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15 Epic Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas For the Ultimate Fiesta

Hola Joyfy fam! In our previous Cinco de Mayo posts, we learned about the history of this holiday and amazing ways to decorate your casa. This holiday has all the traits of a good time: good food and drinks, bright colors and an excuse to hang with your friends! With that said, we’d like to give you some easy Cinco de Mayo party ideas you can do at home or at the office. So round up your amigos, whip up some enchiladas, and read on!

Cinco de Mayo for Adults: How you can celebrate (respectfully)

Cinco de Mayo is easily one of the most celebrated –but least understood holidays in America –with many people thinking it’s Mexican Independence Day. As we learned, the holiday commemorates a ragtag Mexican army winning the Battle of Puebla against the French in 1862. Everyone loves an underdog story, which is why Cinco de Mayo has such staying power! Not to mention, the holiday has become a celebration of Mexican culture, so take some time out to support local Hispanic owned businesses.

Share the Real Story

Once you learn the significance of day, we think overcoming unbeatable odds and defending one’s homeland are themes to get behind! Even though the holiday is commercialized, educating others about the real story behind the holiday gives people more meaning behind the celebration. 

These days, Cinco de Mayo has really become more about celebrating Mexican culture and way of life. For decades, Hispanic immigrants brought their traditions and customs to the U.S. and have been sharing them with Americans. As long as you’re not making fun, celebrating Mexican culture isn’t appropriation –it’s appreciation! Mexican culture has made our country richer (and more delicious) in the process and for that, we are grateful.    

Support local Mexican Businesses

Skip the chains (like Taco Bell) and order from an authentic restaurant in your neighborhood. Try a dish you’ve never had before, (might we suggest Mole Poblano or Cochinita Pibil?…both are amazing!). Even better, find a local Cinco de Mayo event in your city. Watch some traditional mariachis and folk dancing and support local artists and craft makers. 

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas at the Office or Home

  • To mix up the work day, throw a Cinco de Mayo party at your office and share in the holiday fun with your coworkers. Vibrant decor is key and party outfits will bring the fiesta fun! 
  • Margarita mocktails will be refreshing at work…then save the real thing for when you’re home! If you’re not a fan of margaritas, you can use these glasses for your favorite bevy of choice, plus this 48 pack will keep you stocked all year long! Then after the office party, the food coma will hit so hard, your boss lets you go home early to siesta! One can dream, right?  

Cinco de Mayo party outfits: dress up! 

  • It’s nearly fiesta time, so let the party begin! Wait, we forgot something. Dressing up for the occasion! We’ve got you covered. Perfect for party favors, these fun Sombrero Headbands have tassels that jiggle and come in a variety of colors. 
  • Why not enjoy this year’s Cinco De Mayo Fiesta and become a stylish senorita with this Fiesta Sequined Sombrero? These hats are great for Cinco de Mayo fiesta events, event props, Mexican themed festivals, Dia De Los Muertos, weddings, birthdays, Mexican Independence Day, bachelorette parties and more! Place the headband hats around the party for guests to take, or have them next to your photo or selfie booth for props!  
  • Next, spice things up with this silly but Bright Fiesta Poncho, because it’s the perfect choice for any Southwestern style soirée. This fringed, multicolored serape is one-size-fits-most for men, women, and kids! Looking for one more easy apparel idea? Turns out, beads aren’t just for Mardi Gras…you can have necklaces at a fiesta, too!  

Party ideas for kids  

Cinco de Mayo birthday party pinata

Ok, you’re hanging at home with the kids on Cinco de Mayo, so why not get them in on the fun too! 

  • After you’ve set the scene with our colorful fiesta party decor, gather the kiddos together for the age-old standby: The pinata! Let your kids have their friends over and watch them as they bash various paper mache creations with all their might, waiting for the waterfall of candy to appear.  

Cinco de Mayo games: for kids and adults  

  • Once the music gets going, someone inevitably wants to feel the beat. How about providing mini wooden maracas to bring the cheer, plus they’re perfect party favors for kids to learn rhythm and socialize!   

Play Loteria   

Cinco de Mayo games
Cinco de Mayo games

Instructions here!

Play Soccer! (Futbol)  

Grab a soccer ball, head outside and set up a couple of goals (or one goal for a half field), and let everyone play!  

Turn up the music and set up a game of limbo!

Cinco de Mayo games
Cinco de Mayo games
  • Oh, what’s that you say? You want more piñatas? Oh yes, we have more of those! Even a 3 pack! Plus, at Joyfy, any fiesta we throw, a unicorn appears! 😉 

Ok amigos, that’s it for our Cinco de Mayo party ideas. Hope this list inspires you to throw an amazing party people will love! What other games would you play at a fiesta? Tell us in the comments below! 

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