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Best Inflatable Trunk or Treat for Halloween 2023

Planning a trunk or treat this year? Looking for fun theme ideas and the latest 2023 car decoration trends? The solution is inflatable trunk or treat! Our creative designs will make your display stand out at any trunk or treat event, whether it’s at your church or in your community! Plus, by choosing professional décor, you’ll save time and money, all while reducing waste with items that can be used for fall and Halloween decorations. Make your trunk or treat memorable with our blow up trunk or treat options!


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A mouth-opening dinosaur get its head out of your car makes for an easy but hilarious inflatable trunk or treat decoration!

Show your creativity now!

What is Inflatable Trunk or Treat?

Inflatable Trunk or Treat” is a fun and creative way to decorate the back of your car or truck for Halloween. Instead of using traditional decorations, like pumpkins or spiders, you can use inflatable decorations. These are large, air-filled decorations that come in all sorts of shapes and designs, like spooky ghosts, friendly witches, or even scary monsters.

Imagine turning your car into a Halloween-themed masterpiece by attaching these big, colorful inflatables to it. When you participate in a trunk or treat event, where people gather in a parking lot to give out candy from the trunks of their cars, your inflatable decorations will make your car stand out and add to the festive Halloween atmosphere. Don’t forget about trunk or treat games at your Halloween party. Kids will love getting involved!

Visual Appealing

Inflatables come alive with playful shapes and vibrant colors. Their larger-than-life presence injects excitement and wonder into the trunk or treat affair. This transformation creates a dynamic, interactive spectacle, etching a memorable mark on both young trick-or-treaters and adults.

Easy to Setup

Inflatables, with easy instructions and minimal effort, inclusively elevate the trunk or treat event. They enrich the experience for organizers and attendees alike. Whether a seasoned decorator or a newcomer, inflatables’ accessibility ensures effortless contribution to Halloween celebrations, fostering enthusiasm and enjoyment.


Whether you prefer the classic charm of pumpkins and ghosts or seek imaginative wonder with whimsical characters, there’s an inflatable for your vision. Versatile choices empower participants to craft distinctive trunk or treat displays, infusing personal flair and enchantment into the event.

Get ready for an adventure into the world of dinosaurs and spooky spiders! In this section, we’ll share our top blow up Trunk or Treat recommendations. These exciting decorations will take you on a journey to a land of ancient creatures and give you the creeps with spider-themed spookiness. Let’s explore these fantastic ideas that will make your Halloween event truly memorable!

Spider trunk or treat

Inflatable Spider Trunk or Treat

Imagine that: your car decked out with an enormous, eerie spider that stretches its legs right from the window. This show-stopping spectacle is bound to leave trick-or-treaters in awe and set your car apart from the rest. Luckily, Halloween inflatable spider decorations are designed to effortlessly attach to your vehicle, instantly conjuring up a spooky and delightfully fun ambiance. So, gear up to make your car a Halloween sensation that no one can miss!


Dinosaur Inflatable Trunk or Treat

Get ready to dive into a thrilling dinosaur adventure! Out of nowhere, a colossal inflatable dinosaur emerges, transporting you straight into the heart of the dinosaur realm. But wait, there’s more to the excitement! You will see the dinosaur’s mouth is on the move, and guess what’s inside? A stash of delicious snacks, just waiting for you to seize. After all, who can resist the call of scrumptious treats offered by a friendly dino?


Haunted Castle Inflatable Archway Trunk or Treat

Step into a world of spooky excitement with this enchanting castle Halloween inflatable archway! Your car trunk will transform into a realm of Halloween fun that’ll mesmerize everyone. Its intricate design and impressive size will surely make a lasting impact. It is the perfect addition to trunk or treat kits. Just inflate, secure it onto your vehicle, and watch the magic unfold. Get ready for your car to become a haunted hotspot for Halloween delight!


