You are currently viewing 30+ Best Toddler Costumes for Halloween 

30+ Best Toddler Costumes for Halloween 

Best Toddler Costumes for Halloween 

If you’ve got toddlers at home, they might be starting to voice their Halloween costume preferences. They could want to dress up as their favorite character, their dream future job, or even a fantastical creature from their imagination. Whether they lean towards cheerful and bright costumes or prefer something spookier like ghosts and goblins, we’ve got the perfect toddler Halloween costumes.

Besides keeping up with safety tips for little trick-or-treaters, this toddler Halloween costume idea guide is a must-read if you want to share adorable costume photos on Instagram. Who doesn’t want their little one to get all the likes this year, right? (Well, mostly kidding.) Plus, we’ve thought about those chilly Halloween nights, so we’ve included some toddler costumes that are easy to layer or won’t lose their charm if you need to bundle up.

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Kids Shark Costume Toddler

Kids Shark Costume Toddler

Get ready for cuteness overload with our kids shark costume. Whether it’s Halloween, a themed party, or a fun photoshoot, your little one will be the star as the friendliest shark in town. We’ve made it super easy for diaper changes, so no worries during shark adventures. But wait, there’s more fun! Hidden in the sleeve, there’s a sound chip and battery pack that make a hilarious shark sound. It’s a guaranteed hit at the party!

Paw Patrol Chase Costumes

Super Adorable Patrol Chase Toddler Costumes

The Super Adorable Patrol costume toddler is a clever combo of a police uniform on top and adorable puppy legs and arms. Changing into character is a breeze with the back Hook & Loop fastener tabs. It’s a perfect one for your little young adventurers!

Paw Patrol Marshall Costume

Child Marshall Costume

Our Marshall Costume comes with cute Dalmatian ears, adding an extra dash of charm. What makes it extra special is the authentic bag that comes with it. With handy shoulder straps and a Hook & Loop fastening flap, this bag keeps your child’s stuff safe during their adventures. It’s officially licensed, so you know you’re getting top-quality materials and design. Watch your little hero transform into a confident firefighter, ready to tackle make-believe emergencies.

Green Dinosaur Costume

Green Dinosaur Costume Toddler

With a dinosaur cosplay suit, your little one can create their own dinosaur theme park. Most dinosaur fans adore this gentle giant, and this costume is a hit. It includes a dinosaur hood, a jumpsuit with an attached tail, and even a plush egg! It sure be the perfect one for your little one.

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 Prisoner Toddler Boy  Jumpsuit

Prisoner Toddler Boy Costumes

Your child will have a blast when dressed in a Prisoner, perfect for Halloween or dress-up fun. It comes with fabric handcuffs and an orange prisoner jumpsuit. For extra realism, you can add real handcuffs. Plus, it’s designed for easy diaper changes and super comfort. You won’t stop smiling when you see your little one dressed up as a tiny prisoner; they’ll love it!

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Buzzin' Bee Halloween Outfit

Buzzin’ Bee Costume

Get ready to create a buzz with this adorable bee outfit! Perfect for special occasions or Halloween fun, this polyester outfit includes attached wings, ensuring your little bee can flutter around with ease. Complete with classic black and yellow stripes, it even features a charming stinger (attached, of course). Who knew stingers could be so cute? Your child certainly carries it off with flair!

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Red Dragon Toddler Cosplay suit

Kids Dragon Costumes

Bring the magic of dragons to life with this 3D dragon costume. With wings and a hood, even the youngest tots can look fierce and fabulous. Whether it’s Halloween or just playtime, being a dragon guarantees a roaring good time!

Cheeky Monkey Suit for Toddler

Cheeky Monkey Costume for Toddler

This sweet baby monkey costume is a real crowd-pleaser. It includes a plush brown jumpsuit with attached footies, a playful monkey tail, and a light brown tummy. The matching plush hood features a smiling monkey face, complete with soft tuft, ears, and a big opening for your baby’s adorable face. Plus, there’s a banana wrist rattle to keep your little monkey entertained. It’s perfect for those impromptu “Ack, ack, eek, eek” talent performances!

Cow Toddler Boy Outfit

Cow Costumes

Dress up as a proud member of the bovine family with this toddler cow costume! It’s a-moo-sing how easily you can transform into a classic dairy cow with this cow attire. The tummy even sports udders to break up the classic black and white pattern, making you stand out from the herd.

