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Inflatable Halloween Decorations offer endless possibilities for transforming your space into a festive wonderland. Our curated list of the top 10 Halloween inflatables ideas for 2023 ensures there’s something for everyone, from cute ghosts to towering reapers. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the wide range of styles and sizes available. With these versatile decorations, you can create a personalized Halloween experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Get ready to celebrate with confidence and bring your Halloween vision to life using our Inflatable Halloween Decorations.

2023 Top 10 Halloween Inflatables Ideas

Are you ready to take your Halloween decorations to the next level? You don’t need to search any further than our awesome selection of inflatables! We know that finding the perfect decor for your Halloween party can be a daunting task, but fear not, because we’ve got you covered. Joyfy.com has curated a list of the most ideal inflatable decorations to help you transform your home into a haunted wonderland. Keep scrolling to find the perfect decoration that will make your house the talk of the town this Halloween now!

The Most Creative Halloween Inflatables

Hey there, Halloween enthusiasts! Stop searching high and low for the best Halloween inflatables 2023. We’ve got you covered with our wickedly creative collection! From evil witches and UFOs to giant octopuses and floating spiders, these blow ups are sure to be a hit with trick-or-treats of all ages. And the best part? You can let your imagination run wild and come up with your own unique designs to really catch everyone’s eyes with Joyfy’s collections. So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and start decorating your yard with the most imaginative house decor ideas.


Inflatable Witches Making Poison with Real Bubbles

Well well, looks like you’re ready to bring the spooky season to life with some hauntingly good decor! Well, look no further than this Inflatable Witch, complete with cauldrons bubbling over with real bubbles! This unique witch decoration, with a built-in bubble machine, will have your guests feeling like they’ve stumbled upon a coven of real witches. And the best part? No need to worry about any actual poison! So go ahead and add some enchantment to your yard with this inflatable witch.


Inflatable UFO for Multiple Decoration

Step into the extraterrestrial realm this inflatable UFO! With its realistic design, your house will be the envy of the neighbors! It comes with a built-in fan for quick and easy set-up, and pairs perfectly with other alien-themed decorations like costumes and floating balloons with your own creativity. Get creative and transform your yard into a cosmic wonderland that’s out of this world. Don’t miss out on the chance to take your house decor to a new height!


Octopus Tentacles Window Breaker Inflatable

Hold onto your hats, because our Tentacles Octopus is about to make a splash! Transform your window into a scene straight out of a thrilling deep-sea encounter with the help of three amazing tentacles. With three tentacles of different sizes, add a dash of intrigue and laughter to your Halloween festivities. And those pointed tips? They’re just the icing on the cake—perfect for poking a little fun into the Halloween season. Time to unleash the power of the sea now! 


Giant Floating Spider Inflatable

Imagine looking up and seeing a giant spider floating above your head! With our 8-foot Giant Floating Spider, you can bring creepy-crawly fun to your own yard. This spider’s got some big feet, and its design makes it look like it could actually be floating in the air. It’s the perfect addition to any Halloween display that needs a little bit of spookiness. Your neighbors will be impressed and slightly terrified at the same time!

The Animated Halloween Inflatables Will Surprise the Guests

Get your Halloween decor on point with our collection of animated Halloween inflatables! These spooktacular decorations are sure to bring your yard to life and turn your home into a haunted haven. From cute cats to scary monster trees and everything in between, our blow ups come in all shapes and sizes to fit the theme. Why go for dull decorations when you can elevate your Halloween game with Joyfy’s animated blow ups and have the spookiest set up in the neighborhood? Let the frights begin!


Cute Pumpkin Inflatable Animated Cat

Well, well, well, look who’s decided to join the Halloween party! It’s the Inflatable Animated Red Eye Witch’s Cat! This feline is no ordinary cat, with its glowing red eyes and eerie animation that’s sure to give your guests a fright (or a chuckle, depending on their sense of humor). You can pair it with a witch costume or some other creepy decor to really get into the spirit of the season. This cat is the perfect addition to any Halloween-themed setup, so don’t be afraid to let it out of the bag!


