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‘Tis the Season for 20+ Blow Up Christmas Decorations Ideas for 2022 Christmas

blow up christmas decoration
Blow up Christmas decoration

Christmas is coming! And you know what that means! It’s time to bust out the blow up Christmas decorations and string lights to make your house the most festive house in town. Want to try something new this year? Or is your Christmas setup a little outdated and you need to spice things up a bit? Whatever the reason, you should definitely add a Christmas inflatable or two to your yard. These cute and quirky decorations transform your yard into a charming and whimsical Christmas wonderland. You might be curious how they work, how to secure them, and if they’ll even survive the winter snow. Don’t fret! We’ve got answers for all your Christmas inflatable decorations questions so you can blow everyone away this year! (Yes, pun intended.)

How do inflatable Christmas decorations work?

The most pressing question on people’s minds when it comes to Christmas inflatables is, how do these things even work? How do they stay inflated and upright the whole time? While it’s not Christmas magic keeping them standing, it’s still pretty impressive how they work. The blow up Christmas decorations come with a fan that pulls fresh air into the inflatable. The air circulates around the inside of the decoration, keeping it expanded and in shape. The Christmas outdoor inflatables are crafted from nylon, which allows for air to slowly escape, keeping it from over-inflating. The inflatable will stay inflated as long as the fan isn’t covered or blocked off by anything. We’ve included a handy-dandy diagram to show you how the inflatable pulls in and circulates air. 

Inflatable Christmas decorations work process
Inflatable Christmas decorations

So that’s cool, but how do Christmas blow up decorations hold up in the snow or in the rain? After all, most places get snow or even rain around Christmas time. You want to make sure they can withstand a white Christmas, right? Not to worry, friends! Inflatable decorations are way more durable than one might expect. You’ll be surprised at how well they can handle different weather conditions and keep their fun and festive shape.

Are Christmas inflatables waterproof?

Inflatable Christmas decorations are made of a durable weather-resistant fabric, so the inflatable can withstand getting wet. You can keep them outdoors in rain and snow, and they’ll stay inflated and upright all day. As long as your Christmas inflatable isn’t in a puddle where the fan can get flooded, it’ll work perfectly. If it’s too windy, or there’s heavy rain or snow, you’ll want to move the inflatable inside or under cover. This means that you can clean your inflatable when it gets dirty! You can use some disinfectant wipes or even some simple soap and water to safely clean your inflatable Christmas decor. Now the only question left is, how do you keep them standing? There’s gotta be a way to tie them down, right? Right! We’ll help you make sure your outdoor Christmas inflatables are secure for the holiday season.

How to tie down Christmas inflatables?

So you’ve got your Christmas blowup, and you know how it works, and you’re ready to finally set it up in your yard. But how to secure blow up Christmas decorations? Santa won’t look as cool if he’s lopsided! Thankfully, inflatable decorations come with ties and stakes to secure the inflatable to the ground and keep it in place. Make sure the fan is screwed tightly to the inflatable, and zip the inflatable to seal it. Attach the ties to the stakes and the inflatable itself, and plug the decoration into a power outlet. You’ll want the inflatable to be inflated so you can place it perfectly. Pull the strings tightly and secure the stakes into the ground, and voilà! Your Christmas decoration inflatable is ready to spread cheer throughout the neighborhood! We’ve included a neat chart to help you visualize the steps.

How to tie down Christmas inflatables
How to tie down Christmas inflatables

What if you want to attach them to the roof? No problem! Simply use some Christmas light clips or straps to hold the decoration in place. These secure the inflatable without causing damage to the roof. Clipping your holiday decorations to the gutter will be your best bet. Avoid using staples or items to add weight, as they can damage your roof. Only use added weight if you’re placing your Christmas blow up decor on the ground.

Awesome! Now you know how they work and how to set them up! But where do you buy a blow up Christmas decoration anyway? Well, we’ll tell you!

Where to buy Christmas inflatables?

You have a few different options for buying Christmas inflatables. You could always drive to the store to get them, but that comes with quite a few downsides. Sure, you’d get it same-day, but that’s pretty much the only plus. You’d have to go through long lines filled with people who will be all up in your personal bubble. Stores also carry a limited selection of inflatable Christmas decor, so you may not even find one you like. Sounds really frustrating, right? We’ve been there, and we feel your pain. Luckily, that’s not your only option!

You can also buy your inflatables online! This saves you the trouble of driving to the store in the hopes that you find suitable inflatables Christmas decorations. You’ll find a wider variety of inflatables online, so you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. You also won’t have to drive it home in your own car. It’ll be delivered right to your door, ready for you to take out of the box and assemble. You may have to wait a few days because of shipping, but you can always pay for faster shipping if you want. That way you won’t have to wait as long to set it up and spread holiday cheer!