Blow Up Bat Trunk or Treat

Opting for an inflatable bat isn’t just a hassle-free SUV trunk or treat idea; it’s a surefire way to command attention and evoke amazement. These inflatables can be strategically positioned atop your car or placed around your trunk. Their striking appearance ensures they’ll be etched in the memories of trick-or-treaters, leaving an indelible mark of Halloween delight.

Airblown Spider Trunk or Treat

Airblown Spider Trunk or Treat

If you’re aiming to be the star at a Car Costume Party, guess what? This airblown spider trunk or treat is your perfect choice. Imagine this: your car magically transforms into a spider’s lair, ready to spook all who dare to look. With some cobweb magic, your ride becomes the epicenter of the spider’s domain, with a clear message – “Trick-or-treaters, beware, or face the mighty spider’s stare!” So get ready to roll in with some eight-legged flair and claim your Halloween throne!

Zombie Inflatable Trunk or Treat

Inflatable Zombie Trunk or Treat

Get ready to make heads turn and send shivers down spines with our inflatable Zombie Trunk Or Treat decoration! This eye-catching inflatable zombie is your ticket to a delightfully spooky trunk-or-treat adventure. Sporting a vivid green face and realistic details, it’s sure to conjure a bone-chilling atmosphere. Setting it up? A breeze! Then, just inflate, secure it onto your trunk, and voila—your car transforms into the talk of the town. Our Halloween Inflatable Green Face Zombie is your go-to for easy trunk or treat ideas, seamlessly fitting into various trunk or treat themes for an unforgettable Halloween experience.

How to Organize Your Own Inflatable Trunk-or-Treat Event

Wondering how to host your own blowup Trunk-or-Treat event? Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  1. Select a Date and Location: The first step is picking a date and place for your event. Think about when most people can attend, and choose a spot that’s safe and easy for everyone to get to. Places like a church parking lot, schoolyard, or community center are great options.
  2. Gather Supplies: Next, gather what you need. Get the inflatable decorations that make your event special, make sure you have plenty of candy for the trick-or-treaters, and any other stuff you’ll use, like tables and chairs.
  3. Spread the Word: Let people know about your event! Use simple flyers, Facebook, or just tell your friends. Encourage folks to join in the fun by decorating their car trunks in cool and spooky ways.
  4. Set Up: On the big day, arrive early to get things ready. Inflate those fun decorations, mark out where the cars should park, and create a central area where everyone can have fun.
  5. Car Decoration Contest: Have a friendly competition for the best-decorated car trunk. Give out prizes to the folks who come up with the most creative designs. It adds a little extra excitement to the event.
  6. Trick-or-Treat Stations: Arrange the cars in a circle or a line. Make sure each car has candy to share with the trick-or-treaters. This way, the kids can go from car to car, getting their treats.
  7. Activities: You can make your event even more fun by adding games, like a costume contest or setting up a spot for tasty treats. It keeps everyone entertained and happy throughout the event.

By following these steps, you can host a fantastic inflatable Trunk-or-Treat event that your community will love.

How to Organize Your Own Inflatable Trunk-or-Treat Event

Explore More Than Just Inflatable Trunk or Treat:

Inflatable trunk or treat has revolutionized the Halloween tradition, offering a blend of creativity, fun, and convenience. From its easy setup to its eye-catching impact, inflatables bring a whole new dimension to the festivities, allowing participants to create memorable experiences for all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or a beginner, the inflatable offers a captivating way to festivate Halloween with style.

Hey there, don’t forget – the excitement ramps up when you and your crew slip into costumes that totally match the theme. So, dive into our treasure trove of ideas, spanning from costumes for kids, even including those cool blow up costumes and epic group dinosaur blow up costume that will absolutely steal the show at your trunk-or-treat shindig.

At Joyfy, we have a wide range of Halloween inflatable decorations beyond just inflatable trunk or treat. Our specialty includes unique and spooky items like skeleton decorations and black witch dress. Our creativity doesn’t stop there! From funny Christmas inflatables to cute Thanksgiving inflatables and even toy garbage truck, we’ve got everything you need for a fantastic time. So, why wait? Dive into the awesome world of Joyfy and let your imagination take flight!

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