You are currently viewing 54 Best Boys Halloween Costumes Ideas in 2023
54 Best Boys Halloween Costumes in 2023

54 Best Boys Halloween Costumes Ideas in 2023

54 Best Boys Halloween Costumes in 2023

When speaking of boys Halloween costumes, the options are endless! With all the popular characters like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Batman, The Flash, and Harry Potter, there’s no shortage of great costume ideas. And don’t forget about streaming shows and video games – they’re full of inspiration too. Of course, the classic costumes like ghosts, witches, pirates, and vampires are always a hit.

Now, when it comes to picking the perfect boys Halloween costumes, safety is key. The experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend costumes that are visible at night, so something with bright colors or reflective parts is a good idea. And hey, maybe toss in a Halloween glow stick for good measure. Check that shoes fit well, hats don’t block their vision, and costumes aren’t too long to avoid any tripping mishaps. Keep an eye out for pointy accessories like swords, avoid costumes made from non-flame-resistant materials, opt for nontoxic makeup, and if you can, go for face paint instead of masks.

But with all that in mind, there’s still a world of possibilities! We’ve rounded up the best boys Halloween costumes in 2023, from adorable outfits for the little ones to movie and TV character costumes for the big kids, and even some spooky and fun options for teens and tweens. Need more Halloween outfits inspiration? Be sure to check out our ultimate guides on costumes for boys!

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Super Mario Boys Halloween Costume

Get ready for some super adventures with this Super Mario kids look Whether it’s Halloween, a birthday bash, or just a fun night, this costume is perfect for young gamers. It’s not just a costume; it’s a chance to become one of the most beloved video game characters. These boys Halloween costumes capture Mario’s classic look, from the iconic red cap to the blue overalls.

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Toad Boys Halloween Costumes

Toad Kid Costume

If your little one is a fan of Super Mario Brothers, they’re going to absolutely love to be a Toad. It brings Toad, that lovable character from the iconic video game series, right into the real world. Toad is a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom and is known for being incredibly loyal to Princess Peach. Get ready to take the spotlight in The Mushroom Kingdom. Let’s go!

Bowser Boys Halloween Costumes

Bowser Halloween Costumes for Boys

You know, sometimes it’s a blast to be the bad guy, once put on the Bowser Halloween costumes for boys, they can step into the shoes of Mario’s arch-nemesis this Halloween! Just picture yourself chasing Mario around as he attempts to rescue the Princess, all while rocking this eye-catching yellow jumpsuit with those spiky accents on the sleeves and cuffs. Grab Princess Peach and get ready for an epic quest to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom in some seriously awesome Mario Brothers style!

Kids Shark Boys Halloween Costumes

Kids Shark Halloween Costumes for Boys

Get ready for a tidal wave of cuteness with our kids shark daddy costume! Whether it’s Halloween, a themed party, or a super adorable photo session, your little one will be the most charming and friendly shark in town. Getting dressed up is a breeze with the handy side zipper. And those fins on the back? They add a touch of realism, turning your baby into the sweetest little shark.

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 Batman Halloween Outfit

Batman Boys Halloween Costumes

Let your kids unleash their inner heroes with the Batman hero costumes. Putting it on is a breeze with a simple hook and loop fastener at the back, just in case they need to change into their hero persona in a flash. The hero cape is attached with easy hook and loop fasteners, adding some extra flair. And don’t forget the plastic mask that fits snugly with an elastic band, revealing their true hero identity. But wait, there’s more.

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Blippi Boys Halloween Attire

Blippi Boys Halloween Costumes

When it comes to the coolest Blippi costumes, you’ve hit the jackpot. Get ready to transform your kiddo into the ultimate Blippi superfan! These boys costumes are the real deal, complete with all the iconic Blippi elements. Your child will be thrilled to put on the recognizable Blippi jumpsuit. It promises hours of fun, learning, and imaginative play, just like Blippi himself!

