Give your child a mental break while improving their fine motor skills with our fidget toys!  

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Fidget toys come in many shapes, sizes and textures. Mostly they are what we call a popping fidget toy. All fidget toys are great not only for improving mental cognition but relieving stress as well. That’s why all fidget toys are not just for kids. We make plenty of fidget toys for adults also! Whether it’s taking a test at school or in between meetings at work, our fidget toys for anxiety work wonders!

Sensory fidget toys for holidays

The holidays are upon us and what great way to festival than our selection of festive fidget toys. We have fidget toys for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Each is pocket-sized or a keychain so you can take them to go. Perfect for showing off at school or your kids playing with friends at a holiday party. Our Christmas fidgets are especially suitable. Decorate your tree with our ornament fidgets or get your kids a fidget toys advent calendar. They’ll be singing the 12 days of popping fidget toy Christmas in no time!

Yielding fidget toys

If you have younger children our yielding fidget toys are just right. Our 28-pack mochi fidget toy set is Valentine’s Day-themed and so incredibly cute. In effect, kids will want to squish them any day of the year.

Fidget toy advent calendar

If you need your kids to stop bugging you about buying them fidgets check out our fidget toys advent calendar. Since Christmas is nearly upon us it’s a perfect gift! We have two options. One set with 24 different fidget yielding toys and another with a mixture of 24 different pop and cool fidget toys

Cube fidget toys

Suppose your kids are Rubik’s cubes fanatics they’re going to go bananas for our cube fidget toys. This infinite cube fidget toy is Halloween themed, however they are great for every day of the year! Whether at work or your kids are at school, these fidget cubes can be used with friends or solo.