Animated Pumpkin Eating Human Inflatable

Oh no, it looks like this pumpkin has developed a taste for human flesh! The 5ft inflatable pumpkin-eating human is sure to give your guests a good scare. This spooky decoration features a gaping mouth that looks like it’s about to swallow someone whole. Have no concerns, it’s all in good fun – no actual humans will be harmed in the making of this Halloween display.


Animated Witch Cooking Frog Inflatable

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this Witch Cooking Frog Blow Up. This 5ft tall witch is stirring up trouble in her cauldron with a poor little frog spinning around inside. It’s like a scene straight out of a fairytale, except with a spooky twist. The frog spins around and around as the witch stirs her brew, creating an eerie and entertaining display for all your Halloween guests.


Animated Scary Monster Tree with Ghost Inflatable     

Hold on tight and prepare for a spine-tingling adventure as our Scary Monster Tree with Ghost inflatable casts its ghostly spell over your entire yard! Standing at 5ft tall, this animated tree is sure to send shivers down your spine. Watch in awe as creepy ghosts emerge from its menacing mouth, creating a scene straight out of a horror movie. Trust us, your neighbors won’t be able to resist taking a second look.

Trunk or Treat Inflatables

Get into the Halloween spirit with our trunk or treat! These larger-than-life decorations are perfect for dressing up your car or truck for a fun and mysterious event. With a wide range of options, from friendly creepy spiders and bats to Dinosaurs and Haunted Castle, you’re sure to find the perfect decoration to match your Halloween style. And with easy set-up and storage, you can quickly transform your vehicle into a wonderland that will delight kids and adults alike. Pump up your celebration and leave the bland decorations behind with Joyfy’s exclusive trunk or treat ideas!


Black Spider with Huge Legs Inflatable

Caution: Enter if you dare! The black spider is crawling into Halloween season! With eight feet and big legs sticking out of the window, this blow up spider is the perfect trunk decoration for your car. Just imagine pulling up to a party with this big guy sticking out of your trunk, it’s sure to impress. Fear not, he won’t bite, but he’s guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. This creepy-crawly decoration is a must-have for your trunk to add a touch of spookiness and get everyone buzzing with excitement!


Dinosaur Trunk or Treat Inflatable

Roarrrr! Brace yourself for a hilarious prehistoric invasion with our Dinosaur Trunk or Treat Inflatable! With its big teeth and animated mouth, it’ll make it look like a dino has taken control of your trunk and is ready to go on a candy-seeking rampage. It’s like Jurassic Park meets trick-or-treat fun! Just make sure to have plenty of dinosaur-sized candy ready to appease these ancient party crashers. 


Bat Trunk-or-Treat Inflatable

Bats on your car? Yes, please! Our Bat Car Trunk Blow Up is the perfect way to add some eerie fun to your Halloween decor. With its big eyes and wings, this 6 ft inflatable is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re heading to a trunk or treat event or just want to show off your Halloween spirit, our Bat Car is the perfect way to do it.


Haunted Castle Trunk or Treat Inflatable

Bring the spooky vibes to your trunk or treat with this haunted castle inflatable. With its ghostly apparitions and grinning pumpkins, it’s sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. At 6 feet tall, it’s impossible to miss and will make your car stand out among the crowd. So why settle for boring decorations when you can have a haunted castle on wheels?

The Best Halloween Inflatables for a Kid-Friendly Display

Are you ready to make your Halloween display kid-friendly and still spooktacular? Don’t search any longer for Halloween blow ups that will bring screams of delight (not fright!) from your little ones! Joyfy.com provides exclusive blow ups that are the perfect mix of cute and creepy, with everything from hilarious witches to adorable ghosts. Not only will your kids love them, but they’re also easy to set up and take down, so you won’t have to spend all day wrangling decorations. Get ready to have the best show on the block!


Witch Crashing Into Tree Inflatable 

You won’t be able to resist cackling with delight at the Inflatable Witch Crashing into a Tree! With its humorous design, it’s the perfect addition to your Halloween decor. You’ll love watching as the witch gets stuck in the tree. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of witchy humor to your Halloween yard decoration, and your trick-or-treats will get a kick out of it too. 


