Halloween Tombstones are simple to use and extremely reasonably priced.

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Foam Tombstones

There are many different types of Halloween Tombstones available in the market today, some are made from foam while others are made from plastic and wood. The foam ones are very light and easy to carry around, while the plastic ones are durable and last longer than the foam ones do. The wooden ones can be painted or stained with any color or design you want so that they look great in any setting.

How to Make your own Tombstones?

To make your own tombstone, first choose a shape that you like. You can easily find pre-cut foam boards at most craft stores or online retailers. Most of these shapes come in black or gray, but you can paint them if desired.

Next, draw on the letters you want on the stone. Don’t know how to draw letters or numbers in calligraphy style? Use stencils or stenciling pens instead of markers or crayons for best results. You may also want to use stickers for decorations such as spider webs or hanging skeletons.

Once stencils are in place, paint over them with white acrylic paint. Then using a sponge brush or sponge roller depending on what kind of finish you want on your tombstone. Some people prefer a flat finish while others like more texture so that their tombstones look more realistic when illuminated by LED lights during Halloween night parties