Harry Potter Boys Halloween Outfit

Harry Potter
Boys Halloween Costumes

Hey there, fellow Potterheads! Get ready to dive into the magical world with this Harry Potter Costume. It’s not just any costume – it’s like your child’s official wizard-in-training uniform. Plus, it’s easy to clean with a little hand-washing magic. The Gryffindor patch is crafted with care from felt, and the hood is lined with sparkling satin that’ll transport your kid right to Hogwarts. This outfit totally nails Harry Potter’s movie look.

The Incredibles Dash Boys Suit

The Incredibles Dash Boy Costume

Get ready to jump into the action with Dash Incredibles costume! It even comes with a foam belt that fastens at the back for that extra touch of realism. This costume lets your kids do more than just watch the action; they get to be the heroes. This costume is designed to turn heads and start conversations. And remember, to keep the excitement going, make sure your Dash costume stays in tip-top shape for tons more adventures!

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Link Boys Suit

Link Boys Halloween Costumes

Calling all gamers on a quest for the ultimate Breath of the Wild Link costume! Look no further – the Link Halloween costume is your ticket to an amazing journey filled with fantasy and imagination. It’s officially licensed by Nintendo, so you’re getting the real deal. If you’re itching for a Link-worthy adventure and want your kids to have a blast. Link Boys Halloween Costumes is the way to go. It’s all about bringing the world of Hyrule to life in the most exciting and authentic way possible!


Mandalorian Boys Halloween Costumes

This isn’t an average costume; it’s more like a golden ticket to a grand adventure. It’s made from top-notch materials, so it’s super comfy and looks seriously awesome. Whether it’s Halloween, a dress-up party, or just some good old make-believe, this Mandalorian costume is all about the fun details. Slip into the jumpsuit, don the cape, and put on the molded mask – and voila, boys will be the famous character from a galaxy far, far away. It’s like stepping into the Star Wars world and crafting your very own heroic story.


Kid Stormtrooper Halloween Costumes

Step into the epic Star Wars universe with this Stormtrooper costume for kids. It’s perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or joining thrilling Star Wars adventures. Boys can snag it in small, medium, or large sizes, so they will find that perfect fit. The whole-body suit is comfy, and it’s a spot-on match for the iconic white armor Stormtroopers rock. To complete the look, there’s a 3D half mask that’s a dead ringer for those famous “Buckethead” helmets. Get ready to do some cool stuff for the Emperor!


Warrior Boys Halloween Costumes

Embrace the dark side with this boys Warrior costume that’s inspired by the formidable armor from the original Star Wars movies. The design of the suit captures Vader’s essence perfectly, and boys can even rock the cape on or off. Slip on the 3D half mask, and boys will instantly look like a powerful character with a legendary history. This Star Wars costume guarantees kids stand out and have a blast in the Star Wars galaxy. May the Force be with you!


Baby Yoda
Boys Halloween Costumes

Hey, if your little space adventurer is a Star Wars fan, they’re gonna flip for this adorable baby Yoda costume. It’s perfect for make-believe space adventures, and the best part? It’s easy to clean. With the Star Wars Grogu Costume, your child can join the Mudhorn Clan. The fuzzy robe looks just like Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian show. It’s got soft, furry parts and even a head covering that makes your child look just like Baby Yoda.

Steve Minecraft Costume

Steve Minecraft Boys Halloween Costumes

Our Minecraft Steve costume is a must-have for gaming enthusiasts of all ages because it was crafted with love for fans. As you bring the magic of Minecraft to life, let your child’s imagination soar and their inner explorer shine. They can step into the role of Steve, a fearless builder and explorer, and embark on limitless adventures within their own mind. This outfit reflects their deep affection for the virtual world you’ve all come to cherish


Super Adorable Patrol Chase Boys Costume

The Super Adorable Patrol cHASE costume is seriously cool! It’s a snazzy combo of a finely crafted police uniform up top and adorable puppy legs and arms. Getting your kid into character is a breeze with the handy Hook & Loop fastener tabs at the back. And guess what? There’s a real backpack that comes with it, adding to the fun and realism. With shoulder straps and Hook & Loop fasteners on the flap, your child’s treasures stay safe during their adventures.

