can fill them up and reuse them over and over again!

Easter egg toys

Easter egg toys are a great addition to any Easter basket. They are fun, affordable and usually come with small surprise inside. If you have a large size guests, get some bulk easter eggs are a great idea!

7. 200 Pcs Easter Eggs with Toys

Easter egg toys are a great way to add fun to your Easter celebrations. These eggs are filled with a variety of toys, including plush animals and other figures. These eggs are available in rainbow colors. The egg comes in a set of 200 pieces which fits perfectly for your large size easter party!

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