Unicorn Halloween Outfit

Unicorn Halloween Costume

Unleash the magic of unicorns with our enchanting unicorn costumes for kids, available in traditional pink and white. Your children will adore becoming unicorns for Halloween, especially if they’re enchanted by unicorn stories and movies. Whether trick-or-treating or just enjoying the festivities, they’ll feel ready to soar into the clouds and rainbows.

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Tiny Lion Outfit

Tiny Lion Costume

If your little one is a fierce bundle of energy or you simply want an irresistibly adorable costume that can withstand playtime, our baby lion costume is the perfect choice. Choosing your child’s first Halloween costume can be tough, but it looks like they’ve already roared their approval for this charming lion outfit. Embrace their inner cub and share their cuteness with the world as you go trick-or-treating!

Tiger Halloween Costume

Tiger Halloween Costume

Got a little explorer at home? This tiger costume is a hit for Halloween and beyond! Imagine your tiny one as a ferocious tiger with a mask featuring sharp teeth and bright yellow eyes. It’s adorable, right? Plus, the hooded jumpsuit has attached mittens, leggings, and paw-like feet. Don’t forget the versatile tail that can be worn with or without the costume. It’s durable, perfect for endless Halloween fun, and year-round adventures!

Astronaut Costume

Halloween Toddler Astronaut Costume

Set off on an adventure with our astronaut costume for your little kiddo. This costume fuels imagination and bravery, turning your child into a fearless pilot ready for sky-high exploration. From boarding to landing, they’ll master flying like a pro. All you need is a tiny jet and safe flight gear for the full experience!

Pumpkin Girl Halloween Costumes

Pumpkin Toddler Girl Halloween Costumes

Halloween isn’t complete without a classic pumpkin costume! Choose from pumpkin sweaters to pumpkin headpieces and picture your baby as an adorable jack-o’-lantern. The toddler pumpkin costume includes a pumpkin-themed hood and a friendly pumpkin face suit. Halloween is all about creating spooky tales, and what’s spookier (and cuter) than a baby pumpkin?

Toddler Skeleton Costume for Halloween

Skeleton Costume

Turn your baby into an adorable bag of bones with these unisex costumes for boys and girls. This 3-piece costume set features cute and cartoony skeleton designs on the romper, beanie, and foot socks. It’s cute, not scary, making it perfect for your baby this Halloween season. Made of cozy polyester, it’s designed for comfort and includes an easy diaper change feature for your convenience.

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Child's Train Conductor Costume

Child’s Train Conductor Costume

All aboard for role-playing fun with this train conductor toddler costumes boy! No conductor is complete without the wooden railway whistle included. With these fun accessories, your child will have a blast directing toy trains on imaginary adventures. Whether it’s Halloween or any day, toddlers love dressing up and having railroad adventures with friends and family.

Toddler Firefighter Costume Halloween

Firefighter Costume Halloween

Get ready for some adorable action with this toddler fireman costume! Made of soft and cozy polyester, it’s perfect for keeping your infant comfy during Halloween and beyond. The costume features vibrant colors on the jumpsuit and includes an adorable fire hat, turning your baby into a ready-to-save-the-day hero. Whether it’s for photos, parties, or everyday wear, this firefighter costume is a versatile and cute addition to your baby’s wardrobe. Ready for heroic adventures!

Dalmatian Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes

Dalmatian Boy Halloween Costumes

For any occasion, the Dalmatian toddler Halloween costumes boy is an absolute charmer. It features a hood with a Dalmatian pattern, a suit with a tail, and a set of booties. This toddler costume is not only incredibly cute but also durable and of the highest quality. It’s a breeze to change diapers, and your baby will be comfy and adorable all day long.

Halloween Toddler Pirate Costume

Halloween Toddler Pirate Costume

Arrr, matey! Your little one can set sail on a pirate adventure from the earliest age with this kids pirate costume. It comes complete with a hat, suit, booties, bandanna, and even a plush parrot companion. Ahoy, the pirate life begins early! Babies are natural sailors, and they’ll look absolutely adorable in this pirate costume. Plus, it’s perfect for Halloween or any dress-up day.

Lamb Toddler Girl Costumes

Lamb Toddler Girl Costumes

Introduce your little one to the wonders of the animal kingdom with this charming baby lamb costume. It’s no secret that animals captivate babies, and now you can bring that magic to life. This cozy costume features a lamb hood and suit with a tail, and it’s perfect for any occasion. Your baby will be bleating with joy at the chance to dress up as an adorable lamb.

Baby Rooster Chicken Costume

Baby Rooster Chicken Costume

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Your child will love clucking around in this toddler chicken costume. It’s not only cozy to wear but also designed for easy diaper changes. Your little one will feel like they’re pecking around the coop, ready to collect treats from the neighbors. This chicken costume is perfect for dress-up gatherings, animal-themed parties, or any fun occasion.