Pumpkin Wizard Photo Booth with Ghost Inflatable 

Say cheese and let the Pumpkin Wizard Photo Booth with Ghost Inflatable work its spell! Standing an impressive 7 ft tall, this larger-than-life pumpkin is the perfect companion for your Halloween photo adventures. With its charming wizard’s hat and friendly ghost, it’s a photo booth that’s sure to cast a spell of laughter and fun.


Ghost Struggling to Carry Candy Bags

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a ghost carrying a candy bag? Yes, you read that right! This little ghost is on a mission, determined to bring Halloween cheer to their ghostly friends. The candy bag might be heavy, but nothing can stop this cute little ghost from completing its mission. So next time you see a ghost struggling with a heavy load, don’t hesitate to lend a hand (or maybe just a smile).


 Blow Up Hanging Flying Dragon

kiddos are going to love this one! Introducing the Hanging Flying Dragon, the perfect Halloween inflatable for kids who love a good scare (but not too scary!). This dragon hangs from your porch or yard tree, and its wings flap in the wind like it’s ready to take off. Don’t worry, it won’t actually fly away, but it’ll sure look like it’s about to! 

The Classic Halloween Inflatable Decorations

You can’t go wrong with the classic Halloween inflatables. They’re like the pumpkin spice latte of decorations – they never go out of style. At Joyfy.com, we have a variety of classic and unique blow ups to choose from, like the Spooky Warlock, witch’s cat in pumpkin and the towering ghost and skeleton dinosaur. And let’s not forget about the green alien tree hugger – he’s out of this world! With these timeless decorations, your Halloween festivities are sure to be a hit.


  Inflatable Jumbo Spooky Warlock

Watch out, there’s a new warlock in town and he’s larger than life! This Jumbo Spooky Warlock is perfect for scaring your neighbors and giving trick-or-treats a good laugh. Who needs a guard dog when you can have this 8ft inflatable giant with a menacing look on your front lawn? Plus, he’s easy to set up and deflate, so you can store him away until next Halloween.


Pumpkin with Witch’s Cat Inflatable

It’s time to get your Halloween decorating on point, and what better way to do it than with our Pumpkin with Witch’s Cat set? These seven pumpkins are ready to party, and with their trusty black cat by their side, they’re sure to have a blast. Just set it up today and let the fun begin!


Witch’s Cat in Pumpkin Inflatable 

Meow’s the time for laughter! This playful purple kitty snuggly situated inside a pumpkin is your go-to companion for an evening filled with giggles. Its silly tricks and humorous expressions are guaranteed to keep everyone in stitches. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture some priceless moments with this charming joker.


Blow Up Skeleton Dinosaur 

Look who’s stomping into your yard! It’s our Skeleton Dinosaur inflatable, and he’s ready to party! This 8 ft tall dino features a big open mouth and a friendly demeanor that’s sure to delight all your guests. Whether you’re hosting a Jurassic-themed party or just want to add some prehistoric fun to your Halloween décor, this inflatable is the perfect way to do it.

Inflatables for Small Spaces Decorations

If you live in a small apartment or have limited outdoor space, don’t worry! You can still decorate for Halloween with our inflatable options that are perfect for small spaces. Check out our giant green eyeball that will definitely catch the attention of your guests. Or add some scares with our ghost flying through the window or kaleidoscope spider crawling on the ground. And for a touch of whimsy, try our green alien tree hugger. All of these inflatable decors are available on Joyfy.com, so you can easily make your small space spooktacular.


Big Green Eyeball Inflatable

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and then – BAM – you come face to face with a pair of green eyeballs staring at you. It’s not every day you get to experience that kind of frightful encounter, but with our Big Green Eyeball, you can catch guests off guard. By the way, it’s only 4 ft tall, who needs a boring old pumpkin when you can have a pair of green eyeballs watching over your yard!