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Super Adorable Patrol Marshall Costume

Now, let’s talk about the Super Adorable Patrol Marshall costume – it’s a real winner! These officially licensed costumes come with adorable Dalmatian ears that make your kid even cuter. And just like Chase’s costume, it includes an authentic bag. Both costumes are officially licensed, ensuring top-notch quality and design. Watch as your little hero transforms into a confident firefighter or police officer, ready for imaginative adventures!

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Pikachu Halloween Costumes for Boys

Cute Yellow Baby Kids Costumes Boys

Become the adorable electric-type Pokémon, with this ironic yellow creature costume for kids! Perfect for Halloween, parties, or Pokémon-themed fun. This Pokémon costume for kids is easy to put on and has a secure closure at the back. Plus, it features the signature foam tail, adding to the fun. The costume is made from comfy polyurethane foam, and the molded plastic mask completes the look with cute face. Gotta catch ’em all in style!

The Flash Hero Costumes

The Flash Boys Halloween Attire

Get geared up to take on all kinds of challenges with the Flash costume for boys. It not only gives boys that muscular hero appearance with foam padding but also boasts a dynamic hero design. The attached foam boot covers come with elastic bands to ensure a snug fit. The foam belt, inspired by lightning bolts, adds an electric style, while the cloth hood and mask panel finish off the hero look with a touch of mystery.

Catboy Halloween Costumes for Boys

Catboy Boys Halloween Costumes

This cat boy costume is designed to make your boys look just like the daring Catboy from PJ Masks, perfect for Halloween or dress-up fun. It’s recommended to hand wash or spot clean to keep it looking great for playdates and adventures. Your child’s imagination will soar as they step into Catboy’s hero shoes!

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Gekko Halloween Costumes for Boys

Gekko Boys Halloween Costumes

Transform into the Gekko with a costume, another brave hero from PJ Masks, with this official Gekko costume. It comes with a removable tail and a soft helmet that captures Gekko’s unique look. Whether it’s Halloween or a dress-up party, this Gekko Halloween costume will be a hit. Hand washing or spot cleaning is recommended to keep it in tip-top shape. Let your boy dive into the PJ Masks world and embrace their inner hero!

Tube Dancer Blow up costume

Boys Tube Dancer Halloween Costume

Ever dreamed of stealing the spotlight as an inflatable wacky waving tube man suit? Well, now you can make that dream a reality! Picture the attention boys will command as they strut around in this inflatable costume. Whether it’s for cosplay, parties, or just good old-fashioned role-playing fun, this wacky waving tube man costume is an absolute blast for kids. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, it’s guaranteed to keep the fun going for years to come.

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Astronaut Halloween Costumes for Boys

Boy Astronaut Haloween Costume

Hey there, young space enthusiasts! Buckle up and get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure with our White NASA Astronaut Costume for Kids. This awesome jumpsuit comes complete with embroidered NASA logo patches and all the cool details you’d expect. It’s got a convenient front zipper, snazzy blue accents, and even pockets for storing those essential space tools (or candy, of course). Your little astronaut will be all set for liftoff.

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Banana Boy Halloween Costumes

Banana Boys Halloween Costumes

Calling all parents! The Banana boys costume is an absolute must-have for your little one. Picture the sheer delight on their face as they slip into this banana-tastic outfit. Whether it’s for a themed party or everyday play, this costume promises endless fun. It’s the perfect addition to any kids’ costume collection, ensuring smiles and laughter wherever your child goes.

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Killer Clown Boy Halloween Costumes

Boys Killer Clown Costume Haloween

Looking to up the Halloween games? Our killer clown costume for boys is the perfect choice for Halloween parties or for giving neighbors a good spook during trick-or-treating. With various sizes available, it’s tailor-made to suit your needs. Get ready to send chills down spines and make this Halloween one to remember – it’s the ultimate classic costume for your kiddo taking scare game to the next level!