What sorts of blow up Christmas decorations can you buy? Oh, so many! You can check out our collection here, but keep reading if you want specific recommendations. We’ve got lots of options for you to choose from, and you’re bound to find the perfect one!

Funny Christmas Inflatables to Make You Go “Ho Ho Ho!”

Are you the town clown? Then you’ll need some blow up Christmas decorations that have the same hilarious personality you do! Check out these funny Christmas inflatables that’ll make all your neighbors giggle and guffaw all throughout the holiday season!

Hilarious Christmas inflatable dog and snowman to brighten your day

If you and your family love dogs, then this silly 6ft Wiener Dog Christmas Inflatable will bring joy and laughter to all you and all your friends. Just look at his little legs! Those little legs are adorable! And his hat is just a little too big for his head. He doesn’t seem to mind, though. His smile is as wide as he is long. Speaking of long, he got an extra long scarf to wrap around him and keep him warm for the winter. And this Christmas inflatable dog comes with built-in LED lights to illuminate his tiny legs and oversized hat. He seems pretty content just standing there. He didn’t feel like joining his friends in the next entry.

blow up Christmas decorations

These guys sure love to shred! And how funny is a snowman snowboarding with a penguin? This 6ft Snowman and Penguin Snowboarding Inflatable will surely make your neighbors snort and snicker this Christmas. Watch as this inflatable snowman and his penguin friend barrel down the slope on the ride of their lives. The penguin leads the way, even though he’s so short and can’t see past the trees. The snowman should probably be the one leading since he’s much taller! This snowman inflatable comes with LED lights built-in so their snowboard path will be lit at all times. But of course, nothing is sillier on Christmas than Santa having some…technical issues.

Looks like Inflatable Santa had an accident…

Santa is ready to drop off presents to your humble abode this Christmas! He just has to get on the roof first. This 6ft Climbing Santa Inflatable makes his way to your chimney with the ladder he brought. He even comes with built-in LED lights so he can light up his path to your roof! This blow up Christmas decoration is a perfect representation of inflatables that you can clip to your gutter. The ladder will most likely not touch the ground, so it’ll make you wonder how he got it up there? Was it Christmas magic? Well, if it was, then can Christmas magic get him out of this next situation?

Looks like Santa made it to your chimney with all your presents in tow! There’s just one problem, though…he got a little stuck on the way down. The 6ft Inflatable Santa Claus Falling Down a Chimney had a bad fall, and none of his friends are helping. Look at them, laughing at him while he’s stuck! Can we blame them, though? It is pretty funny. You and your loved ones would be laughing, too! Santa and his unhelpful friends stay lit all night with built-in LEDs, making this hilarious scene visible from miles away. Sure, Santa is a pretty big guy (how else do you think he got stuck?), but he’s got some competition. The next few options on our list are titans compared to him. 

Go big or go home with these giant Christmas Inflatables

Want to make a big impression on your neighbors this Christmas? Then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on a giant Christmas inflatable or two! These humongous inflatable decorations will create a colossal impact and spread Christmas cheer to everyone who sees them. We’ve got a few specific blow up Christmas decorations we’d love to share with you! ‘Tis the season for sharing, after all!

Inflatable Christmas arch that will inspire and awe

Invite your friends (and Santa) to a delicious gingerbread house paradise with this 10ft Gingerbread House Christmas Inflatable! This delectable inflatable Christmas arch will satisfy even the hungriest sweet tooth (but not really, it’s just for show). And look how happy our gingerbread friend is to see you! He’s ready to greet all your guests with a smile almost as big as his house. This inflatable gingerbread house comes with built-in LEDs so all your friends know they’re at the right place. He’s even got some presents waiting outside! But he didn’t put them there. We wonder who could have placed them….

blow up Christmas decorations

Oh, that’s who placed the presents! This 11ft Giant Inflatable Santa Arch was the one behind the presents at Mr. Gingerbread’s house. He’s got a glimmer in his eye as he graciously welcomes your loved ones to your winter wonderland. This inflatable Christmas archway comes with LEDs built right in, creating a seasonal spotlight right in your yard. Don’t keep him waiting! He can’t wait to share even more presents with you. He brought a teddy bear just for the little ones in your life. Classic thoughtful Santa! We’re pretty sure these aren’t the only present’s he brought. Maybe we’ll find more in the next blow up Christmas decoration recommendation?

We wish you a Merry Christmas inflatable!

We knew it! Santa had even more presents ready for you and your family! This 10ft Inflatable Merry Christmas Sign will bring so much Christmas joy and happiness to everyone who sees it. No one can resist the charm of this adorable Santa and reindeer inflatable! Santa brought one of his trusted reindeer to help hand out presents. They light the night with bright built-in LEDs to spread their message of joy even in the dark. You can even see the candy cane Santa packed for you, how generous! He must have picked it up from his good friend in the next recommendation in our list.

