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10 Awesome Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, and churches are buzzing with excitement to celebrate Trunk or Treat. If you’re looking for some fresh and creative ideas to make your church trunk or treat ideas a huge success this year, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we have curated 10 Awesome Trunk or Treat ideas specifically designed for church settings. Get ready to inspire your congregation and create a memorable Halloween experience for everyone!

Trunk or Treat events at churches have gained immense popularity as a safe and enjoyable alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. These events provide an opportunity for churches to bring the community together, celebrate Halloween, and foster a sense of togetherness. To help you make your church trunk or treat ideas a roaring success, we have put together 10 awesome ideas that will dazzle your congregation and leave a lasting impression.

Theme Selection for Church Trunk or Treat


Biblical Adventures:

Take participants on a journey through popular Bible stories like Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, or the parting of the Red Sea. Transform your trunks into mini biblical scenes and let the stories come to life.

Saints and Heroes:

Honor the saints and heroes of the church by creating trunks dedicated to their lives and teachings. Celebrate the faith and courage of individuals like St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King Jr.

Harvest Festival:

Embrace the beauty of the fall season and celebrate God’s abundant blessings. Create trunks adorned with pumpkins, hay bales, and colorful leaves. Focus on the themes of gratitude, abundance, and the harvest season.

Around the World:

Take your congregation on a global adventure by showcasing different cultures and their unique traditions. Each trunk can represent a different country, allowing participants to explore diverse customs and costumes.

Heroes of Faith:

Highlight the inspiring stories of biblical figures and modern-day heroes of faith. Decorate your trunks with symbols of strength and courage, reminding everyone of the heroes that exist within all of us.

Decorating Church Trunks


Incorporate Church Symbols:

Infuse your decorations with church-related symbols such as crosses, doves, or stained glass-inspired designs. These symbols not only add a touch of spirituality but also create a unique and recognizable atmosphere.

Engage the Senses:

Use lights, music, and interactive elements to captivate the attention of participants. Incorporate spooky sound effects or create a mini haunted house experience within your trunk.

Get the Congregation Involved:

Encourage members of your congregation to collaborate on trunk decorations. Organize trunk decoration workshops or contests to inspire creativity and foster a sense of community.

Faith-Based Trunk or Treat Activities

Scripture Scavenger Hunt:

Create a scavenger hunt where participants have to find hidden Bible verses within the Trunk or Treat area. Each verse can be accompanied by a small treat or prize.

Prayer Wall:

Set up a dedicated area where participants can write down their prayers and intentions on colorful paper or sticky notes. Encourage them to pray for others and foster a sense of unity through shared faith.

Bible Character Costume Contest:


Host a costume contest where participants dress up as their favorite biblical characters. Encourage them to embody the qualities and virtues of their chosen character.

Safe and Wholesome Treats

Non-Food Treats:

Offer non-food items like stickers, small toys, or bookmarks. This ensures that children with allergies or dietary restrictions can fully participate in the event.

Healthy Snacks:

Include healthier snack options such as fruit cups, granola bars, or individually wrapped trail mix. These alternatives promote wellness while still providing a tasty treat.

Allergy-Friendly Treats:

Be mindful of common allergies and provide treats that are free from common allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, or gluten. Clearly label allergy-friendly options to assist parents and children.

Engaging the Community

Partner with Local Organizations:

Collaborate with nearby churches, schools, or community groups to host a joint Trunk or Treat event. This expands the reach and creates a larger, more vibrant celebration.

Invite Local Businesses:

Encourage local businesses to participate by sponsoring trunks or providing resources. This strengthens community relationships and showcases the unity between the church and local organizations.

Community Outreach:

Extend invitations to neighboring communities, hosting the event as a way to welcome and connect with new families. Embrace the opportunity to demonstrate love and hospitality to those who may be new to the area.

With these church trunk or treat ideas specifically tailored for church settings, you’re all set to create a Halloween event that will leave a lasting impact on your congregation. Remember to choose meaningful themes, decorate your trunks creatively with Halloween inflatable decoration, incorporate faith-based activities, and provide safe and wholesome treats. With Joyfy engage the community, prioritize safety, and foster ongoing connections beyond Trunk or Treat. Embrace the joy and togetherness that come with celebrating Halloween in a church setting. Have a blessed and spooktacular Trunk or Treat!

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