Scary Ghost Flying Through Window Inflatable  

Ready to give your neighbors a fright? This Scary Flying Ghost stands at 3.5 ft tall, but packs a big punch of energy! It’s perfect for achieving that creepy effect! Hang it in a window and let the ghost appear to be flying out of the window, catching everyone off guard. This decoration is guaranteed to make a lasting impression with its realistic design.


Kaleidoscope Light Inflatable Skull Blow Up

Welcome to the grooviest Halloween party in town! And what’s a Halloween party without some funky decor? Check out this Kaleidoscope Light Inflatable Skull! This colorful skull is sure to catch everyone’s eye with its rotating kaleidoscope lights. Standing at only 4ft high, it’s the perfect choice to add some psychedelic vibes to your gateway. Plus, it’s inflatable, so it’s super easy to set up and take down. Just plug it in and let the good times roll!


Green Alien Tree Hugger Inflatable

If you want to add a quirky touch to your Halloween decor, this Green Alien Tree Hugger is perfect. Let this friendly extraterrestrial wrap its long arms around your tree or columns and watch as trick-or-treats do a double-take. With its vibrant green color and big goofy eyes, this Halloween blow-up is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

Giant Inflatable For Big Yard

No idea about outdoor Halloween decorating? Then go big with our giant blow-up decorations! Our giant ghost walking from the flaming fire will give anyone a good scare, while the giant alien will catch everyone’s attention. And don’t forget our Halloween tree biting a pumpkin or the hell carriage driving with ghost fire, perfect for creating an eerie atmosphere. Take a look at Joyfy.com to explore our wide range of massive Halloween inflatable decorations that are sure to turn heads in your neighborhood.


Towering Terrible Spooky Ghost Blow Up

Hold on to your hats, because the Towering Terrible Spooky Ghost is coming to haunt your Halloween! This 12 ft ghost will tower over you with its big, open mouth and sharp claws. You better watch out, or it might just swoop down and snatch you up! No reason to panic, this friendly ghost just wants to add some eerie excitement to your Halloween festivities.


Giant Grim Reaper with Red Face LED Inflatable 

Hey you!, get ready to meet the big bad Grim Reaper with a red face! Standing at a whopping 12 feet tall, this guy is not one to mess with. He’s got his trusty scythe by his side and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Worry not, this mischievous specter is on a mission to deliver a dose of Halloween merriment and wouldn’t pass up the chance to join you in capturing some unforgettable photos along the way. So come say hi to if you dare!


Giant Alien Wave Claws Inflatable

Do you believe in aliens? You will after you see the Giant Alien Wave Claws! Standing at a whopping 12 ft tall, with its menacing red eyes and wriggling claws, this extraterrestrial monster will make you feel like you’re on another planet. Just remember to keep your distance – you never know what kind of tricks this alien has up its sleeve.

Long Carriage Driving with Ghost Fire Inflatable

Hop aboard the Long Carriage driving with ghost fire Inflatable and let the Skeleton Ghost chauffeur you through a hair-raising adventure! As you enjoy the ride, take in the mesmerizing sight of the head of the skull illuminated by ghostly fire, adding a touch of spectral allure. It’s a thrilling experience that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. Jump on it now!

The Best Halloween Inflatables Archways

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to… look at! That’s what your little goblins will be saying when they see Joyfy’s collection of the best Halloween inflatable archways. These towering decorations feature all kinds of thrilling characters, from skeletons to ghosts to witches. Just like a door to hell! And with their easy-to-inflate design, you’ll have them set up in no time. So go ahead, give your neighbors something to talk about this Halloween decoration 2023!


Inflatable Haunted House Archway

Step into the darkness with this haunted house archway. This Haunted House Archway inflatable decoration is sure to give your front yard a mysterious vibe. With spider webs, bats, and ghosts on it, the archway itself resembles a gateway to the underworld. Use it to welcome trick-or-treat or to add a touch of horror to your Halloween party. You’ll love how it adds an eerie atmosphere to your home.


