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We have a wide selection of shop and cash register toy that is sure to send your little ones into a buying frenzy.

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There are many benefits to toys related to shopping that go unnoticed. These shop and cash register toys are a great way for children to practice and develop many essential skills. Some examples of the skills are but are not limited to, math and social reasoning. When a kid gets behind that little plastic register he or she has to practice how to talk to people. This greatly boosts his ability to differentiate between formal and informal speech. They’ll have a great head start. And will already know how to speak to a teacher properly by the time they enter a classroom environment.

Toy cash register

Our cash register toy is a perfect 2-in-1 in terms of social development. With this toy, kids will not only improve upon their counting, and overall math, skills, but social interaction skills. Not only does this set come with play money but a toy credit card as well. Which is a great way to teach your little ones what ‘credit’ means. And also the different methods of payment we use at a store. This toy register set also comes with different items to buy. Kids will be able to learn the different products and produce vocabulary and the different sections they belong to at the supermarket. Who knows, the next time you take your little one to the supermarket they might be able to tell you what aisle the canned tomatoes are on

Play money for kids

Like our cash register toy, our play money set is a great way for kids to build important skills such as math. Our play money is a great addition to the toy cash register set. Additionally with this toy money set kids will learn different denominations. Along those same lines, they will learn the concept of change. And can practice how much change a cashier owes them after buying something. This set also comes with a toy wallet and many different cards such as the library and driver’s license. Kids will learn not only vocabulary but valuable skills such as how to check out a library book