Look how sweetly this gingerbread man sculpted his 10ft Inflatable Merry Christmas Sign. He put so much care and effort into making it just for you! Gingerbread men decorated his ice signs with ornaments for maximum festivity and joy. He patiently waits and waves at everyone who walks by, happily sharing the holiday cheer. Gingerbread men and his sign come with built-in LED lights to brighten your yard for late-night guest arrivals. He even brought a Christmas tree with him, star and all, to liven up the atmosphere. Speaking of Christmas trees, if you haven’t found the perfect tree yet, you’ll definitely want to keep reading!

Spread holiday cheer with an inflatable Christmas tree!

Christmas trees are a staple for the holiday, and you’ll want to make sure you have one, too. But sometimes, decorating can be a chore, especially if you’re busy during the Christmas season. And don’t even get us started on the mess that trees leave! Even the artificial ones shed their pine needles all over the place. If you want a tree to adorn your yard without all the hassle of the real (and even fake) trees, you’re in luck! We’ve got some inflatable tree recommendations to add to your blow up Christmas decorations collection!

Simple but stylish inflatable Christmas trees for any yard

Sometimes, the perfect tree is a simple one. Classic yet contemporary, this 8ft Inflatable Christmas Tree adds an unmatched grace and refinement to your front yard. The built-in LED lights make this beauty glimmer and gleam throughout the night, dazzling your friends and neighbors. This cheerful Christmas tree inflatable will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas: love, joy, and beauty all around us. If you’ve got kiddos at home though, you might want something a little more on the cute side. Our next entry may be the perfect contender for your inflatable Christmas tree shopping.

blow up Christmas decorations

This cute 7ft Inflatable Christmas Tree adds a little more pizazz than our last recommendation while staying simple and heartwarming. This adorable tree features bulbous ornaments that stick out from the surface, adding fun and whimsy to the Christmas inflatable. The tree also shines brightly in the night thanks to its built-in LED lights. The kiddos will love to play around this charming tree on snow days. The tree even comes with little presents adorning the base! You can’t open these, though. You’ll have to wait for the real presents on Christmas Day. They still make for cute props! And they’re sure to attract lots of people, and who knows, maybe even festive animals!

Animals and trees that will give you glee

Oh look! Some adorable penguins dropped off their presents under your tree for you! And they’re even decorating for you! How thoughtful! These 10ft Inflatable Christmas Penguins Decorating Tree will bring smiles to the faces of even the biggest scrooge. These sweet penguins’ hearts shine brightly with love thanks to their built-in LED lights. They can’t wait for your whole neighborhood to see the fantastic job they did decorating your tree! Your neighbors will gaze at this inflatable Christmas decoration in awe, admiring the handiwork of these arctic birds. But they’re not the only ones decorating trees this time of year. Many winter animals gather ‘round to make the whole town festive and fun! Don’t believe us? You should check out this next entry!

See? We told you! Look at this sweet polar bear helping out his tiny inflatable Christmas penguin friend. They’re trying their hardest to make your tree look the best it can this year. This 6ft Polar Bear and Penguin Decorating Tree Inflatable will warm the hearts of all your friends and family. The critters and their tree shimmer with built-in LEDs, but the star they’ll top their tree with shines the brightest. These arctic friends have some competition for coolest blow up Christmas decoration though! What’s cooler than the Arctic Circle? You’ll have to find out in the next Christmas inflatables section below!

You’ll roar with joy for these inflatable Christmas dragon ideas!

You’re likely familiar with Christmas penguins, reindeer, and polar bears. But have you ever seen a Christmas dragon?! Who knew these ferocious beasts loved getting in the holiday spirit? They’re eager to celebrate with you and share in the merriment. Of the outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations, these are definitely the coolest. Having one of these festive reptiles in your yard will make you the coolest person around town. Keep reading to see our scorching hot dragon Christmas inflatable decoration suggestions!

