Christmas specialty lights are fun to decorate your house, trees, lawn and hedges with

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Christmas specialty lighting include the classic Christmas tree lights and icicle lights, but also more unique choices like candy cane lights and candy cane icicle lights.

Christmas Fairy Specialty Lights

One of the most popular ways to decorate your tree is with fairy lights. These little lights are perfect for giving your tree a more magical look at night. They’re also great for use in any room where you want some extra light during the day or night.

Christmas Meteor Shower Specialty Lights

Meteor showers are exciting events when viewed from Earth’s surface — but what if they were visible from space? That’s what happened during a recent meteor shower when astronauts aboard the International Space Station recorded video of the event! Now you can bring that same experience into your own home with meteor shower Christmas lights!

Star String Specialty Lights

Starry nights are one of nature’s most beautiful sights — especially when seen from above! These star string Christmas lights will bring that same experience into your home so that everyone can enjoy it!

Christmas Tree Specialty Lights

Christmas tree lights are probably what most people think of first when they think about Christmas specialty lights. These are the traditional sets of colored bulbs that come in red, green and blue along with white ones as well that hang from branches on trees or bushes. They can be used to decorate any type of tree, whether it’s one made out of wood or one made out of PVC pipe. You can also use these sets as garlands around windows or doorways inside your home or apartment building as well as outside if conditions allow it.