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How to hang Christmas stockings?

Christmas stocking
Christmas stockings

Start wondering how to hang Christmas stockings? This is the time of year when we celebrate family, friendship, and sharing with others. The Christmas stocking is a great way to show your love for people in your life. It’s also a great way to display some of their favorite things. Christmas stockings are a Christmas tradition. They hold gifts for children and adults, who come to expect them as part of the holiday.

What are Christmas stockings for?

What are Christmas stockings for?
What are Christmas stockings for?

Christmas stocking has been around for centuries, but the purpose has changed over time. In the Middle Ages, people hung stockings on the hearth all year long to keep their toes warm. When Christmas came along, people filled the stockings with goodies, like fruit or nuts. At time went on, people started using stockings as decorations instead of keeping their feet warm. People would hang Christmas stocking over their fireplace with care and love and filled with treats at Christmas time.

Why do we hang stockings at Christmas?

The tradition of hanging stockings at Christmas dates traces back to the 12th century. In those days, it was common for people to hang their stockings out to dry on a line in front of their houses after washing them by hand. Since few people had chimneys in their homes, they would also often hang their stockings by the fire as an alternative, so that they could dry faster and be worn again sooner.

At Christmas time, families would often hang up special small bags or containers called “stocking fillers” as well as their stockings. So that they could put small presents inside stocking for each other.

When people started to move away from having chimneys in their homes, the tradition continued. Because children still wanted to put presents into their parents’ stockings instead of under the tree or other gift giving place.

What to put into a Christmas stocking?

If you want some new ideas of what to put in Christmas stockings, check out these stocking stuffer ideas for inspiration!

Where to hang Christmas stockings?

Christmas stockings are usually hung on mantlepieces or from the fireplace by their top. It is often decorated with trailing ribbons or bells. You could also hang them in other places as well like:

Porch- You can hang Christmas stocking on your porch for all the neighbors and friends to use.

Bedroom- If you have more than one child then you can hang each Christmas stocking in their bedroom. So they know that Santa Claus is always watching over them while they sleep at night.

Kitchen- You can also hang your Christmas stocking in your kitchen where it is visible from any angle. This way, when you are cooking or cleaning up, you can still see them and remember what was left by Santa for each of your family member.

Stairs- If you want to add some color to your home then you should hang some Christmas stockings on your stairs. And everyone who enters into your house will see it right away!

How to hang Christmas stocking?

How to hang Christmas stockings?
How to hang Christmas stockings?
  1. Start with a small hole in the stocking.
  2. Tie a loop of white yarn around the top of the stocking, about 2 inches below the top edge.
  3. Tie another loop of yarn around the first loop and pull it tight enough to create an indentation in the fabric.
  4. Thread a large wooden bead onto the end of your string.
  5. Place both hands inside the stocking and push down so that you can see where you need to make tiny holes in order for your beads to fit through them (make sure they are even). Make sure that you leave space between each bead so that they don’t touch each other once they are strung up on your string.
  6. String beads onto your string and then push them through the holes at an angle so that they will sit on top of each other inside your stocking.

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