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For Halloween or a birthday, we have the perfect set of glow sticks for any occasion.

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Parties are often held in the dark or at night. For the perfect nighttime or any-time part accessory check out our glow sticks! Party packs or mini glow stick we have the glowing accessories for you!

How do glow sticks work?

The glow stick might seem like neon magic, but like everything, there’s a scientific explanation. In layman’s terms, hydrogen peroxide reacts with something called oxalate esters, causing the glow stick to light up. The electric neon dye in the stick then reacts with this to cause it to light up!

Are glow sticks toxic?

Glow stick is non-toxic. The ingredients are odorless and pose no harm. The only way glow stick can be dangerous is if the inside of a glow stick is swallowed. Also, the plastic outside can sometimes be a choking hazard. If any of this is consumed call 911 immediately.

How long do glow sticks last?

To say most miniature glow stick is long lasting. On average most glow stick last 8 to 15 hours. In the best situations, some colors can last for over a day! Most glow stick can be reused in the freezer for a day or two.

Glow sticks bulk

We have a wide range of glow sticks available including but not limited to glow stick bulk. These bulk glow stick come in a pack of 200! With that many glow stick you can use them for many parties or environments. They will last for the whole year! Use them to make a glow stick costume or do the glow stick dance as seen on Tik Tok. And then still have many glow stick left over!