Black Toddler Cat Costume

Black Toddler Cat Costume

Cuddle up your baby in this cozy and adorable black kitten look. It’s not only easy to wear but also simple to care for and clean. The coveralls can withstand multiple washes without losing their shape, and they’re machine washable. With a geometric collar, booties, soft fur hood, 3D bow tie, and cute ears, this ensemble adds an extra dash of cuteness to your baby’s look.

Unicorn Princess Toddler Halloween Costume

Unicorn Princess Toddler Halloween Costume

Embark on a magical adventure with this unique princess unicorn toddler Halloween costumes girl! The sweet dress features a lovely mesh top, a sheer overlay, and a satin skirt with a delightful swing shape. Layers of tulle beneath the skirt add extra volume for a truly enchanting look. Complete with wings and a headpiece, this unicorn outfit is perfect for special occasions, making it an ideal gift idea or party favor.

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Shark Classic Toddler Halloween Costume

Shark Classic Toddler Halloween Costume

Get ready to dive into Halloween with our jaw-some shark costume! With tall fins and sharp teeth, your little one will transform into a ferocious ocean predator. Sharks may rule the seas, but with this costume, they can rule the costume party too! No need to stay underwater when you can bring the thrill of the deep blue to the surface. Turn every fear of sharks into an ocean of fun with one of our fin-tastic costumes!

Baby Pig Cute Toddler Costumes

Baby Pig Cute Toddler Costumes

Oink, oink! Your baby will dress like the sweetest little pig in town with this classic toddler cosplay suit. The soft-sculpted and embroidered features on the hood instantly transform your baby into a cuddly farm animal. Plus, attached half-mittens give your baby tiny pink hooves, perfect for grabbing and playing. Diaper changes are a breeze with snaps along the inseam, and your little piggy’s toes will stay cozy in hoof-shaped booties. No need for your baby to smell like a real pig—this costume brings all the cuteness without the barnyard aroma!

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Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster Costume

Dive into the depths of cuteness with our fantastic baby lobster suit! Inspired by these amazing sea creatures, our talented design team crafted this adorable outfit for your baby. It’s a super-soft red and orange jumpsuit made with high-quality construction that’s sure to last. The hood features playful antennae and adorable eyes, while the lobster tail brings the ocean vibes to the back. This costume is not just for Halloween—it’s for creating memories that will last a lifetime!

White Belly Toddler Ghost Costume

White Belly Toddler Ghost Costume

Boo! Your little one will have a ghostly good time stomping around in this white-belly toddler ghost costume. The ghost hood is the perfect addition to this costume, turning your baby into an adorable white-bellied ghost. Get ready for some spook-tacular fun with this charming ghost costume toddler!

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Werewolf Halloween Costumes Toddler

Werewolf Halloween Costumes Toddler

Add a howling good costume to your young child’s collection with this toddler werewolf outfit. Made from high-quality polyester, it’s both comfortable and durable. The cozy jumpsuit features a tail and a rugged buffalo plaid shirt, while the soft fur hood boasts a cute cartoon wolf face with 3D eyebrows, fangs, and ears. The set also includes coordinating booties to complete the werewolf look. Your little one will be the talk of the town with this high-quality costume!

Toddler Police Costume

Toddler Police Costume

Your child will be ready to uphold the law in this adorable toddler police costume! The jumpsuit is complete with realistically embroidered buttons, shirt pockets, and patches, along with a tie, belt, and insignia. Top it off with the police hat, and your child will look like a real hero. This attier is not only sturdy and high-quality but also comfortable and diaper-change-friendly. After all the Halloween excitement, simply hand wash and let it air dry for easy cleanup.

Baby Beagle Puppy Costume

Baby Beagle Puppy Costume

Turn your baby into the cutest little puppy with classic costume! The headpiece features large black puppy eyes and floppy brown ears, along with a wide opening for your baby’s face. Let everyone see that radiant smile even when they’re dressed as an adorable puppy. Woof-tastic fun awaits!

Elephant Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys

Elephant Toddler Halloween Costumes for Boys

For fans of African animals, our elephant outfit is trunk-tastic! This kids’ Halloween costume includes a hood with ears and a trunk, a jumpsuit with a tail, and a bow tie. Whether you’re part of a circus costume group or just want to pay homage to the Lion King, you won’t forget any Halloween festivities with this costume. Your little animal lover will have unforgettable fun dressing up as their favorite pachyderm with our exclusive costume!

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