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Whether you need gift bags for a birthday or a gift box for an office party, we have party bags for any festivity!

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Another year means another long line of parties and holiday festivities. This also means presents! That doesn’t have to mean, though that you have to use the same boring gift wrapping paper or gift bags. We know it can get kind of boring using the same old paper to house your gifts. That’s why we offer a wide variety of wrapping paper and boxes that are so exciting they might become the most memorable part of your gift!

Bulk gift bags

If you need reusable gift bags that are colorful and environmentally friendly at the same time check out our cartoon gift bags. Not only do these come in fun cartoon animal designs but they are made of long-lasting polyester cloth. You can either keep reusing them as future birthday gift bags or give them out as party favors!

Kraft gift bags

If you need something plain and in large quantity check out our paper kraft gift bags. These come in plain brown and are ready for you to decorate. They’re also a great idea for a birthday party activity. Kids can design their goody birthday gift bag! And since they come in packs of 100 they’ll last for the whole year!

Gift wrapping paper

Sometimes we don’t want crazy colorful paper. Sometimes what we need is something plain gift wrapping paper. But plain can often be hard to find. That’s why we came up with plain tissue wrapping paper. This brown paper is versatile as it can be used as wrapping or gift bag stuffing! It also comes in a pack of 150 so it’ll last you all year!

Gift boxes

If you’re looking for the perfect plain white gift boxes, small gift boxes, or chocolate gift boxes that either you or your partygoers can decorate check out our white gift boxes. These are great for gifting presents or food such as cookies and cakes. They come with stickers to seal them which gives them a professional finish. Partygoers might ask you what bakery you got them a cake from!