From a spinning saucer sled to a lighting-fast plastic toboggan we have all the sleds to fix your need for snow and speed

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The plastic snow sled has been around for ages and comes in many different forms. We have all the plastic sleds for whatever your need. If you want to blast down a hill with a son or daughter, wife or mother there is a long plastic toboggan. If you want to have a spinning race or contest with the rest of the family there’s a saucer sled.

Plastic snow sleds

Our plastic snow sleds are the perfect sled for riding solo or having a sleddin’ carpool with friends or family. This long toboggan is made of durable hard plastic to take on any kind of snow or conditions. It’s also the perfect size for three little or two large people. It also has a rope attached to the front so you can pull your little ones up the hill. Dragging your kids is a great feature! It works as an icy stroller!

Saucer sled

For a whole different kind of sledding experience try our plastic saucer sleds. These ufo-shaped saucer sleds are perfect for spinning down a hill or zooming down in the need for speed. We have a great 3-piece selection of saucer sleds in bulk.  And needless to say, this is the perfect option for a small or large family. You can have saucer sledding adventures! With these saucers, a spinning family race was never made more accessible! This 3-piece set comes in red, blue, and green so each member of your family has their unique color. There are also built-in handles for maximum control