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Dinosaur Boy Blow Up costume

Boy Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Party animals, this one’s for your boy! This Green Unisex Full Body Inflatable Dinosaur Costume is ready to transform your child’s Halloween and theme parties into a roaring success. This dino-tastic costume is designed to fit kids perfectly and guarantees loads of fun during their Halloween adventures.

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Black and Blue Dragon Boy Halloween Costumes

Black and Blue Dragon Boys Outfit

Parents and caregivers, get ready to be amazed! Picture this: your little one rocking the stage at their school’s costume contest in a captivating dragon Halloween costume made just for kids. Dragons, those legendary creatures with scales, tails, and a fierce spirit, are adored by all. If your kiddo is all about dragon stories, songs, and movies, now’s their chance to step into the dragon’s shoes.

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Cow Inflatable Halloween Costumes

Cow Boys Halloween Costumes

Moo-ve over, ordinary costumes! It’s time for something utterly adorable – the inflatable cow costumes. Just imagine your little one trick-or-treating through the neighborhood in this clever cow costume. It’s beyond cute! With traditional black and white Holstein markings, pink udders on the tummy, and pink decorations on the face. Trust us, no one will be able to look away when there’s a large inflatable cow on the move!

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Sumo Wrestler Boy Halloween Costumes

Sumo Wrestler Boy Halloween Outfit

Get ready to unleash the power of the sumo wrestler costume with this Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Halloween Costume for kids! Strap on the red belt and transform into a mighty sumo wrestler that’s bound to crack up your boys’ friends. The inflatable design ensures you stay comfortable while maintaining their impressive size. This costume is an absolute heavyweight in the fun department!

Chicken Boy Halloween Costumes

Chicken Boys Halloween Costumes

Cock-a-doodle-doo, party animals! It’s time to strut your kiddo stuff with the Ride-on inflatable chicken costume. Step into the feathers of this lively rooster and let the festivities begin. With every step, boys will be the center of attention, spreading cheer and laughter wherever you go. So, gather flock and get ready to rock the party – it’s going to be egg-citing!

The Rake Boy Halloween Costumes

The Rake Halloween Costumes for Boy

Hey, monster enthusiasts! Check out this The Rake scary Halloween costume for boys – it’s perfect for those who want to unleash their inner monster. Ghosts are famous for their spine-chilling screams, and now your child can join in on the eerie fun. Just a friendly heads-up, though: remind them to be careful while trick-or-treating in this mask, as it might slightly limit their vision.

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Pirate Ghost Boy Halloween Costumes

Pirate Ghost Outfit

Ahoy there, mateys! Get ready to add a spooky twist to the classic pirate look with this Pirate Ghost costumes for boys. It comes with a fearsome ghostly outfit, a pirate hat, and a pumpkin bucket for collecting all those delicious treats. Ghost costumes are the classic boys costumes. It will be a hit at Halloween parties when they get trick or treating.


Grim Reaper Boy Halloween Costumes

Grim Reaper Boys Costume

Prepare for some seriously spooky fun with the Red Glowing Eyes Grim Reaper Costume! These costumes for boys will transform your kid into the classic and feared figure of death. It’s got that tattered, eerie look that sets the perfect Halloween mood. And don’t forget to grab the scythe prop for those ultimate Grim Reaper vibes – it’s all about embracing the spooky side of Halloween!

Ninja Kids Costumes Boys

Ninja Halloween Costumes Boys

Hey, young ninja fighter! Get ready to become a real ninja hero today. Whether you’re out collecting treats or playing a hero, this ninja costume has got you covered. This red boy ninja costume isn’t just clothing; it’s an open invitation to let your imagination run wild. With this cool Halloween costume, you can be a ninja hero, save the day, or maybe even sneak some extra cookies – ninja style!

Pirate Kids Costumes Boys

Boys Pirate Cosplay Suit

Ahoy, me hearties! Dress like a Pirate is the best idea for this Halloween. This deluxe set includes everything your little swashbuckler needs for some epic pirate role-play – a hat, jacket, vest, pants, a toy pirate accessory, eye patch, collar, and waist belt. With this premium-quality costume, your young adventurer is sure to steal the spotlight at every Halloween party.

