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Get your bathroom in the holiday spirit with our guide to festive Christmas bathroom decor. Elevate your daily routines!

36 Surprisingly Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas to Try

You can infuse holiday cheer into your entire home by finding creative places to decorate for Christmas. Don’t forget to include spaces like the powder room, guest bathroom, and primary bathroom in your festive decor plans.

To add a festive touch to your bathroom, consider decorating with small but impactful items. Such as holiday wreaths, mirror garlands, countertop ornaments, a vase filled with berry branches, scented candles, and holiday-themed hand towels.

Take a look at these beautiful bathrooms decorated for Christmas to get inspired and create a space that will bring joy to you and your guests throughout the holiday season.

Gingerbread House Door Cover 72in x 30in

Gingerbread House Christmas Bathroom Door Cover 72in x 30in

The Door Cover is more than just a decoration; it’s like a door to a sweet world. Hang it on your door, and suddenly your entrance turns into a gingerbread house. This door cover has a life-sized design that adds a fun and welcoming touch to your decor, making your home feel like a delightful holiday treat.

Christmas Bathroom Decor Door Cover and Window Clings Set

Christmas Bathroom Decor Door Cover and Window Clings Set

Transform your bathroom into a welcoming winter wonderland with this decor set. The door cover and window clings aren’t just decorations; they’re like a portal to a holiday escape. They create a charming scene that sets the mood for the season.

Peeking Reindeer Christmas Doormat

Peeking Reindeer Holiday Doormat

The cute reindeer doormat adds a welcoming touch to your home, portraying holiday cheer. Its cozy, wintry details are captured through its muted colors and distinct illustrations. This doormat doesn’t only serve as decoration, but it also catches dirt and debris at the door, keeping your home clean. It’s the perfect piece to add to your front porch, welcoming your visitors with holiday spirit.

For a bathroom that’s brimming with charm, these hanging decorations are a must. Featuring a cute plush gnome and hanging gift tags, they’re not just decor; they’re like a delightful surprise waiting around every corner. Perfect for those who love adding a touch of whimsy to their bathroom Christmas decor.

Hanging Wooden Snowflake Christmas Decor

Hanging Wooden Snowflake Christmas Bathroom Decor

Imagine these wooden snowflakes as the intricate frost designs on a winter morning’s glass. They’re not simply ornaments; they’re akin to winter murmurs. When they hang from your window, your home seems to be a part of a tranquil, snow-covered scenery.

Hanging Wooden Reindeer DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas Hanging Wooden Reindeer Decorations Ideas

It’s time to add some rustic charm to your living space. Make or upgrade wooden reindeer decor that looks adorable during the day and glows with LEDs at night. They will bring an added sense of warmth and enchantment to your home.

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Wreath and Garland for Christmas Bathroom Decor

Wreaths and Garlands are iconic Christmas decorations. Garlands and wreaths are like nature’s way of saying, “Happy Holidays!” Wreaths are those round, festive decorations that make your space feel super welcoming. Garlands are like fancy strings of holiday magic you can hang around. We’ll show you how to use these bathroom Christmas decors to make your room look like a winter wonderland.

Twinkling lights are like the magic touch for your Christmas decor. They make your room feel cozy and festive. Whether you’re going for a warm, golden glow or a colorful, fun vibe, Christmas lights can do the trick. Let’s find out how to use them to make your walls twinkle with holiday spirit.

Hanging Christmas Gnomes Window Decor

Hanging Gnomes Christmas Decor for Bathroom

These small gnomes act as happy protectors of your holiday spirit. Their goal is to add a bit of playfulness to your windows. They stand watch, ensuring that your Christmas decor is bursting with laughter, happiness, and that special touch of enchantment.

LED Flickering Flameless Candles

LED Flickering Flameless Table Christmas Candles

Enjoy an elegant and cozy mood with these LED flickering flameless candles. They give off the serene and authentic beauty of real candles without the risks of an open flame. These candles bring a touch of enchantment to any setting, whether you’re aiming for a romantic ambiance, enhancing your holiday decor, or adding charm to any space. Bask in their flickering radiance and the extra safety of flameless lighting.

Wall Light Christmas Decorations for Bathrooms

Choose your favorite character, whether it’s Santa, reindeer, snowman, or penguin, to light up your walls. These wall light decors aren’t just lights; they’re like a cheerful cast of characters bringing your bathroom to life. With a warm and inviting glow, they set the stage for joyful holiday moments.

