Graduation Cards

Whether you need cards for a high school or college graduation our selection of graduation cards is suitable for any special graduate!

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Graduation is a huge moment in one’s life. That’s why we use a lot of time and effort preparing for it and the following graduation parties. Part of this preparation lies in cards! Graduation cards may seem like an easy thing to buy, but they require time and effort. What kinds of greetings for graduation cards will you use? And what to use for the graduation invitation card? Our selection of graduation cards is diverse and multi-purpose. You can use them as greeting cards, invitation cards, or both!

Graduation card ideas

Graduation card is essentially something that shows appreciation for someone who achieved a great feat. However, graduation card ideas can be hard to come by. They do not have to be limited to the usual paper card. We offer a graduation card box shaped like a graduation cap. This set comes with 72 cards and envelopes so the guests at your party can write a fun note and stick it in the box-hat slot!

Graduation invitation cards

We also have a wide array of funny graduation cards to choose from. This set comes with 9 different card designs and 72 cards and envelopes. They come in honorary black, gold, and white colors and can be used as a graduation invitation card or the graduation card itself!

What to write in a graduation card?

To say the least it’s difficult when trying to write a message inside a graduation card. You want to write something meaningful without writing too much. We are here to help! Any of our graduation card sets have encouraging phrases on the front and inside such as ‘Congrats’ and ‘You did it!’ Though these are simple they give you a buoyant and simple place to start crafting your message. You can then write what you feel without having to state all the obvious sayings related to graduation.

Graduation thank you cards

A big part of graduation is the thank you card. These graduation thank you cards are essential as they show appreciation to friends and family who attended the graduation. Any of our sets of graduation cards can also be used as thank-you cards. And since many of our sets come in packs of 72 you’ll not only have enough for thank yous but invites as well!