Police Kids Costumes Boys

Police Halloween Costumes Boys

Calling all junior officers! Kids will absolutely love our police boys’ costumes. This set is loaded with a shirt, pants, hat, belt, walkie-talkie, handcuffs, whistle, gun holster, and a shiny police badge. These accessories bring the outfit to life, turning your child into a miniature version of a real police officer.

Jail Kids Costumes Boys

Jail Kids Costume

Ready for some pretend mischief, mate? Dress like the Jail Bird is the way to go! It’s got those classic prison stripe-patterned pants, a numbered shirt, and a matching cap. Your little troublemaker is going to be the star of the party, and he can even spin a fun escape story to go with his costume. It’s a hit at parties and perfect for themed events like cops and robbers.

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Scarecrow Kids Costumes Boys

Scarecrow Kids Costumes Boys

Hey folks, whether you’re a kid, teen, or an adult kid-at-heart, you’re gonna love a Scarecrow boy suit. But hold on, it’s not your run-of-the-mill scarecrow look – it comes with a cool twist! Whether it’s for Halloween parties or dress-up fun at home, school plays, or performances, this costume opens up a world of possibilities.

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Demogorgon Kids Costumes Boys

Demogorgon Costume

Calling all Stranger Things fans who want to give their friends a fright this Halloween! A Demogorgon Halloween costume for boys will transform them into the mysterious world of the show. With its realistic and spine-chilling patterns, including a terrifying flower-shaped face with gnarly fangs, it’s an absolute monster hit. Your kid is going to be the talk of the neighborhood!

Scary Headless Kids Costumes Boys

Scary Headless Boys Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, feed your child’s hunger for spookiness with this scary headless costume that’s unlike anything else. This ingenious outfit turns the wearer into a mad scientist who’s clearly been up to some gruesome experiments. Prepare for some seriously eerie Halloween fun with these scary costumes.

Skeleton Unicorn Kids Costumes Boys

Skeleton Unicorn Costume

Want your little one to make a grand entrance at the Halloween bash? Well, look no further than this unicorn boys skeleton costume. It’s not your ordinary skeleton outfit – it’s a unique fusion with unicorns! If your child adores both unicorns and Halloween, this one’s a no-brainer. Crafted from premium materials, it’s not just cute but comfy and durable too.

Skeleton Knight Kids Costumes Boys

Skeleton Knight Kids Costumes Boys

Attention, young knights and adventurers! This Knight boys skeleton costume isn’t just clothing; it’s a statement of strength and authority. Made from high-quality, rugged polyester and fur, it’s both impressive and comfy. When your child steps into this ensemble, they’ll be the hero of the hour. And if you want to truly make a splash, team up with some skeleton-clad friends to be the life of the party!

Vampire Kids Costumes Boys

Vampire Costumes for Boys

This Halloween, watch your child become the king of Transylvania with the vampire costume for boys! He’s going to cast a spell on everyone as he leads a vampire gang on a mission for Halloween treats. He’ll be the ultimate trick-or-treater of the night, gathering all kinds of spooky goodies. Who cares if he stands out and makes people pretend to run away in horror?

Werewolf Kids Costumes Boys

Werewolf Costumes for Boys

When the full moon rises, it’s time to transform into a scary werewolf! Now, werewolves used to be seriously frightening, but nowadays, they’re more about fun than fear. They go on moonlit adventures, run with their wolf buddies, and even shoot some hoops! These werewolf costume for boys bring out the playful side of being a werewolf, and it’s perfect for your little one.

Baseball Player Kids Costumes Boys

Baseball Player Kids Costumes Boys

Prepare for a spine-chilling twist on your favorite game with the Boy Baseball Player Zombie Costume. If your kid loves both baseball and zombies, our kids costumes boys are a home run. The classic baseball uniform gets a creepy undead makeover with printed blood stains and the word “Zombies” across the front of the pinstripe-patterned shirt. It even has printed buttons, dirt stains, and a foam baseball poking out of the cap. It’s like bringing the zombie apocalypse right to the baseball diamond!

