Construction, police, or firefighters, we have all the building blocks for your little builder's needs.

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Kids building blocks are essential toys to help develop a child’s problem-solving abilities and complete complex tasks. These three-dimensional toys will help your child with their planning and spatial skills. There may not be a building blocks toy store around every corner. This is specifically why we offer so many options for building blocks. 

Mini building blocks animals

We know that most kids are animal fanatics. For this reason, we offer two different animal building block sets. Our 12-piece Easter Egg set comes with 12 different animals inside each egg. Each animal is comprised of 12 to 24 pieces. Also, our 24-pack of Valentine’s Day Cards each comes with 6 different safari animals. These mini building block animal are therefore a great way to learn about animals and enjoy a holiday at the same time!

Dinosaur building blocks

If your kids are crazy about dinosaurs look no further! We have two great sets of dinosaur building block. These are a great way to not only learn the names of different dinosaurs but also explore your inner engineer. Our 673-piece set includes 6 different dinosaurs that combine to create a ginormous T-rex. Our other set is a 12-pack of Valentine heart-shaped boxes. Each box has a different dinosaur. Additionally, each dinosaur is comprised of 30 mini building block. These are a great way to festival the holiday of love and a child’s love of dinos!

Building blocks unicorn

What better way to festival Easter than a combination of unicorns and building blocks? Sure a bunny is usually associated with Easter, but we wanted to glam it up! And what isn’t more glamorous than a unicorn? Our 6-piece Building Block Unicorn set comes with 6 different unicorns inside each egg. Each unicorn is different-colored and bound to take your annual egg hunt to new magical heights

Building blocks car

n their young lives, most kids have pretended to be police officers, firefighters, or construction workers. That’s why we have created childrens building block that are tailored to these occupations. If your little ones are constantly putting out imaginary fires our 6-piece fire truck set is perfect for them! It comes with 6 different fire vehicles that combine into a giant robot! Each vehicle fits perfectly into a bigger fire truck.