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21 Simple Trunk Or Treat Ideas for Halloween 2023

Be the unique car in parking.

What is Trunk or Treat?

Trick-or-treating isn’t just a house thing anymore – your car can join the fun too, thanks to these brilliant and simple trunk or treat ideas. Picture this: you, your pals, your fam, and your neighbors all coming together at a school or church parking lot. It’s like a mini Halloween carnival right there! Everyone gets to jazz up their car trunks with spooky decorations – think ghosts, pumpkins, and maybe even a friendly monster or two. Then, the magic happens — kids get to strut from car to car, collecting candy and treats along the way. It’s like candy central, but right at your wheels.

Why Choose These Simple Trunk or Treat Ideas?

Family-Friendly Fun

These simple trunk or treat ideas are perfect for all ages. They help establish a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that people of all ages can come together and enjoy the Halloween excitement. From the littlest trick-or-treaters to the young at heart, these ideas ensure no one is left out of the festive fun. So, gather your family, friends, and neighbors, and let the Halloween spirit unite us all in a celebration that transcends generations.


Rest assured, your finances will remain intact – there’s no need to go on a spending spree. These straightforward and simple trunk or treat ideas are here to provide a fantastic experience without putting a strain on your wallet. Halloween fun doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Quick Set Up

Navigating through busy schedules has never been easier – these ingenious ideas come to the rescue, ensuring that you can effortlessly craft a delightful and eye-catching display in mere moments. Life’s demands may be pulling you in all directions, but with these time-efficient suggestions at your disposal, you can still embrace the Halloween spirit without adding stress to your plate.

Some Decorating Simple Trunk or Treat Ideas You May Be Interested in:


Tombstone Trunk or Treat

Transform your trunk into a mini graveyard using a tombstone car decoration kit. With a range of tombstone props, arranging them in your trunk is a breeze. Enhance the eerie ambiance with dim lighting and cobwebs. By adding fog machines to the mix, your car costume party decorations will deliver an unforgettable experience for all the brave souls who venture near.

Spider trunk or treat

Spider Trunk or Treat

Picture your car decked out with a massive, eerie spider sprawling from the trunk. This eye-catching setup is bound to amaze trick-or-treaters and make your car the star of the show. Inflatable spider decorations are readily available, effortlessly attaching to your vehicle and instantly creating a spooky and delightfully fun atmosphere.


Dinosaur Trunk or Treat Inflatable

Let’s join the dinosaur adventure! Suddenly, a giant inflatable dinosaur appears, taking you to a world of dinosaurs. But that’s not all! Imagine this: the dinosaur’s mouth can move, and inside, there’s a bag of snacks waiting for you to grab. It’s a surprise that even little kids can’t resist. Who would say no to yummy treats from a friendly dinosaur?


3D Monster Trunk or Treat

With its vibrant green hue and spooky 3D design, our Monster Face is the ultimate statement piece for your Halloween celebrations. Whether you’re participating in community trunk or treat events or adding a spine-chilling touch to your outdoor decor, the simple trunk or treat ideas are perfect for all ages and your gateway to a world of spooky enchantment.


4 Eyes Spider Trunk or Treat

Introducing the 4 Eyes Spider Trunk or Treat – a spine-tingling addition to your Halloween festivities! With its captivating design, this unique decoration will have everyone in awe as they approach your trunk. Imagine the reactions as four eerie eyes peer out from your vehicle, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and excitement.


Halloween Frankenstein Trunk or Treat

Imagine the smiles and laughter as trick-or-treaters approach your car, greeted by the friendly face of Frankenstein himself. Crafted with meticulous detail, the Frankenstein decor captures the essence of this beloved monster. From the iconic bolts on his head to his characteristic green complexion, every element is designed to evoke nostalgia and create a playful atmosphere.


Cat Trunk or Treat Decoration

This Cat Trunk or Treat playful and charming design will have everyone smiling as they approach your trunk. Imagine a mischievous cat sticking its tongue out, adding a touch of whimsy to your Halloween setup. Crafted with attention to detail and a dash of humor, the simple trunk or treat ideas are ideal for community trunk-or-treat events, adding a lighthearted touch to your outdoor decor, or simply bringing joy to all who pass by.


Skeleton Trunk or Treat Kit

Turn heads and send shivers down spines with the skeleton trunk or treat decorating kits! Transform your vehicle into a bone-chilling spectacle that’s sure to capture the Halloween spirit. Complete with all the essentials, this kit allows you to create a hauntingly skeleton display that will leave trick-or-treaters in awe.


Evil Witch Trunk or Treat

Cast a spell of enchantment over your Halloween celebrations with our Evil Witch Trunk or Treat decoration! Bring the magic of witchcraft to life as you adorn your trunk with the essence of wickedness and whimsy. Whether you’re a fan of classic witch tales or simply want to add a touch of mystery to your festivities, this decoration is the perfect choice.