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Inflatable Alien Costume

Ready to blow your friends’ minds? Step into this classic alien blow up costume! With its glow-in-the-dark ears, you’ll look like you’re from another planet. It’s like you’ve been abducted by aliens! Add some outer space vibes to your party and watch the amazement on everyone’s faces. They’ll feel like they’ve stumbled into Area 51! It’s time to say goodbye to your friends, and they won’t forget this encounter!

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Shadow Demon Costumes for Boys

Boys Halloween Shadow Demon Costume

Get your hands on the shadow demon costume! The boys shadow demon Halloween costumes come with a spooky black and white bodysuit that stretches and has a zipper in the back. It also has a see-through hood, so you can breathe and see while you creep around. When you enter a haunted house, one thing’s for sure – you’ll spot a monster. These eerie creatures spend their time haunting rooms and letting everyone know they’re there.

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Boys Fireman Costume

Everything your boys needs to become one of America’s greatest heroes is right here the fireman kids cosplay suit. They’ll have all the tools they need and spend the whole day in a jacket and helmet that look totally official. Kids love playing dress-up, so you can bet they’ll want to wear this outfit over and over! With this costume, they can have hours of fun pretending to put out fires or just practicing new tricks with their buddies.

Medieval Knight Costumes for Boys

Medieval Knight Boy Halloween Costumes

Your young adventurer can journey back to the time of dragons, jousts, lords, and ladies with this kid’s medieval knight costume. Like a true medieval knight, any child needs bravery and valor to face heroic battles. These easy-to-wear boy Halloween costumes will have your little one ready for any medieval quest!


George Washington Boys Costumes

These George Washington boys’s costumes are perfect for US Presidents’ Costume Dress Up Parties, Powdered Wig Costumes, Blue and White Colonial, Presidents of the United States Costume Theme Parties, historical role-playing games, the Legend of America, Halloween costumes, make-believe play, masquerade balls, and more!

Cowboy Costumes for Boys

Boy Halloween Cowboy Outfit

Is your little boy ready for some Wild West action this Halloween? Well, we’ve got just what they need. Get them one of our cowboy outfits for Halloween, and they’ll be all set for a rootin’ tootin’ good time! Check out all our cowboy costumes right here to get them fully decked out. Cowboys lead a rugged life, so their attire has to be tough too.


Renaissance Robin Boy Costumes

Dress your boy up in this awesome Robin Hood costume and watch them become the hero of the town! Forget looted treasure; Robin Hood and his gang of merry children are all about collecting candy this year. They’ll probably munch it all themselves, let’s be honest. So, this Halloween, let your little do-gooder with a swashbuckling spirit go door-to-door in Nottingham wearing this fantastic and carefully crafted costume!


Boys Chucky Halloween Costume

Get your boy ready for their costume party with our kids chucky costume. This fun Halloween costume includes a dungaree top attached to a striped long-sleeve shirt, a realistic wig, and a prop knife. It’s designed with a paper bag style, making it easy to put on and take off while keeping your little one comfy. Your kid can steal the show as the maniac they want to be with this Child’s Chucky costume!


Prince Suit for Boys

This blue prince costume set has everything: a blue top, a belt, two epaulets, and a chest strap, allowing boys to transform into the charming prince they’ve always dreamed of becoming. Let your little one step into the role of a royal prince and dazzle everyone with their regal charm. Whether it’s for a fairytale-inspired event or a themed party, this prince charming costume will make your child feel like true royalty.

FBI Costumes for Boys

FBI KId Halloween Costumes

This all-inclusive set ensures your kid will be the most convincing cop on the block. This FBI costume not only guarantees a realistic look but also provides a safe and comfortable pretend play experience for your kid. This cop costume is sure to be a hit and perfect for any occasion. Your child will feel like a real-life FBI agent or police officer, enhancing their imaginative play.

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