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From glow sticks to LED flashing accessories our party favors will light up any festivity!

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If you’ve ever tried to put on a party, or even been to a party then you know how essential party favors are. Whether it’s a birthday party holiday celebration or even a graduation party, party favors for kids can come in extremely handy in changing the mood of a festivity. As soon as people enter the doorways of a party and are greeted with a bag filled with glow sticks or funky bracelets things lighten up immediately!

Party favor ideas

With so many parties in a year and limited time party favors ideas can be a trying task, especially for kids. You have to find just the right favor that will wow them immediately. Otherwise, you might be at risk of bored children. And when children get bored things can tend to turn nasty.  Our 200-piece glow stick set will be a sure hit as enchanto party favor. And because it comes in a set of 200 pieces these glow sticks will be good to last for many parties!

Cheap party favors

A lot of the time you don’t need expensive kids party favor. Say you’re hosting a huge birthday or classroom party. You need a large number of favors at an affordable price. Our selection of cheap party favor will do the trick! We have a set of 72 slap bracelets that come in various designs for a slapping good time! For an even more hands-on affordable party, favor check out our 60-piece elasticity set. These mini colorful elasticitys come in a variety of happy face designs. Additionally, they provide ample opportunities to play many different types of party games!

Party favors for kids

We have an extensive collection of kids party favors that will suit any party or class size. Our 120-piece assorted bulk party favors come with 14 different toy sets. Not only will it suit a big party but many parties to come! For all the animal lovers or animal-themed parties check out our 24-piece plush animal toy set. Along with being loveable, these are squeezable and work perfectly as a keychain. Additionally, kids can have fun hanging them from their school backpacks!