Witch-Making Poison Soup Decor

This whimsical witch-making poison soup Halloween decoration adds a touch of spooky delight to your Halloween setup. Picture a bewitching witch concocting her magical potion – a scene that’s sure to captivate the imagination of all who see it. Crafted with attention to detail, this decoration brings a unique and playful twist to your Halloween festivities.


Shark Trunk or Treat

Transform your vehicle into a jaw-dropping spectacle that’s sure to make waves. Imagine A vicious shark with an open mouth and fangs comes out of your trunk, ready to surprise and delight trick-or-treaters of all ages. This attention-grabbing display is perfect for community trunk or treat events, ocean-themed parties, or as a thrilling addition to your outdoor decor.


Pink Monster Trunk or Treat

Make your trunk into a playful and eye-catching masterpiece that’s sure to capture the hearts of all who see it. Imagine an adorable pink monster with a long tinsel streamer garland and many balloons popping out from your trunk, adding a delightful touch to your Halloween display. This charming decoration is great for group trunk or treat events, kid-friendly parties, or as a whimsical addition to your outdoor decor.


Halloween Spider Trunk or Treat

This eye-catching inflatable spider is not only adorable but also impressively big – a total thrill for trick-or-treaters. This spooky towering 5 ft decoration comes complete with intricate details and realistic spider webs, setting a spine-chilling mood for your car trunk. It’s a fantastic choice, especially for SUV owners who want standout yet simple trunk or treat ideas.


Crawling Spider Trunk or Treat

Let’s dive into some seriously spooky crafting! Introduce a crawling spider to your scene – attach those massive black spider legs to your car’s sides and back, giving the illusion they’re inching closer to unsuspecting victims. To amp up the eerie ambiance, drape black fabric or streamers for a web-like backdrop, and scatter plastic spiders around for an added scare.


Carnival Trunk or Treat

Ready to throw the ultimate Halloween carnival with this Carnival Trunk or Treat Decor Kit! This kit is a one-stop solution for those seeking fantastic SUV trunk or treat ideas. Bursting with a lively carnival theme, you’ll receive an abundance of decorations that will magically turn your SUV into a dazzling fiesta. From vibrant bunting to twinkling lights and charming signs, this kit provides all you need for a seamless setup.


Clown Trunk or Treat

Elevate your Halloween trunk display with a burst of fun using our comprehensive kit. Boasting a playful clown theme, this kit brings an array of exciting decorations to transform your trunk into a lively carnival spectacle. With cheerful clown banners, vibrant balloons, and whimsical props, the Clown Halloween Decor offers limitless avenues for creative expression.


Dalmatians Trunk or Treat

Capture the magic of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” and bring it to life with a touch of Dalmatian charm. Turn your trunk into a whimsical fire station or a snug doghouse, adorned with adorable Dalmatian spots and sweet paw prints. This incredibly simple trunk-or-treat concept is sure to enchant both kids and grown-ups alike.


Halloween Balloon Trunk or Treat

Infuse your trunk-or-treat event with enchanting whimsy using our convenient all-in-one kit. Packed with lively balloon elements like garlands, banners, and playful props, the Balloon Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Decor guarantees an effortless setup and long-lasting charm. Ideal for those in search of simple trunk or treat ideas that sprinkle joy into Halloween celebrations.


Vampire Trunk or Treat

Step into the enigmatic world of vampires with a kit that effortlessly oozes Gothic charm. Infuse your setup with deep, dramatic colors – think classic black and striking red. Hang up vampire-themed decorations, featuring quirky bats and menacing fangs, directly from your trunk. Elevate the ambiance by draping faux cobwebs and casting a captivating glow with candlelit lanterns.


Unicorn Trunk or Treat

Embrace the magic of unicorns in your car decorations for Halloween and watch the wonder unfold! Splash your vehicle with lively rainbow shades, puffy cloud details, and a touch of shimmer. Adorn the trunk with charming unicorn cutouts and whimsically attach a unicorn horn to the front. With this delightful touch, your car will leave everyone wholeheartedly enchanted by the whimsical realm of unicorns.


Candy Party Trunk or Treat

Transform your trunk into a mesmerizing candy wonderland using this fantastic kit. Packed with a burst of vibrant candy-themed elements, it’s crafted to bring smiles to both young and old. With a range of charming decorations, your trunk will become an irresistible treat for everyone. From lively candy cutouts to playful banners and props, this Candy Party Decor empowers you to let your creativity run wild.

You also deserve to dress yourself!

And hey, do not forget, the best performance is only you and your family wear costumes that match the theme. So, dive into a world of inspiration – from costumes for kids to costumes for adults, blow up costumes to the coolest group dinosaur blow up costumes. Your trunk-or-treat event is about to become an absolute hit!

So there you have it – a collection of 21 delightful and simple Trunk or Treat ideas for Halloween 2023. Embrace the spirit of community and creativity, and get ready for a howling good time!

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