Giant Archway with Spooky Characters Blow Up 

Experience the eerie charm of Halloween with this 10 feet tall archway decorated with spooky characters, including ghosts, witches, skulls, and pumpkin lanterns. With its bright colors and playful design, it’s perfect for those who like to keep things light-hearted during the Halloween season. This archway is sure to make an impression on anyone who sees it.

The Most Affordable Halloween Inflatables 

Who says inflatable Halloween decorations have to be expensive? At Joyfy.com, we have the most affordable options that won’t break the bank. Choose our ghost with trick or treat flag or pumpkin tumbler wearing a hat for a cute and budget-friendly option. Or go for our ghost pumpkin flying in the sky or cute zombie welcoming you home for a touch of humor. With our affordable blow ups, you can decorate your home without worrying about the cost.


Cute Ghost Twining Around Tree Inflatable 

No more boring old cobwebs, just this cute ghost! At 5ft tall, it’s the perfect size to add a touch of cuteness to your Halloween decor without taking over your whole yard. Plus, it’s affordable at under $30, so you won’t have to sacrifice your candy budget to have a spooktacular setup. Trust us, your neighbors will be green with envy when they see this adorable ghostly decoration adorning your tree.


Blow UP Pumpkin with Witch Hat

Level up your yard game this Halloween with our 5ft-tall Pumpkin with Witch Hat inflatable! It’s the not-so-secret weapon to unleash some serious festive fun without spending a scary amount of money. And guess what? This incredible find is priced at under 30 dollars, leaving you with plenty of cash for more tricks and treats! With its cute and whimsical design, this pumpkin will enchant both the young and the young at heart.


Stacked Pumpkins Inflatable

Spice up your Halloween decorations with our Stacked Pumpkins inflatable! Standing at 6ft tall, this inflatable features four pumpkins stacked together to create a unique and eye-catching decoration for your yard. And the best part? It won’t break the bank! (no more than $45! )Affordable and easy to set up, this inflatable is sure to impress your neighbors and make your yard the talk of the block.


Skeleton Unicorn Blow Up

Unicorns and skeletons may not seem like a natural pairing, but trust us – the Standing Skeleton Unicorn is a match made in Halloween heaven. Standing at 5 feet tall, it serves as the perfect guardian for your front door. Bringing an enchanting touch to your Halloween decor. And the best part? It’s available at an affordable price of no more than $40! So why wait? Let the enchantment begin with this delightful Standing Skeleton Unicorn!

At Joyfy, we go above and beyond to cater to all your Halloween decoration needs. In addition to the incredible range of products mentioned earlier, we offer a vast selection of over 100 different inflatables that are bound to spark your creativity. Our website is a true one-stop shop for all your festival decoration needs, providing an extensive range of categories to explore. From spooky animatronics like our standing clown to trunk or treat decors, costumes, and Halloween novelty toys, we’ve got it all covered. Rest assured, you’ll have a blast browsing through our website and discovering fascinating yet affordable products for your Halloween decor.

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From scary creatures to sweet treats, we have everything you need to create the perfect party atmosphere. Our team of experienced professionals will help you find exactly what you need for your next celebration! 

If you are planning on decorating for Halloween this year, consider some of these blow up Halloween decorations that will add to the fun of this spooky holiday!We offer a variety of options including: Halloween inflatable pumpkin, Halloween inflatable spider, Halloween inflatable dragon, Halloween inflatable archway, and more!

You might think about include them in your collection of decorations, but you undoubtedly also have some concerns. How can I maintain inflatables upright to keep the yard looking perfect, you ask? Some people are worried about cleaning inflatable decorations and other electronic decorations may cause some safety issues.Your other concern might be whether inflatables can get wet since it can rain around Halloween. So, no need to worry! We’ll address any of your concerns with inflatable Halloween decorations and offer suggestions to make your yard as spooky as possible! Check out details in our Halloween inflatables guide today!

How to keep inflatable decorations standing?

Inflatable decorations include string and yard stakes to anchor them to the ground. These stakes keep the inflatable stable and upright. Before you do that, inflate your decoration with the fan—this will help you position the stakes correctly. Pull the strings as tight as you can and drive the stakes into the ground. Check that everything is in place, and you’re ready to frighten and delight the neighbors! Keep an eye on them and adjust them if the weather turns bad.