All wrapped up for Christmas

Okay, so this big guy isn’t exactly a dragon, but he’s closely related to them! This 6ft Christmas Dinosaur Inflatable in a Gift Box wants to join the Christmas fun just like his winged cousins. He not only is a present, but he brought a small present just for you! Look at his big toothy grin! He’s so excited to see the look on your face when you open your gift. He’s sure to bring happiness and mirth to everyone he sees. He’ll even light up the night for your friends with his built-in LED lights. How considerate of this inflatable Christmas dinosaur! He’s not the only big lizard in a box, though!

blow up Christmas decorations

Wow, a real-life dragon! Well, almost. This 6ft Dragon Inflatable in a Christmas Gift Box is here to astound and amaze your friends! He shipped himself all the way from his treasure trove just to spend Christmas with you. (Couldn’t he have just flown though?) Not only has he arrived in a gift box, but he wrapped himself with a bow just to top it off. Man, he’s thought of everything! (Except for the flying thing.) This inflatable outdoor Christmas decoration eagerly waits to guide your guests to your humble abode for the holidays. He makes getting to your house at night super easy with his built-in LEDs. Now that’s a Christmas miracle! But this green guy doesn’t get to hog the limelight. We’ve got some blues on this list that will make you very happy!

These blues don’t have the Christmas blues

When you think of dragons, you probably think of red and green, just like Christmas colors. Well, blue is a Christmas color, too, and this big blue guy is here to have some Christmas fun! The 6ft Blue Dragon Catching Snowflake Inflatable is partaking in his favorite holiday pastime: catching snowflakes on his tongue! And he’s donned a sign on his back to show his excitement for the fluffy white spheres. You can see this blow up Christmas decoration catching snowflakes even at nighttime thanks to his built-in LEDs. His scales don’t keep him too warm during the winter though, so he put on a scarf to warm himself right up. He borrowed it from his brother, who doesn’t seem to be as cold.

Not all dragons get cold on Christmas! That’s why this 6ft Blue Inflatable Dragon only sports a hat for the holiday season. He really went all out for Christmas, even painting his horns and claws red! Talk about dedication! He’s really proud of his handiwork, and wants to show everyone. That’s why he lights up super bright at night with his built-in LEDs. This loveable Christmas inflatable also brought a giant candy cane to share with everyone on your street. How thoughtful of him! If you’re looking for more sweet treats, then our next few listings will really satisfy your sweet tooth!

Spice up your yard with a gingerbread inflatable

When you think of Christmas treats, what’s the first thing you think of? It’s probably gingerbread, right? Nothing says Christmas quite like some gingerbread cookies. If you really love these sweets, or if you just want to decorate with a classic Christmas icon, read on! We’ve got some tantalizing recommendations for you to chew on.

Candy cane delivery gingerbread men

Knock knock! Your friendly neighborhood 5ft Inflatable Gingerbread Man brought you a delicious treat! He’ll stand proudly in your yard, eager to share his candy with you and anyone else who loves sweets. His wide joyful smile says it all. This blow-up Christmas decoration is sure to give the townsfolk the same giddy grins that he wears every day. He even lights up the night with built-in LEDs to show off his sweet treat throughout the night. He might not be the only one delivering candy canes to your door this Christmas, though. His cousin has just as much Christmas joy to share as he does. (And hey, would you turn down free candy canes? We thought not.)

blow up Christmas decorations

This big guy came all the way from his gingerbread house to bring you goodies this year! The 8ft Gingerman Inflatable Yard Decor brought not only a candy cane, but a present, too! And he’s happy to gingerly wave (see what we did there?)  at everyone passing your home. Even in the darkest of night, folks will recognize him thanks to his built-in LED lights. His delicate smile and sweet gumdrop buttons will soften even the hardest of hearts in your town. Speaking of sweets, what’s better than a gingerbread man? A gingerbread man and more sweets!

Sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

What’s more relaxing on a cold December night than a cup of piping hot chocolate? Nothing, that’s what! And these gingerbread men seem to agree. This 6ft Inflatable Gingerbread Man in Hot Cocoa will make all your neighbors feel cozy and warm this winter. One of them is so relaxed, he even got in the cup of cocoa! He’s sharing one of his marshmallows with his friend, who seems very grateful for the gesture. Their delicious holiday treat is brightly illuminated by built-in LEDs that will light up their night. Sharing a hot treat in winter is one thing, but sharing a cold treat? Who would want a cold treat in the middle of winter? Well, we know a couple of blow up Christmas decorations who might.

These gingerbread inflatables can’t get enough of the cold. They love it so much, they even eat cold treats when it’s already freezing out. These 6ft Inflatable Gingerbread Men love snow cones, and they’re crafting the tallest one they’ve ever made. Just look at those delicious gumdrops, the cherry, and the…carrot nose? Oh no! It seems they made a snow cone out of one of their snowman friends! It doesn’t seem like they want to eat him, though. Maybe they were just helping him into a costume! And with the built-in LED lights they have, you’ll see these 3 easily in the night time.

We hope you adored these wonderful and wacky blow up Christmas decorations! Were there any in the list that caught your attention? Or are you looking for something you didn’t see here? Lucky for you, we have lots and lots of Christmas inflatables for you to browse! Check out our catalog here! Comment below what more ideas you would like to see! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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