Add a touch of festive glass art to your bathroom windows with Christmas window clings. They’re not just decorations; they’re like a whimsical gallery of holiday scenes. These clings are easy to apply and remove, making it a fun and temporary way to infuse your bathroom with the spirit of the season. Perfect for those who want to create a festive view from the inside out.

Christmas Door Cover and Window Clings Set

Christmas Bathroom Decor Window Clings Set

Why limit yourself to just one decoration when you can have a complete set? This package provides the excitement of door cover designs along with the convenience of window clings. It’s akin to a coordinated outfit for your holiday window display.

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Christmas Snowflake Window Clings

Christmas Snowflake Window Clings

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! These snowflake stickers are easy to apply and give your windows an instant snowy effect. You can create a winter wonderland that makes it feel like you’re living inside a snow globe. So grab your favorite cozy sweater and enjoy the view!

Christmas Glitter Snowflakes Window Wall Decoration

Glitter Snowflakes Window Christmas Decorations for Bathrooms

Instead, there are glitzy snowflake stickers on your windows that add a glittery winter touch to your window decoration. It’s not snowing inside. It’s like having your own personal snowfall indoors.

Bring a touch of the outdoors inside with miniature Christmas trees and other greenery for your bathroom. These trees aren’t just decorations; they’re like tiny forests of holiday magic. Place them on your bathroom countertop, shelves, or even the back of the toilet tank for a charming touch of Christmas. Perfect for those who love the idea of celebrating the season in every room of their home.

Pink Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree 12in

Pink Christmas Table Ceramic Tree

Enjoy the whimsical charm of the Pink Table Ceramic Tree this holiday season. It stands at 12 inches tall, making it the perfect size for any tabletop. This tree also adds a vibrant pop of color that complements any Christmas decoration theme. Its colorful lights evoke nostalgia and serve as a great conversation starter at your holiday gatherings. This tree also adds a vibrant pop of color that complements any Christmas decor theme.

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Mini snow frosted bottle flocked trees christmas decorating ideas

Greenery Flocked Trees Vintage Christmas Decoration

Turn your holiday decor into a winter wonderland with these 24 small flocked Christmas trees covered in snow. They’ll transform your home into a magical forest, setting a festive mood. Perfect for table displays, they bring the beauty of nature to your celebrations.

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Frosted urn fillers with cone and red berry christmas decorating ideas

Frosted Urn Fillers with Cone and Red Berry

Add a touch of winter magic with these Frosted Christmas Urn Fillers. They are not just fillers; they are like a burst of holiday happiness for your outdoor decor. The frosted pine cones and red berries create a cheerful and festive appearance. These filters are ideal for embellishing your outdoor urns and will make your home’s entrance feel like a welcoming winter wonderland.

Pre-Lit Christmas House Decorations Garland 10ft

Pre-Lit Christmas Sink Decorations Garland 10ft

Add a touch of holiday magic to your home decor with the 39 LED Pre-Lit Christmas Garland. This 10-foot garland is perfect for draping along railings, mantels, or doorways to create a festive atmosphere. The garland comes with 39 LED warm lights, providing a welcoming glow. It’s an effortless way to infuse holiday cheer into any room of your home.

Christmas-lit Hanging Basket 20in

Christmas-lit Hanging Basket

This pre-lit hanging basket is not just a basket; it’s like a gift of pre-lit cheer. With its pines and berries adorned with lights, it adds a cozy, natural touch to your bathroom. The soft glow creates a tranquil ambiance, perfect for those who want a touch of nature in their holiday decor.

Let your bathrooms decorated for Christmas into a holiday wonderland with a Christmas-themed set. These sets are not just decorations; they’re like a complete makeover for your bathroom. From festive shower curtains and matching towels to holiday-scented soaps and cozy rugs, they create a bathroom experience that’s perfect for those who want every corner of their home to exude holiday cheer.

5Pcs Reindeer Christmas Toilet Seat Cover

Reindeer Christmas Toilet Seat Cover

Add some whimsical holiday flair to your bathroom with the 5-Piece Reindeer Toilet Seat Cover. This seat cover does more than just cover a toilet seat; it adds a touch of holiday magic in an often overlooked area. The designs feature reindeer and other festive symbols that will make your bathroom a merry place. These holiday toilet seat covers are ideal for holiday enthusiasts who want to infuse every corner of their home with some holiday cheer.