Can inflatable Halloween decorations get wet?

They certainly can! Inflatables are made of weather-resistant fabric, so they are resistant to rain. Most of the time, the fan is water resistant, but do not submerge it for an extended period of time. They’ll work perfectly as long as you keep them out of puddles so the fan doesn’t get flooded.

The mud kicked up by the rain may cause your inflatable to become dirty (thanks, rain). It’s now time to clean your inflatable! “How should I clean it?” you may wonder. Don’t worry, we can also answer that!

Can you leave Halloween inflatable decorations on all day?

We recommend that you leave your Halloween inflatable decor on for 8-10 hours at a time and then turn it off. This ensures that the electric components continue to perform optimally for many years to come. The best time to wear them is at night to get into the Halloween spirit!

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about inflatable decorations, you’re ready to spook up your yard with some of your own! But which inflatable halloween decorations are best for you? Is it cute or scary? Large or small? There are so many options available! Don’t be alarmed, spooks and ghouls! Find out which ones are best for you by reading on!

Top 2022 Halloween Inflatables

A wide array of options are available of Halloween inflatables that you can choose from including ghosts Halloween blow ups, ghouls and pumpkins, witches hats, spider rings, and witches brooms Halloween blow ups. Each of these items comes in different colors so you can match them to whatever color scheme you have chosen for your party or event.

Numerous variations exist outdoor inflatable halloween decorations, but these stand out above the others. All of your friends and neighbors will be talking about these unique and creative Halloween decorations.

Halloween blow ups for window

A relatively new concept for blow up halloween decorations is window decorations. With all the ghouls and ghasts it attracts, your home will astound the neighborhood! That’s frightening: witches breaking into your house and ghosts spilling out of the windows! A haunted house wouldn’t be the same without spirits, right? This inflatable ghost window breaker, which is 3.5 feet tall, will undoubtedly shatter the mold (without actually breaking your window, of course). Furthermore, sticking it to the window is really simple, check out details here.

Halloween Inflatable Ghost

Take your pick from two sizes of this ghost and bring it to life with the optional glowing light feature, creating an enchanting glow-in-the-dark spectacle. You can also choose from two different colors for your ghost: white or black. The Halloween inflatable ghost is easy to set up and move around, making it perfect for outdoor parties or indoor decorations as well!

Halloween Inflatable Skeleton

This bone-chilling skeleton brings a mix of scares and laughs! It features an open mouth with sharp teeth, red eyes, and long arms that stretch out when inflated. This inflatable decoration comes with a stake so you can stick him to the ground or leave him standing up like he’s climbing out of his grave! The inflatable skeleton is great for outdoor Halloween decorations or indoor decorations. It’s also easy to set up and move around, making it perfect for parties or haunted houses!

Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin

This festive halloween inflatables pumpkin will brighten up any lawn or front porch! This 6′ tall pumpkin is for both indoors or outdoor and comes with a built-in fan which allows it to stay inflated for up to two weeks!

Halloween Inflatable Spider

First of all, this creepy spider is sure to frighten even the bravest of trick-or-treaters! Standing at 4 feet tall, this spider has been designed with safety in mind. So that no sharp edges or points on his body will hurt anyone who comes too close. This inflatable can also be used as a photo op for those who want to get their picture taken next to him!

Halloween Inflatable Dragon

Additionally, Halloween inflatable dragon is a great decoration for Halloween parties. It can be used in the front yard or inside your house. This inflatable dragon comes in many different sizes and shapes to fit each individual need. The Halloween inflatable dragon is made of the durable vinyl material that won’t break easily. It can withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions with ease. The inflatable dragon is easy to set up and take down as well as store when not in use.

Halloween Inflatable Archway

Moreover, Halloween inflatable archway is perfect for decorating your front porch or entrance way for your Halloween party. It’s a great addition to any home décor, especially if you want to add some color to your living room or dining room. This decorative archway comes in many different colors like blue, purple and orange. So you can choose the one that best suits your taste or theme!

