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Whether it’s ring toss game or matching game we have all the kids party games and themes to keep the little ones entertained!  

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Party games for kids may seem easy. In the past, all it took was a pinata and everyone was happy. These days though, things have changed. Every kid has a smartphone and limited attention. That’s why we have created kids party games that will make them forget their phones ever existed! Check out our wide and diverse selection of bean bag toss games that will provide ample fun and an informative and cognitive-enhancing experience!

Match game

Boys(and some girls!) love dinosaurs as a mother loves their children. Some boys love dinosaurs more than their mothers! Because of this, we created a dinosaur match game that will not only excite the prehistoric reptile interest but teach them a thing or two in the process! This game comes with many cards that kids have to match like a classic memory game. To play they have to learn the names of the dinosaurs. How cool is that!

Make a face sticker pad

Sometimes you have a kids’ party and you need an activity like face painting but without the mess. These animal stickers are it! From unicorns to monkeys, this set comes with 36 sticker sheets, each with a different animal. Kids can build an animal face or swap parts and create their animals! Not only is it fun but promotes social interactions and skills!

Pin the horn on the unicorn game

We’ve all played, or at least heard of, pin the tail on the donkey. Try telling a birthday party of 6-year-olds that you’re going to play it and you might be met with a chorus of yawns. If not you are probably yawning from this tired game. That’s why we decided to come up with a pin the horn on the unicorn game! This game not only comes with a pretty unicorn poster but a unicorn blindfold as well. They may say boys don’t like unicorns, but pull this out at a party and see how fast they switch sides!

Ring toss game

If you have an outdoor, or big indoor party, we offer a carnival-themed ring toss and bean bag throwing game. Cause let’s face it, if you’re having a party outside kids don’t want to be confined to the picnic table! This carnival set will give kids a choice between a classic ring toss or a bean bag toss game. Or heck even both!