Novelty Toys

Whether you’re looking for feather pens, carnival games, or slinkys in bulk we have a great selection of novelty toys!

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Parties of any kind require party favors and or novelty toys. Whether you need goodie bags for birthday parties or carnival-like games we have an excellent selection of bulk novelty toys.

Bulk novelty toys

14 unique toy sets are included in the 120-piece assortment of bulk novelty toys we provide. This set will work for many future gatherings in addition to the major one you’re about to have! From toy airplanes that fly to the classic disguise glasses this smorgasbord of toys works with any holiday or party! 

Stuffed animals & plush toys

Check out our 24-piece stuffed animal and plush toys set for all animal enthusiasts or parties with an animal theme. These are not only adorable but also squeezable and make the ideal keychain. Kids might also enjoy hanging these from their bags for school! If you need a bigger animal set for a party or family gathering we have a 36-piece set. With such a wide variety of stuffed animals, this set is great for party games of any kind.


Yieldingtoys aren’t just limited to stuffed animals. We have a 12–piece yielding food set that comes with 6 different yielding food designs. A lot like mochi yielding toys! Whether you’re having a Valentine’s or birthday party these yielding toys will fit into any festivity. They’re also a great hands-on activity and are perfect for stress relief. This could be crucial with a party of a bunch of grade schoolers!