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Wizard

Inflatable Pumpkin Wizard is an easy way to create a fun atmosphere at your party. This Halloween inflatable is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. It is easy to set up and take down making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use making it perfect for different occasions. . It has a built-in fan for continuous airflow which helps maintain the inflation of this product. This inflatable can be used as a decoration or as a toy for kids! This item comes in many sizes so you can choose the best one that fits your needs!

Halloween Inflatable Dragon

The Tall Hanging Flying Dragon Inflatable is an awesome decoration that will make your party stand out! This inflatable dragon has a wingspan of approximately 5 feet, and it comes with extended cords, stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a plug with UL certification. The dragon can be used as a stand-alone decoration or you can use it in conjunction with other inflatable Halloween decorations to create a larger scene. This is a great way to make your party the talk of the town!

Blow up Scary Tree Bites Pumpkin

Blow up Scary Tree Bites Pumpkin light up in the evening for the best attraction to neighbors and guests. Perfect for Halloween outdoor yard garden decorations, trick or treat event decorations, Halloween night events, and more. The tree bites pumpkins come with a battery-powered LED light inside it that turns on when you press the button at its base. The lights are bright enough to see even in the dark. The battery can be replaced easily when needed.

Halloween Skeleton Dinosaur Inflatable

This Halloween blow ups skeleton dinosaur is a great addition to any Halloween party or haunted house! It measures approximately 10 feet tall when inflated and comes with a built-in fan for easy inflation/deflation. The skeleton has two holes for stringing up lights if desired (not included). It’s made from PVC plastic so it’s durable enough to withstand heavy use from kids as well as adults! This inflatable dinosaur looks great decorated on its own or paired with other Halloween blow ups.

Cute Halloween Decorations

Cute Halloween decorations are a great way to get kids into the holiday spirit without frightening them. The candy basket ghost, standing 5 feet tall, is a fun interactive way to greet your trick-or-treaters! Fill his basket with candy and let the kids run up to get their favorites! He loves to give out candy and smiles to everyone he meets. Kids adore cute cats, and what could be cuter than a cute cat wearing a witch hat? The 5 foot tall cute witch cat will greet your visitors! With her big sparkly eyes, she’ll make your guests go “aww.” Who can say no to that expression?

Perhaps you’d prefer something to make you laugh this Halloween. The 5 foot tall ghost carrying a massive candy bag will undoubtedly make you laugh. He may have taken too much candy from the ghost’s candy basket. Someone should tell him he needs to share! We also have the adorable inflatable ghost, who is ready to greet everyone with a big smile! With his friendly face, this 5 foot tall cute halloween decoration will make everyone feel welcome. He’s cast a spell on our hearts, and he’ll do the same to yours.

Scary Halloween Decorations

For most people, the most appealing aspect of Halloween is spooky and scary. These scary halloween decorations will certainly do the trick! People are obsessed with T-Rex, so why not incorporate him into your Halloween decor? With the 6 ft tall jumbo skeleton dinosaur, you can transport your visitors to a creepy Jurassic Land. All who approach your home will be terrified by his sharp teeth and red eyes. The skeleton dragon inflatable, which continues the skeleton theme, will give guests the scare of their lives. This 8-foot-tall beast roars, his red eyes flashing, intimidating all who approach. Are you courageous enough to approach him? Take caution—not he’s afraid to bite!

Cheap halloween inflatables

Would you rather not spend hundreds of dollars on halloween decorations but still want your home to shine this season? Don’t be worried! These cheap halloween inflatables have arrived! These affordable halloween decorations will be just as effective as the more expensive ones. This 4 foot tall crashing witch inflatable will have your guests howling with laughter. However, it is not her fault that she crashed! How was she aware that the tree was over there? Her eerie glow emphasizes her humorous expression. Perhaps you prefer a more mysterious tree hugger? This spooky season, the 4 foot tall alien tree hugger will satisfy all of your paranormal needs. He’ll hug your trees, railings, or anything else! Just don’t let him hug anyone—he might bring them down.