The hanging ghosts for trees is sure to make your guests scream with delight! 

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How to Choose Your Tree Ghosts?

There are several different styles of Tree Ghosts, so you can find one that matches your needs. If you have a tall tree, the hanging ghosts for trees may be the best choice because they can be seen from far away. If you have a small tree and want something that will hang low enough for people to see up close. Then the hanging witches might be better suited for your needs.

Halloween Witch Tree Ghosts

Hanging a tree ghosts is a great way to add a little extra spookiness to your Halloween decorations. You can purchase them at any craft store or at Joyfy. I had to have this one because the witch is holding her broom and you can see all the spiders crawling out of it! It’s a must have!

Hanging Ghosts Tree Ghosts

These hanging ghosts are so cute and easy to use, I love them. They come with everything you need: ribbon, lights and even a battery operated timer. So you don’t have to remember to turn them off when you leave your home. All you do is put on the lights and hang them up, by tying them on with string or ribbons.

They look amazing when they light up at night, especially if you hang them from an outdoor tree branch or balcony railing. The best thing about these lights is that they are perfect for inside as well as outside because they can be used indoors during Halloween season too!