10pcs Santa and Snowman Themes Bathroom Decoration

10pcs Santa and Snowman Themes Bathroom Decoration

Turn your bathroom into an enjoyable and festive space with these 10 Santa and Snowman-themed bathroom decorations. These decorations are not just for show; they are like Santa’s helpers, bringing cheer to your restroom. Adding Santa and snowman themes will transform your restroom into a playful and festive spot, perfect for uplifting your mood during every bathroom visit.

5Pcs Christmas Gnome Toilet Seat Cover

5Pcs Christmas Gnome Toilet Seat Cover

Make your bathroom a whimsical retreat with these red Christmas gnome toilet seat covers. They’re not just covers; they’re like little gnomes guarding your thrones. These covers add a playful and festive touch to your bathroom decor. Perfect for those who appreciate a dose of humor during the holiday season.

5pcs Gingerbread Bathroom Decoration Set

5pcs Gingerbread Bathroom Decoration Set

For a bathroom that’s both sweet and festive, this decoration set is a must. It’s not just decor; it’s like a visit to a gingerbread house. With gingerbread-themed pieces, it adds a warm and cozy atmosphere to your bathroom. Perfect for those who want to infuse their decor with the delightful aroma of gingerbread cookies.

10ft Christmas Snow Roll Blanket Decoration 15in

10ft Christmas Snow Roll Blanket Decoration 15in

The 10ft Snow Roll Blanket allows you to bring the enchantment of a snowy day indoors. Just drape it over your windowsills, mantel, or even your tree to create a winter wonderland in your home. This puffy white blanket adds a frosty touch of charm and elegance to your holiday decor.

Beyond that, we’ve got some Christmas bathroom decorations you might have overlooked. Let’s dive into other creative Christmas bathroom decor.

DIY Felt Wall Christmas Tree Christmas Bathroom Decor

DIY Felt Wall Christmas Tree Christmas Bathroom Decor

This DIY Felt Wall Christmas Tree isn’t just a decoration; it’s like a canvas for your holiday creativity. Set the stage for festive fun as you and your family craft your own Christmas tree. With 26 hanging ornaments to personalize, this tree becomes a cherished work of art that captures the joy of the season.

2pcs Christmas Elf White Bathrobe for Doll

2pcs Christmas Elf White Bathrobe for Doll

Dress up your elf doll in cozy style with these two Christmas Elf White Bathrobes. They’re not just robes; they’re like a fashion upgrade for your little elf friends. With these bathrobes, your elves can lounge in comfort and elegance, adding an extra touch of holiday charm to your decor.

6pcs Christmas Bath Bombs with Toys Inside

6pcs Christmas Bath Bombs with Toys Inside

Bath time just got more exciting with these Christmas Bath Bombs. They’re not just bath bombs; they’re like little presents for a relaxing soak. Inside each bomb, a delightful toy is waiting to make bath time an adventure. Perfect for kids and kids-at-heart who want to add a splash of holiday joy to their self-care routine.

6pcs Christmas Characters LED Bath Toys

6pcs Christmas Characters LED Bath Toys

Turn bath time into a colorful luminescent show with these 6 Christmas Characters LED Bath Toys. They’re not just toys; they’re like little companions that bring a festive glow to your bath. Each character lights up in playful colors, making bath time a magical experience. Perfect for adding a dash of holiday cheer to your daily routine.

4pcs Gnome Wine Bottle Covers Christmas Bathroom Decor

4pcs Gnome Wine Bottle Covers Christmas Bathroom Decor

Dress up your wine bottles in holiday style with these 4 Christmas Gnome Wine Bottle Covers. They’re not just covers; they’re like miniature gnome costumes for your bottles. These gnomes add a touch of whimsy and warmth to your holiday table, making your bottles part of the festive decor.

How Do You Make Your Christmas Bathroom Decor?

Certainly! You can easily add a festive touch to your bathroom with some simple decorations. Consider placing greenery, a wreath, a pine swag on the mirror above the sink, or a set of Christmas-themed towels in red, green, or with a snowflake pattern. These subtle touches can transform your bathroom into a holiday-inspired space.

What Decorations Can You Put in a Bathroom for Christmas?

There are numerous Christmas decorations that can be incorporated into your Christmas bathroom decor. Real or artificial greenery, wreaths, flowers, miniature trees, ornaments, scented candles, wall decorations, hand towels, and soaps in festive Christmas shapes and colors, are all your options. If you’re thinking of adding Christmas lights to your bathroom, use small battery-operated LED string lights with waterproof protection.

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